With the help of Elders of Wisdom, for 7 years a Process of UNION developed in Mexico. Now that the Divine PLAN is coming to its most Critical stage, which is Now unfolding at the Ukraine, it is Mexico´s Sacred Mission to INITIATE the Lasting Peace according to the Divine PLAN to make Planet Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation.

 For the last 3 years the attempt was made to get your attention, as how Government can be a Part of it. So far silent was the response. Probably this is correct, because more needs to be done to create a Basis for the Initiation. Now the Mothers and Elders of Mexico (Maya and Mexica United in Ceremony) agreed to let the World know that the Grand UNION must be initiated at the Sun-pyramid, Teotihuacan.

Liberate Humanity with the DE-fencing of Planet Earth

Based on “the Truth that will set us FREE”

Humanity became politically, economically, psychologically and scientifically Divided and restricted with the creation of NATIONS, since the 18th-19th century.

This could be done by the political/e economic/psychological/scientific Overruling of the ONELAW of GOD.

As such, “Divide and Conquer” became the Order of the day, with all the Consequences thereof.

The “globalization” and the idea of a “new world order” let to the CONTRARY of TRUTH, PEACE and FREEDOM.

The “arranged-terrorism along with the “911”, became the set-up of “check-points” around the world to have Humanity subject themselves to be treated like Prisoners of war and Criminals.

Further on the “LOCK-down” by way of Masks, Vaccines, Psychology and the Scientific Infiltration of the Body with the vaccine and Drugs, whereby global travel became restricted with the “vaccine-pass”.

Meanwhile, 20.000 atom bombs and “smart-weapons” developed to Psychologically make the National BORDER the Common-denominator, where on Both sides the SAME is Claimed: “this is my border, god is on my side”!

Crystal of Peace Pilgrimage


Join us this coming march 21Sst., in a PRAYER FOR PEACE, a prayer for the loving unification of the world, with Tawa Roy Littlesun and more humans concerned about peace in the world.


Mystery Egg and its Pineal Gland

The CALL for Humanity to Respond to the Initiative to place at the Center of the Ukraine the Prophetic Mystery Egg that goes along with the Last Hopi Message, to Know WHAT to DO to Commence the long-awaited World Peace, in the Realization of the Divine PLAN.

The Mexican Obsidian

* Given its sharpness, the stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth itself.

* The Mayan prophets used polished Obsidian as “mirrors” for scrying purposes; their way of prophesizing the future. 

* In ancient Mexican culture, Obsidian was called Itzli, which literally means the God of Stone.  

The Prophetic “Hopi Mystery Egg” has come to the Planetary Attention. It was stated that after the two world-shaking events” (first and second world wars), the Third one will come to stage with the Two Extreme OPTIONS: World Peace or World Destruction.

     All of it can come to stage at the Ukraine and the ONLY Solution has been Overshadowed with the “no solution solution – negotiation or more smart-weapons”. At this critical stage in Human History, a Hopi Messenger has been given the SIGN what to DO, and the following explains it.

On March 21st at Mexico´s Sun-pyramid:

On March 21st, Elders of Wisdom, Mothers of Mexico, and Representatives from the Americas will assemble at Mexico´s SUN-pyramid to INITIATE the Abolishment of Humanity´s Systematic Division (the Grand DE-fence)

House on Fire!

HOW to Douse it with the POWER of TRUTH

Possibly the Last Human ACT in Human´s Earth History,

In the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the

Portal of Peace and Liberation!

Just wait and spend time to find out who to blame, while people are in the Furnace, who CAN be rescued by those who CARE?

And so, it is today, globally.

At best, governments are trying to negotiate, to possibly provide a few drops of water to douse the fire.

What is HAPPENING in the Ukraine can lead to the Whole World to be set on FIRE.

Seriously read/watch the following Planetary Announcement!

BE part of THIS!

With the placing of the Crystal of Peace at the Center of the Ukraine, the MOMENT of Truth is Commenced, to turn the SWITCH for all to SEE!

To all Leaders of Nations

     This letter goes along with the  URGENCY to execute a most needed and timely initiative that concerns All of Humanity, while the Universe is watching.

     For ages Humanity has been TESTED on planet Earth, to know what it takes to become Conscious that the Human is the Crystal of Creation (created in the Image of GOD). As such, we can use the POWER whereby Creation could come about, in the form of Free Will, so that we can Experiment. We have done so with the creation of laws which practically made GOD´s Law (only Center of the Total Circle) Illegal. As such, Humanity lacks the Only Common Denominator, to make Peace possible. Instead, the Border that Humanity have today in common, where both sides claim the Same: “this is my border, god is on my side” (“off-Center-reasoning”) ….

    In other words, all Secondary laws can be used as a Weapon making Weapons the law = Law-enforcement. As such, EVERONE can become the LOSER. SOLUTION … make GOD´s ONELAW the Primary Constant, which is the Self-enforcing CHANGE. Only then can we Safely use Free Will and Experiment in the Cultivation of Consciousness.

