Financial Contributions of the Oneheart Portal Funds will be used for:

Planetary Education by way of:

  • Courses to make the Individual independent in its daily application to attain overall Health by way of Food and Way of Life.
  • Global Distribution of texts and Videos concerning Health and Way of Life via: Restaurants, Hotels, Stores, Public Meeting Places, Organizations, Schools and Hospitals.
  • Food for Health and Behavior Control Education for Prisons.
  • Educating the Homeless to become a Teacher of Life.
  • Finance small Restaurants who agreed to Promote Health with: Showing the Educational Videos, Texts and possible replacement of pots and pans (no aluminum and Teflon), and a suggested Health for Wealth Menu. These Restaurants can become a Planetary inspiration and School to have Humanity be REPAIRED from the Experimental Era that today has NOT one Solution for a single problem. FACT.
  • Financing the creation of Educational Health Centers.
  • With your GENEROSITY the Pueblo Viva Mexico can be fully realized. The funding provided will be used for: Building materials, tools, water, fuel supply, items for the daily maintenance of Pueblo Viva Mexico, labor, food, transport and communication.
  • Spread the TRUTH via
  • To make possible the altar of the Crystal of Peace for Ukraine and the world.

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By becoming a ONEHEART-Student, in addition to supporting the initiative for peace in the world, you will also have LIFETIME access to Tawa Roy Littlesun’s documents, books, videos and soon a GREAT VIRTUAL COURSE.
For further Educational Progression
 (Practical aspects of the LAW of laws in normal daily life).