Prophetic Baston

By Tawa Roy Littlesun
Prophetic Baston

Prophetic Baston

Condor - Quetzal - Aguila

On September 23-25, at the top of Mexico´s SUN-Pyramid (Teotihuacan) the Prophetic Baston has been Completed with the 9 Eagle Feathers of the North. With the presence of Representatives of Indigenous Tribes from throughout the America´s (North and South) who have agreed upon the Universal Proclamation of Humanity.

 The Mothers of Mexico tied the 9 Eagle Feathers on the Baston. This Historic Event added Mexico to the Universal Mission, showing the World that it is possible to set the True Basis of World Peace.

The Union of the Condor and the Eagle, where the Quetzal is the Link, its symbol is the Feathered Baston. There are many of them. Then, one Baston came about that has now the 9 Condor and 9 Quetzal Feathers hanging on it. The Approval and Blessing of it happened at Cusco´s Kurikancha by the Inca Elders (2 times) and by Maya Elders in Mexico. This “Last Baston” is expected to be Completed at the Top of Mexico´s SUN-Pyramid. The Sign of the “Spirit Approval” was followed right after the 9 Quetzal Feathers were placed on the Baston with an awesome message from the Heavens (Lightning, Thunder, Rain and Ice – see video:

Video about The Sign of the “Spirit Approval”

How to Complete the Baston with the 9 Eagle Feathers? It requires much more than a “Baston with Feathers hanging on it”, to Realize the PLANETARY UNION. The REALIZATION is Biologically and Geographically Based, and is Centered around the ONELAW of Creation, which is the Absolute and Eternal Constant of Creation, whereby the Opposites can be Complementary = JUSTICE = PEACE.

     The Completion of the Baston goes along with the AGREEMENT that the long-awaited UNION of Humanity, must go along with the MESSAGE as HOW the INDIVIDUAL can Actually BE the “Living Baston”.

The Quetzal

     The Quetzal to be a part of the Prophetic Condor-Eagle Baston was not mentioned at the beginning. The idea was that the Condor and the Eagle fly together, symbolizing the UNION of Humanity, World Peace. So where does the Quetzal fit on the Baston?

     Opposites cannot Unify unless there is a Unifying catalyst. With the Trinity the Opposites can be Complementary to bring forth the POWER or Will of GOD. It has been stated: “Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Jesus also stated: “When the Spirit creates the Body, it is a Marvel, but when the Body creates the Spirit, it is a Marvel of marvels”. Spirit channels the POWER.

     So, the Process of the “Condor-Eagle Union” has a Biological Basis. The Condor correlates with what maintains the Body (small-intestine), which results in the BLOOD that´s created from FOOD (Earth-connection). The Eagle correlates with the Brain that can be used by the Blood flowing to it. From there on the Consciousness can be created for the Return to Heaven. As such the Earth-Heaven Cycle is COMPLETED = “Completion of the Baston”!

     This makes it clear that the true Baston is the Human, the LIVING BASTON, where the Quetzal correlates with the HEART to Unify Heaven and Earth, WITHIN!

The Prophetic Baston

 Its Purpose in the Realization of the Divine Plan, to make Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation.

The SOURCE, Totality or Nothingness is the “Ultimate Lockdown”.

Here there is no Awareness but Deep Sleep.

It is by the Polarization (“big bang”) that we began the WAKE UP.

Therefore, the PORTAL to Connect the INNER with the OUTER.

The Inner contains the OBSERVER and the Outer is of the MIRROR.

By the Nature of the Polarities, EXPANSION (Space, going from the Source) and Contraction (Time, going back to the Source) we can Perceive/Read what the Mirror Reflects back to the Observer.

Then there is the Polarity of the Polarity.

By the Release from the Source, going through the Portal, the Portal´s Two Sides are the first polarity (such as “left-right”),

Then, as we proceed from the INNER into the OUTER, to have the “Mirror-EXPERIENCE”, the second Polarity is created, which is of the Observer´s Center, which later on is of the HEART, and that´s where the BIOLOGICAL Evolution takes place on Planet Earth.

Therefore, Planet EARTH`s Nucleus becomes that of Human´s BLOOD, whereby we can SENSE to set the Basis to become CONSCIOUS that ALL IS ONE = Self-Realization.

All of it requires the Human to be the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY = Created in the Image of GOD.

Thus, in order for the Observer and the Mirror be in Synchronicity, FOOD is needed to make the Total Connection between the Outer and the Inner.

Therefore, the Whole Cereal Grain to be Human´s daily MAIN Food, because it contains the TOTAL MEMORY (memory is a link).

With it the first part of the Biological Cycle (descend) comes about, which correlates with the Digestive-system.

Then, upon the inner-Refinement of Food, the RE-membering is initiated- which correlates with the Central Nervous-system (ascend).

Now the Human can become an integral Part of the TOTAL-cycle of Creation.