    We used intelligence to find out what it takes to enter the nucleus of matter (exploration of the “center-approach”, fission), and succeeded with the creation of the Atom-bomb. From there on the nano-technology, “smart-weapons” and many varieties to build up the atom-bomb arsenal. 

     Now that the Cardinal CHOICE needs to be made by Humanity … shall we END the Grand Experiment by finding out How to Self-destruct, or use intelligence to Know what it takes to Enter the Nucleus of the HEART? We are not presenting a “new age idea of Peace”, but the Universal TRUTH that ALL IS ONE, whereby GOD´s LAW or Constant (Change) can be used to make all opposites Complementary = PEACE. If this does not make Sense, then what does?

    Would you be willing to give it a TRY, and order your armies having a TRUCE, so that at the center of the Ukraine the Crystal of Peace (symbolizing the Human, who is the Crystal of Creation) can be deposited? With this symbolic act of Peace, we can PROOF that even for a few days, WAR can be Stopped. From there on the Consciousness can be furthered with the EDUCATIONAL aspect, as HOW the Individual can Independently contribute to Peace FROM WITHIN. And this can be, because who else has the HEART that makes the BLOOD flow to the BRAIN that enables us to THINK, to KNOW that ALL IS ONE?

     PLEASE let the Crystal of Peace be placed at Ukraine´s Center, to serve as a Monument of INSPIRATION. Time is of essence (soldiers do not wait with pulling the trigger to kill as instructed). With the Peace Crystal we can TRIGGER a PROCESS that can lead to Lasting Peace! Please Search your Heart and say “YES”. The Universe is Watching and ready to be of Help.



Messenger of Peace

Note: The Universal Proclamation (at the end) explains the Principle of GOD´s ONELAW application.

About Tawa Roy Littlesun

Tawa Roy is 89 years of age (2023) with 53 years of intensive Preparation (Tests) to be able to “Walk his Talk”, to Deliver the Oneheart TEACHING, which is the Revelation of the SECRET that has been kept hidden for 33.000 years. He is too shy to be identified as a “Shaman” or some sort. He states that he is rather a Messenger or “Showman” (ha ha ha). The MESSAGE is important and Tawa is the one who is constantly receiving the Teachings in different forms to be Shared with Humanity. He traveled constantly around (Mexico is his basis) the world as the Great Spirit guided him to Connect with the Hidden parts of the SECRET. His Last WISH is that his legacy can Infinitely proceed in the form of the Oneheart TEACHING. Therefore, the  has been created. Tawa was initiated to do his “JOB”, by the last of the Hopi Elders (1990-94) at Hopiland, where he planted the corn all by hand, which turned out the largest crop at Hopiland (1993). “Now you are a true Hopi, because the Teachings are in the Corn” (Hopi saying), the Elders stated. Daily he smoked the Ceremonial Pipe to release the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE.

Last Word of GREAT SPIRIT:

From now on, ONLY by those (at least 2% of Humanity) who can be in their own capacity UNCONDITIONAL, can the Divine PLAN to make Earth the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation, be REALIZED.

All who cannot continue with Reading this Universal Message (planetarily historic) to the very End … will NEVER “get it”, due to the quality of BLOOD that makes it impossible to fully use the Pineal Gland, to THINK in Unconditional terms.

They will merely Vanish along with the Conditional.



How many are capable to ACCEPT TRUTH, to be Used to make WHOLE?

Well, “let´s see”.

The Plan is presented to HUMANITY, to make what has been stated, with the following.

Mexico has offered a one-ton size CRYSTAL to be placed at the center of the Ukraine.

This Earth created density symbolizes the Human being Creation´s Divine Crystal.

This Earthly-jewel goes along with the Oneheart Teaching, for us to KNOW:

* What is the Divine Plan that brought us to Earth.

* What is a Human and How to to Maintain it, to BE.

* Universal Proclamation of Humanity.

Both Russia and Ukraine must then Agree to have a 4-day truce during the Ceremonial placing of the Crystal.

All will be attended by Representatives of Peace-organizations fro around the world.

Afterwards … the CHOICE must be made … to either go back with the Self-destruction … or use INTELIGENCE to find out HOW to Implement the ONELAW in normal daily LIFE.

We cannot expect an “immediate peace result”, but the FIRST Step into the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation.

It is up to all who claim to be a Human.

All of it is Financed by Individuals´ contributions:

Lasting WORLD PEACE can be Realized by having at least 2% of the 8 billion of Humanity, who can be UNCONDITIONAL in their dedication from the Heart. How many of the 24.5 million millionaires and 2,668 billionaires (net worth $158.261 trillion) can be a part of the 2%?


