Yahweh – Allah Discussion

By Tawa Roy Littlesun - May 16, 2024
Yahweh – Allah Discussion

Y: Allah, you are a “late-comer”. I was first mentioned in the Bible. So, you better listen to me.

A: Yahweh, you blossomed first because you could not wait, to lead Humanity without the Massacres. Remember? Why did you choose a “few” to do the killing for you?

Y: Yes, I thought that it was needed, to see How Negativity can be dealt with, regardless which side is “right or wrong”. Unfortunately, Roma interfered in the Process, by the “few” to give authority positions, politically, economically and scientifically, all behind the scenes. As such, Roma became one of the greatest shareholders of the Weapon-industry, with all the consequences thereof.

A:  And now the “few” are benefitting from the Weapons, with your Blessings?

Y: I am so sorry, tell me Allah, what can be DONE?

A: We are in a real MESS. The “few”; Roma and their Followers will not Listen to us, because MONEY and their convoluted use of Mind, have made them Deaf, Arrogant and Blind for TRUTH.

Y: I am so sorry. We are also in the state of Ignorance and are supposed to Learn from what is today happening on Earth. The Blind are leading the Blind, justified by what the “scriptures state”, in the “name of religion”.

A: Both of us must find out How we can HELP Humanity to SEE ONENESS. The Human must use the PINEAL GLAND to be in Control of the Brain. As is, the primary Right-Left Brain use disables Humanity to Clearly THINK. It rather leads to the Convoluted use of the Brain, by having the right over wrong, good over bad, like over dislike, mine over yours. As such, NEVER knowing the TRUTH, which is TOTAL and Unconditional.

Y: Yes, Clarity of Mind to begin with, instead of the endless political “negotiations”. HOW can we be of Help?

A: We must find out HOW Humanity can be Inspired to do the Self-examination, and this We can initiate by US BOTHH to do so, NOW. Humanity must Know that we are merely an INSTRUMENT of GOD, and that GOD is Within the Human and All things.

Y: So, it is a good idea to stress on the Self-Examination and the Revelation of the SECRET that has been kept hidden for 33.000 years. Ask Tawa about it.

A: I suggest that this Conversation is made VIRAL!

Y: Good idea. Tawa has Recorded our dialogue.

A- Tawa, will you, do it?

Tawa: Will do my best!