Being in Synchronicity with Planet Earth, the 5 Directions, East-West, North-South and Nucleus, can be Geographically used for the Human to have the Total Earth-experience.

East and West correlate with the Horizontal use of the MIND.

The East correlating with the right-Brain and the West correlating with the left-Brain.

As such, the Experience can be of the REACTIONARY nature, which Divides to ultimately create WAR.

This is so, because these opposites lack the UNIFYING Center, which correlates with the Common Denominator of Creation, the ONELAW.

However, this “horizontal experience” is of the TEMPORARY and when Not in time Discovered HOW the ONELAW can be used to make PEACE … the Human will Self-Destruct by way of Warm both of the Outer and the Inner.

The Grand TEST is upon each one of us to COLLECTIVELY create the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE = WORLD PEACE., FROM WITHIN.

The Horizontal Mind-related Orientation needs to be Shifted into that of the VERTICAL.

This requires the BODILY inner-Alignment of Inner-Earth (small-intestine/South, where the Food begins to Change into the Blood – Inner-Heaven/North, where the Blood ascends to via the Heart) – Heart, where inner-South and inner-North Unite.

This inner-TRINITY is Symbolized by the Prophetic “Condor-Eagle-Quetzal Baston”.

It is now up to EACH one of us to be RESPONSIBLE about the BODILY PURIFICATION, to be the LIVING BASTON!

This is the KEY that we need for the RETURN to the SOURCE through HEARTs PORTAL.

As such, Planet Earth will also become the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation.


     For 33.000 years a SECRET has been kept. The Revelation of it is in the form of the ONEHEART TEACHING. It finally has been Centered at Mexico´s Heart, Queretaro. With the Prophetic ASHES the 3rd FIRE has been lit, that has been kept alive for 2 years straight, at the pueblo Viva Mexico (Queretaro). Since then, much efforts have been made with the Oneneart Teaching Sharing.via

     From the 3rd Fire the Communication with Great Spirit Resonates by way of Consciousness. At this Center strong Prayers have come forth. Last year the Rain came back after a 3-year drought, throughout Mexico. Then, the year following again there was hardly any rain. So … “let´s see if at the last part of the rain-season (September) it can still rain”. Again the “request” was made. Literally at the same time there was great rain, which continued up till today, making the Farmers happy too.

     But then, has it given the People the Message that the BLOOD that´s created from FOOD, to create Consciousness … also requires the Prayer to be made it “Rain From Within”, to Realize the Prophetic Baston that is Symbolized by the Condor-Quetzal-Eagle Baston? The Completion of it with the 9 Eagle Feathers is merely an INITIATION. The True Completion of the Prophetic Baston can ONLY be by the Human be the LIVING BASTON to set forth the INNER-Union. Therefore, we must Know HOW to CONTROL the Blood-quality with the help of the Oneheart Teaching, the SECRET.

     Now there is great excitement to complete the Baston at the top of Mexico´s Sun-pyramid (September 24th). Yet, only a very few truly Care to have it also happen FROM WITHIN. All of what is stated here was made possible by a Hopi-messenger with his small pension. Many promised to also be of financial help, to further the Sharing of the Oneheart Teaching (SECRET). But alas … “Viva Mexico? Just a “viva” to hold up a flag or baston”?

      The “Viva” is of the PEOPLE who truly CARE from the Heart, otherwise it will possibly take another 200 years or more to Universally Complete the BASTON, so that Humanity can enter the Golden Age. As it is, the Common-denominator, is the BORDER where on both sides the claim is made: “this is my border, God is on my side”! So, “let´s make war for peace”. This most pathetic use of intelligence is now in full swing at the Ukraine. Also, the wearing of the “Covid Mask” shows the absence of true Thinking. When we truly use the Brain, then we must know that at the Anus there are billions more virus (has no brain) than in the mouth. So, why not wearing the Mask at the anus? Wearing the Mask at the Mouth is saying the Anus is next to the Brain! Mexico WAKE UP, you have a Divine MISSION!


From the Gospel according to Thomas:

(2) Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

(3) Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

About the Prophetic Baston:

When you believe the union is accomplished with the completion of the Feathered Baston (Condor-Quetzal-Eagle), you become Troubled with the incomplete “union”.

As much as our Being is Preceded by Evolution, Evolution by Creation and Creation by GOD … the Process of the SEEKING goes along with the Question: “WHO AM I”?

Tawa – Roy Littlesun

Who will actually LISTEN and Learn what the ONEHEART MESSAGE can Teach, to BE ONE?

BE the LIVING BASTON to Know that the above is True. Therefore, “ONEHEART” MEMBERSHIP provides the Oneheart Teaching lifetime, to KNOW.

We are ONE.


Universal Proclamation of Humanity

Agreed upon by Elders of Wisdom from around the world

* Self-realization is the Goal of Life.

* Therefore, we have been created in the image of the Creator, so that we can Refine Creation from Within.