Financial Contributions of the Oneheart Portal Funds will be used for:

Planetary Education by way of:

- Courses to make the Individual independent in its daily application to attain overall Health by way of Food and Way of Life.

- Global Distribution of texts and Videos concerning Health and Way of Life via: Restaurants, Hotels, Stores, Public Meeting Places, Organizations, Schools and Hospitals.

- Food for Health and Behavior Control Education for Prisons.

- Educating the Homeless to become a Teacher of Life.

- Finance small Restaurants who agreed to Promote Health with: Showing the Educational Videos, Texts and possible replacement of pots and pans (no aluminum and Teflon), and a suggested Health for Wealth Menu. These Restaurants can become a Planetary inspiration and School to have Humanity be REPAIRED from the Experimental Era that today has NOT one Solution for a single problem. FACT.

- Financing the creation of Educational Health Centers.

Universal Proclamation of Humanity

1- Self-realization is the Goal of Life. Therefore, we have been created in the image of the Creator, so that we can refine Creation from Within. In order to be able to do so, CHANGE is the only absolute Constant, which is the ONELAW.

2- Similar as to how Creation is maintained by Creator’s Onelaw, we need to apply this Law of laws above all other laws as the Primary Constant in Daily Life…firstly to ourselves. 

3- Therefore we have the Divine Responsibility to:

a- Change the Outer into the Inner, basically by way of FOOD.

b- Change the Inner into the Outer by way of Consciousness and the Behavior to the benefit of the World at large.

From the BOTTOM UP!

     The Use of the Pharmacy, Hospital, Prison and all sorts of Manipulated foods and beverages do NOT Benefit the TRUE state of Economy – because by the DIBILITATING of the BLOOD-quality with the wrong foods, beverages and experimental “medicine”, the Economic Potential that is based on the Health of the INDIVIDUAL:, it will also Reduce the Brain-function whereby Money and everything else, are merely VALUED by the fluctuating administrative/political regulation of numbers (Brain-control). How can the costly “medicine and hospital” ever benefit the TRUE Economy? Why not Educating the People to become PRODUCTIVE of      Body, Mind and Spirit? And this is what the Oneheart Education is all about.

      Obesity, diabetes, cancer and all sorts of mental disorders. How can it ever benefit the “Government Of, By and For the People” (true Democracy)? As it is, most of the Economy is in principle used to “make war for peace”, of flaw-enforcements – is Obviously happening today, leading to the opposing sides Claiming the SAME “itis is my Border. God id on my side – truly the pathetic use of Intelligence! The Primary Leaders are those who Support the “Pyramid from the BOTTOM UP!  And this would be the R-evolution of Consciousness! Governments will do Well to Support the above.

The Spirit of the GREEN COMET - Yohualticitl

30 Jan 2023, 4-Eb/Road

Shared by Sean Goulfield

The WILL of the Quantum State of Divine Time reseeds its Creation with memory from the primordial beginnings! Everything out there is “within”, the WILL is in the memory in the Comet.

     According to the code of the Quantum State (inner evolution) everything is playing out to a Divine Schedule, everything is perfectly aligned to the Will of the SOURCE CREATOR of Great Mystery.

     Mystery Egg Earth is hatching unconditional Love, the LIGHT of this highest vibrational LOVE of the infinite Universe emanates from the Will “within” you, everything out there is within, it is only the illusion of the physical dimension that tricks the mind into thinking otherwise.

     TIME is opening the door to a new higher more condensed frequency of understanding, which is the responsibility of those who “understand” to hold, if you understand it means you have also been chosen to hold your LIGHT internally centred and in sacred relation for the collective consciousness, your “holding” is like being the supporting structure of a bridge that will connect our human consciousness through a portal in time, to a New Earth reality of harmony and PEACE.

    From “within” the complexity of the Divine Feminine Universe is being awoken, her Song is the healing medicine for the SOUL, she is arriving to impact our world, to give birth to her primordial memory that can be understood to be in the spiritual Light of the Green COMET passing through our Solar System now. The synchronicity of her arrival aligns to Yohualticitl, 

the “Goddess of Childbirth and Flowering” according to the Sacred Mayan/Aztec calendar.

Time matrix of the larger scaled Tzolkin

P.S. Yohualticitl = 20 days from 19 Jan to 7 Feb 2023, 18 days in NIGHT 121 of 9th Wave. 

30 January 2023, 4-Eb/Road, stabilises, safeguards the future, opening the path to its destiny, a time of contemplating consequences.

The Placing of the Peace Crystal at the center of the Ukraine is Astronomically and Astrologically CORRECT. Only the Human-factor needs to be added, to just DO IT!



By becoming a ONEHEART-Student, in addition to supporting the initiative for peace in the world, you will also have LIFETIME access to Tawa Roy Littlesun’s documents, books, videos and soon a GREAT VIRTUAL COURSE.

For further Educational Progression

(Practical aspects of the LAW of laws in normal daily life).