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Universal Perspectives of the Human Experience on Earth and the CHOICE to be made, TO BE.

Wirikuta 2023

The Oneheart Portal is Based on the EDUCATION that is needed for Humanity to Know what it takes to RETURN to the WAY

 The RETURN to the Oneness is Inevitable. HOW it happens depends on the Planetary Alliance of the Human that´s Centered around Creation´s ONELAW. It can be Realized by those who Begin with their Purification  of the BLOOD by way of FOOD, and the Dedication to SERVE the TOTALITY of which the Human is its Microcosm. Read more…


Its time to BE CONSCIOUS

The revolution of consciousness

The Revolution of Consciousness is needed to End the Grand Experiment that has Not one Solution for a single Problem. Not even for the “common cold”.

This book gives Practical Narrations, using the Universal Perspective that is Biologically based and centered around the Onelaw of Creation.


The CALL for Humanity to Respond to the Initiative to place at the Center of the Ukraine the Prophetic Mystery Egg that goes along with the Last Hopi Message, to Know WHAT to DO to Commence the long-awaited World Peace, in the Realization of the Divine PLAN.

 Now that the Cardinal CHOICE needs to be made by Humanity … shall we END the Grand Experiment by finding out How to Self-destruct, or use intelligence to Know what it takes to Enter the Nucleus of the HEART? We are not presenting a “new age idea of Peace”, but the Universal TRUTH that ALL IS ONE, whereby GOD´s LAW or Constant (Change) can be used to make all opposites Complementary = PEACE. If this does not make Sense, then what does?

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Now you can become a Oneheart Student and get LIFETIME access to all new “Cosmic Downloads” (books, documents and videos). New book-translations and new information will be uploaded.

All the books are based on the Practical Biological aspect, centered around the Onelaw of Creation.

  • Book 1, Kalaitaka – Excerpts of Roy Littlesun´s Journal. 
  • Book 2, Universal Perception.
  • Book 3, ROMAMOR – End the Inquisition.
  • Book 4, The True Government – Today´s World.
  • Book 5, Total Economy – Tool to Cultivate Constructive Social Order.
  • Book 6, Total Health – Biological Basis of the Solution.
  • Book 7, Womb Conquest – Biological Basis of Control.
  • Book 8, “Covid -/+19 Document. –  Final Battle.
  • Book 9, The Revolution of Consciousness.

And more is in the making

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