* And similar as how Creation is maintained by Creator’s ONELAW, we need to apply this Law of laws above all other laws as the Primary Constant in Daily Life…firstly to ourselves.

* Thus we have the Divine Responsibility to synchronize outer and inner-Creation with the Same absolute and eternal Constant of the Infinite Universe, which is CHANGE. Changing the Outer into the Inner by way of Food and changing the Inner into the Outer by way of Consciousness.

* Failure to do so will automatically result in the creation of secondary laws, which have to be artificially enforced to keep us in a Fixed context (“matrix”: a space that has a beginning and end).

* As such laws can be used as weapons, which will ultimately make weapons the law.

* Today’s world has become the glaring Evidence of it.

* Duality is in principle needed to come to a Realization, firstly to be applied to the one who must Realize (each one of us)…to ultimately make the CHOICE between who we Are and who we are Not – “to BE or not to BE”.

* The time is upon us to make that cardinal decision and therefore Humanity needs the firm cosmic-Reminder that All is One.

* And that our true Self is the Observer or Witness who is the closest to the inner-Center from where all phenomena that we can be observe, where created.

* The two extreme Options (to BE – not to BE) need to be clarified in order to be precise as how we Identify ourselves at the stage of the Transition into the Golden Era.

* All negative and corrupt use of duality needs to be filtered out from our Being (physically, mentally and spiritually) to set the basis for the New cycle of Consciousness.

* This can happen in two ways: 1- by the Purification of the BLOOD, so that we can change the world from Within. 2- by Nature’s extreme adjustments (disease, natural calamities – also wars), to be changed from Without.

1-The first choice, “to BE”, requires Creator’s Onelaw to become the Control-factor, which needs to be firstly applied to our way of Eating, for FOOD upon the digestive process becomes the blood whereby we can Realize. Consequently, the physical manifestation and functions, feeling, emotion, thinking, discernment, choice making, acts and lastly the realization who we are in our own capacity to BE. With the Sacred Art of Eating we can establish ourselves as a Conscious part of Creation.

2-The least desirable choice, “not to BE”, requires the Denial of the truth that we are the creator of our own reality. Hence we allow to be artificially fixed within a system where we can only be “free” under the dictates of laws which make it illegal to freely evolve as a Universal Being…which WILL ultimately End by Nature’s purity that is maintained by the Unbreakable Onelaw. The Dark-forces deny this inevitable purification process and is doing its last “kicking and screaming” with its extreme efforts to scientifically destroy Nature, along with trying to drag as many as possible Humans in its grave. This Fall can only happen with the Self-denial or “not to BE” choice. Our Sincerity in the Realization of the Plan has come to TEST.


1- Creator’s Onelaw is the absolute and eternal Constant whereby true justice, peace, freedom and world-order can be attained. 2- Food becoming the Blood whereby we can exist, feel and think, is the control-factor. 3- The time is upon us to give the best answer on the last question: “to BE or not to BE”? 4- the Mother is the first Elder. Among all gods she is the greatest, because she can bring creation forth from Within. Without Her the Fatherly Heaven cannot come to Manifest in the Human Form, by which Creation can gain MEANING. 5- For Practical reasons, in the process to gain the highest possible quality of Blood, the Kitchen needs to become the Center of Government…which was before the infamous inquisition…the first Temple, Hospital, Laboratory, School of Life and Bank.  Complementary aspects will be added when agreed upon.

Note: Right after this Proposal was Agreed upon, a Strong WIND came (lasting one minute). This happened at Pueblo Viva Mexico (Queretaro) where the Prophetic Fire (lit with the Hiroshima/atom-bomb Fire) has been kept alive since 2019. The Universe said “YES”.

Thank you ALL

For being part of this process


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The “all-seeing screen”

Relative to the Completion of the Prophetic Baston, is Hopi´s Prediction of the “all-seeing screen”.

It says that “there will be a time that it is possible to See one´s Thought on a screen”.

This technology is already in place.

President Biden of the US signed without any approval of Congress a “law” that makes it possible for a “chosen few” to FULLY Control Humanity´s USE of Money, by knowing what we think and do.

As such, anything that is done or thought of that is Not in accord with the control-system, can be immediately “corrected”.

TOTAL SLAVERY is on the agenda (the “Not to BE”).

The ONLY way to avert this Total global Dictatorship is by the Use of TRUTH (“the Truth will set us Free”).

Therefore the 33.000 years kept SECRET by the Hopi, needs to be Revealed in the form of the ONEHEART Teaching, to Know HOW to Use GOD´s WILL Through us (= FREE WILL).

The Prophetic Baston is Symbolic of the INNER Heaven-Earth alignment whereby our Spirit becomes the Channel to Unite Heaven and Earth, WITHIN.

It correlates with the saying: “YOUR WILL be DONE on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Know that the Human is the LIVING BASTON!

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