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Get ready for an exciting adventure as a Oneheart Student! When you become a student, you’ll enjoy special benefits and have lifelong access to a fantastic collection of cosmic downloads. This includes captivating books from the OneHeart Library, enlightening videos, thought-provoking documents, and an exceptional virtual course called “The Sacred Art of Eating.” Get ready to explore a world of knowledge and transformation like never before!


OneHeart Library

Get this books based on the Practical Biological aspect, centered around the Onelaw of Creation.

      • Book 1, Kalaitaka – Excerpts of Roy Littlesun´s Journal. 
      • Book 2, Universal Perceptions.
      • Book 3, ROMAMOR – End the Inquisition.
      • Book 4, The True Government – Today´s World.
      • Book 5, Total Economy – Tool to Cultivate Constructive Social Order.
      • Book 6, Total Health – Biological Basis of the Solution.
      • Book 7, Womb Conquest – Biological Basis of Control.
      • Book 8, “Covid -/+19 Document. –  Final Battle.s
      • Book 9, The Revolution of Consciousness.

Virtual Course

The Sacred Art of Eating

This fantastic course will help you to understand better your BODY and MIND. Become FREE by having a complete control of your BRAIN.

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to adopt a healthier relationship with food so that you can improve your overall quality of life. 

Becoming a Oneheart Student means more than personal growth—it’s about fostering peace on a global scale. As you immerse yourself in our cosmic resources, you’ll not only nourish your own soul but also contribute to the initiative for a more peaceful world. And that’s not all! Your membership grants you lifetime access to Tawa Roy Littlesun’s profound documents, books, videos, and an exceptional virtual course. This course offers practical insights into integrating the LAW of laws into your everyday life, ensuring continual educational progression and personal empowerment.

NORMAL PRICE: $350 USD per year.




YOU SAVE: $645 USD the first 2 years & $350 each following year.

To ensure the integrity and longevity of our educational platform, we kindly request your registration as a Oneheart Student. By joining us, you demonstrate your commitment to this transformative journey, paving the way for potential collaborations that can contribute to the collective growth of our community. Additionally, your financial support helps sustain and expand the Oneheart Education, allowing us to reach and empower more individuals worldwide. Together, we can create a positive impact on the planet and support related projects that align with our vision of a harmonious and awakened world. Our aim is to provide this invaluable education as freely as possible, making it accessible to all who seek transformation.

Join us today as a Oneheart Student and discover the freedom that awaits when you become more conscious about your food and life. Together, let’s embrace the power of cosmic knowledge and embark on a remarkable path towards a brighter, more awakened future.

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