The Oneheart Portal is Based on the EDUCATION that is needed for Humanity to Know what it takes to RETURN to the WAY.

     We came to Earth to REALIZE the Divine PLAN to make Her the Portal of Peace. Therefore, we need the Two Extreme Contrasting Sides, Creation and Anti-Creation. Creation, of which the Human is a Microcosm, is a Given. So, WHO must create the Contrasting Side? Us, and WE Succeeded (today´s most Corrupt world)! Now the TWO has to become the ONE, which is also the Concluding TEST.

     The RETURN to the Oneness is Inevitable. HOW it happens depends on the Planetary Alliance of the Human that´s Centered around Creation´s ONELAW. It can be Realized by those who Begin with their Purification  of the BLOOD by way of FOOD, and the Dedication to SERVE the TOTALITY of which the Human is its Microcosm. The following formulates the Principle of it.

The Universal Proclamation

  • Self-realization is the Goal of Life.
  • Therefore, we have been created in the image of the Creator, so that we can Refine Creation from Within.
  • And similar as how Creation is maintained by Creator’s ONELAW, we need to apply this Law of laws above all other laws as the Primary Constant in Daily Life…firstly to ourselves.
  • Thus we have the Divine Responsibility to synchronize outer and inner-Creation with the Same absolute and eternal Constant of the Infinite Universe, which is CHANGE. Changing the Outer into the Inner by way of Food and changing the Inner into the Outer by way of Consciousness.
  • Failure to do so will automatically result in the creation of secondary laws, which have to be artificially enforced to keep us in a Fixed context (“matrix”: a space that has a beginning and end).
  • As such laws can be used as weapons, which will ultimately make weapons the law.
  • Today’s world has become the glaring Evidence of it.
  • Duality is in principle needed to come to a Realization, firstly to be applied to the one who must Realize (each one of us)…to ultimately make the CHOICE between who we Are and who we are Not – “to BE or not to BE”.
  • The time is upon us to make that cardinal decision and therefore Humanity needs the firm cosmic-Reminder that All is One.
  • And that our true Self is the Observer or Witness who is the closest to the inner-Center from where all phenomena that we can be observe, where created.
  • The two extreme Options (to BE – not to BE) need to be clarified in order to be precise as how we Identify ourselves at the stage of the Transition into the Golden Era.
  • All negative and corrupt use of duality needs to be filtered out from our Being (physically, mentally and spiritually) to set the basis for the New cycle of Consciousness.
  • This can happen in two ways: 1- by the Purification of the BLOOD, so that we can change the world from Within. 2- by Nature’s extreme adjustments (disease, natural calamities – also wars), to be changed from Without.
      1. The first choice, “to BE”, requires Creator’s Onelaw to become the Control-factor, which needs to be firstly applied to our way of Eating, for FOOD upon the digestive process becomes the blood whereby we can Realize. Consequently the physical manifestation and functions, feeling, emotion, thinking, discernment, choice making, acts and lastly the realization who we are in our own capacity to BE. With the Sacred Art of Eating we can establish ourselves as a Conscious part of Creation.

      2. The least desirable choice, “not to BE”, requires the Denial of the truth that we are the creator of our own reality. Hence we allow to be artificially fixed within a system where we can only be “free” under the dictates of laws which make it illegal to freely evolve as a Universal Being…which WILL ultimately End by Nature’s purity that is maintained by the Unbreakable Onelaw. The Dark-forces deny this inevitable purification process and is doing its last “kicking and screaming” with its extreme efforts to scientifically destroy Nature, along with trying to drag as many as possible Humans in its grave. This Fall can only happen with the Self-denial or “not to BE” choice. Our Sincerity in the Realization of the Plan has come to TEST.


1- Creator’s Onelaw is the absolute and eternal Constant whereby true justice, peace, freedom and world-order can be attained. 2- Food becoming the Blood whereby we can exist, feel and think, is the control-factor. 3- The time is upon us to give the best answer on the last question: “to BE or not to BE”? 4- the Mother is the first Elder. Among all gods she is the greatest, because she can bring creation forth from Within. Without Her the Fatherly Heaven cannot come to Manifest in the Human Form, by which Creation can gain MEANING. 5- For Practical reasons, in the process to gain the highest possible quality of Blood, the Kitchen needs to become the Center of Government…which was before the infamous inquisition…the first Temple, Hospital, Laboratory, School of Life and Bank.  Complementary aspects will be added when agreed upon.


Humanity came to Earth with the Devine PLAN to make this Planet the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation. Therefore, we need the Two Extreme Contrasting Sides. We cannot create a portal with only one side. Creation, of which the Human is in its Crystalized form, correlates with one side. The contrasting side is Anti-creation and requires the Human to create it – who can do it, because of the GOD-given POWER in the form of FREE WILL. So, we can go against GOD, ourselves and everything that is a part of the Unconditional, including Nature. And the following explains the PROCESS, as How it all evolved.

Last Question

     Everyone is more or less familiar with the Last Question, “To BE or Not to BE”. Then, what was the First Question? It could not be other than “Who AM I”? So, How are we identifying ourselves today? By a passport, driver´s license, despot or something that depends on approval that fluctuates on the basis of conditions or temporary?

   The Ultimate ANSWER requires the BRAIN to be used, whereby Intelligence can resonate to TRUTH. Hence the saying, “The Truth will set us Free”. Truth is Self-evident and Prevails as much as we or IN IT, NOW.

   Therefore, the HUMAN could come about by way of Evolution, to Constantly inter-connect the very Origin (“Here and Now”, Eternal, Unconditional, GOD) with everything that proceeds from IT. So, the Human is the Totality within the Totality and can become Conscious of IT with the Self-realization.

     Evolution is not only of the Biological, but that of Mind and Consciousness as well. The Human has come to the stage where it can undergo the TEST to find out How to Transcend the Ultimate Conditional, the “Not to BE”. It is by the use of Intelligence that we can now make Use of the GOD-given Power in the form of FREE WILL, to make the Ultimate CHOICE. And this Decision is based by giving the “to BE” Answer, whereby we can REALIZE that we are the creator of our Own Reality.

     The contrasting “Not to BE” Answer is based on the ARTIFICIAL. All of it is already in place:

        • Artificial Food.
        • Artificial Blood.
        • Artificial Womb
        • Artificial Insemination:
        • Artificial Organs.
        • Artificial Brain.
        • Artificial Identity (Microchip).


     All of it required an episode of EXPERIMENTATION by way of DIVISION. It began with a most cruel and painful Enforcement of secondary laws to Overrule GOD´s LAW. As such the creation of a SYSTEM whereby Humanity can be Externally Controlled by way of a political and economic based Government, in turn to be controlled by a “chosen few”. Today´s World-order is the Evidence that WE succeeded!

     The “success” is made Evident by the entire Establishment NOT having just one Solution for a single problem. And this goes along with the total Obedience of Humanity to the secondary law that Overrules GOD´s LAW. HOW could this come about?

     Roma´s (Vatican) Inquisition was staged to set the Basis of the “New World Order”, based on the law that makes it ILLEGAL to Obey GOD´s LAW. Therefore Humanity´s MIND required it to be Oriented in the REVERSED way of BRAIN-use. This can only happen on the BIOLOGICAL basis, because the Brain can only function by the BLOOD that originated from the FOOD to be eaten. In turn, the food comes from Creation, and Creation comes from the SOURCE/GOD, that up the Manipulation can lead to the worship of a false god.

    Whoever controls our Food/Blood, also controls our Relationship with the very ORIGIN. To make the Shift from the Relationship with GOD into that of the Godless, this goes along with the Shift of the Consumption of GOD´s Food in that of the Godless food (check it out in the “convenience stores” and supermarkets). From here on, when “demon´s food” activated the Brain, the “ATM” becomes the Cathedral.

Government of, by and for the People

      Mexico´s President AMLO´s proposal  to have the Township be the underlying factor of leadership (including its traditional values) makes sense, providing that it is further Deepened to the Essence of Law and Order, by which a “chosen few” cannot misuse Leadership. As such the true Government of, by and for the People can be Realized.

     The Home, would then be the next Leadership/Control Factor, which was the Center of Government before Roma´s Inquisition. WHY and HOW?

     The Home was centered around the Kitchen, which was the first Temple, Laboratory of alchemy (and with the killing of the alchemist chemistry became the dominant science), Hospital (using Food as the primary medicine), School of life, Bank (storing the universal money, the whole cereal grain, which is the very basis for the maintenance of the Blood-quality and Total Health). All of it became the “departmentalized Government” that up till today does NOT provide just one Solution for a single problem, (not even the “common cold”), because “the right hand does not know what the left and is doing” (microscopic observation).

     The doctor goes to the heart-specialist when he has a heart problem. The heart-specialist goes to the skin-specialist when he has a skin problem. The skin-specialist goes to the psychiatrist when he has a mental problem. The psychiatrist goes to the priest when he has a spiritual problem. The priest goes to the doctor for the annual medical checkup.

     Injustice, disease, family disintegration, war, poverty, starvation, spiritual dis-orientation and ignorance have steadily increased with the creation of more laws, medicine, “social security”, weapons, money, food, churches and education. How could that be?

     It was with Roma´s primary Persecution of Woman (the “witch”- over 10 million were burned alive at the plaza, and the adjacent cathedral or church became  the testimony) that the Power of the true Government could not any longer sustain the Family (family breakup), for the FOOD is responsible for the BLOOD that enables us to THINK and to have a harmonious relationship. From here on the concept of VALUE could be Manipulated by way of “education” and commerce.

     Know that everything we value correlates with How we value Ourselves. So, Who and What is today Controlling the individual by way of “education” (media), food (junk) and beverages (foremost Coca Cola), to Lower the state and use of Body and Mind? For the “chosen few” with a low level of mind to control the masses, they can do it by making the minds of the masses lower than theirs’. And this is also the Principle of Roma´s Inquisition. Inquisition means to inquire, inquiring how and what we think about, which later on became the church’s “confession before communion”. All of it became scientifically refined with the nano-technology based global surveillance. 

     Turn it all the way around, from government towards the People (deductive) into the People towards the government (inductive), and the sequence would be like this: Source/GOD´s LAW – creation – food – kitchen – blood – individual – family/home/kitchen – town – nation – world. The KITCHEN is Human´s Basic Control of Sovereignty. it is from here where the External Control can be managed without imposing on others.

     It makes perfect sense to apply the INDUCTIVE approach, to Change the World, FROM WITHIN. The first instance of order has been Experimental/Deductive. Now the Return to the WAY. Humanity needs the Fundamental EDUCATION for each one of us to Contribute the GOD-given Power to the Whole, with own ability and capacity to Know what it takes to BE.

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