The Oneheart University

By Tawa Roy Littlesun
The Oneheart University

“The Seed is in the tree and the Tree is in the Seed” is the Formula of LIFE.

The Seed is the TOTAL BOOK and what it Contains is the Script whereby the HUMAN can KNOW who he IS.

What is then needed is the EDUCATION to Know HOW to Read the Book.

The first step is to Open the Book.

Therefore, the Book has a Front (beginning) and Back (end) Cover.

Then, we also need to know How to READ the Book.

So, we need the READER, who is the one we ARE.

Then, we need to Know the “ABC” of Creation, so that we can Know Ourselves as the Totality within the Totality (Creation in the Human Form).

To be able to ACT upon what we can Know, the Creative Force we have been given, which correlates with FREE WILL.

And, since Free Will is Unconditional, we can also go Against everything that constitutes Creation.

We can EXPERIMENT, to find out this to be TRUE.

With the Experiment we can create our own Laws and Order, even when it can go Against GOD, His Creation and Ourselves.

This we have DONE, and Today´s World is the EVIDENCE that WE Succeeded!

We have come to the “Last Page” of the Book and must make the CHOICE between the Two EXTREME OPTIONS: BE and NOT BE.

To BE implies having Understood the Book´s Script and can Close the Book, so that we can be FREE with a New Consciousness that ALL IS ONE.

NOT to BE implies the “Lockdown” IN the Book, and this is what the “Covid-19” is all about.

As the Grand Experiment is OVER, the Basic EDUCATION to Know HOW to BE is IMMINENT.

Therefore, the true Universal Education offers the Practical Knowledge to be able to Successfully Finish the BOOK of books.

It is the LIBERATION from the TRAP that was Biologically/Scientifically created to Subject the Human to a SYSTEM that is completely Contrary to that of GOD.

Therefore, today´s Global Order made GOD´s ONELAW Illegal.

Consequently, Truth, Justice, Union, Health, Freedom, to BE and Free Will, has also become Illegal, too.

In short, we need to Know HOW to “Plant the Seed”.

The ONEHEART UNIVERSITY, created from Tarroja/ de Segarra/Catalunya and now Queretaro’s Pueblo Viva Mexico Shares the ONEHEART TEACHING by:

  • Weekly TV-program.
  • Literature and Videos.
  • Seminars.

Main Subjects of Study:

  •  The Divine Plan.
  • Mystery Egg.
  • The Absolute and Eternal Constant of Creation (Onelaw).
  • The Inductive and Deductive mindset.
  • Common Sense.
  • The Human as the Totality within the Totality.
  • The Human Experience on Earth.
  • Food and what Eats.
  • Total Health – Total Being
  • Origin of Disease and War
  • The 9 levels of Consciousness.
  • The Eternal and Temporary.
  • The Control Factor.
  • The Mother.
  • Government Of, By and For the People.
  • Biological Basis of Human History.
  • The Sovereign.
  • Today´s World.

More about the Oneheart University

Upon conception in Mother´s Womb the Heart is the first organ that develops, in the head. The Heart correlates with the Center of the TOTALITY, of which the HUMAN is the Microcosm, of Creation. As such, the simple cell (beginning of evolution) evolves from the Brain, down.

From the head the Body is extended, as Mother´s BLOOD that is derived from FOOD, sets the Basis to have Evolution be materialized in the Human Form. So, the gestation of the Human results in the two biological stages: HEAD (where the Heart begins) and BODY (where the Heart centers inner-evolution with the 12 organs).

These two basic parts´ PURPOSE of our Biological existence in Creation, are then used to EXPLORE the correlation between the Unmanifest (possibility) and Manifest (realization). Therefore, the Body is needed to supply the BLOOD to Activate the Brain whereby we can THINK – and the Head, to Use the Body whereby we can Refine the Blood into CONSCIOUSNESS.

The correlation: 1- With the Head, the Food that has been condensed from Creation (Outer-totality) descends into the Body (eating). 2- With the Body, the Food is Refined (digestion) into the Blood that ascends via the Heart to the Brain, from where the inner-totality (Body and Head) is Polarized with the outer-totality (Creation). So, there is a creative-CYCLE between Macro and Micro, outer-Creation and inner-Creation.

In other words, the Heart´s development has two stages, to set the Basis to become Conscious: 1- Of the head, from where Evolution´s Memory Descends to create the Body. 2- Of the body, from where the Blood ascends to activate the Brain. 1 and 2 Constitute the ONEHEART.

The entire Human-Process in the creation of Consciousness depends on How the TOTALITY is Condensed into FOOD, to then be Refined into CONSCIOUSNESS, which makes the HUMAN the “Universal Refinery”. It also signifies the ONENESS of Heart and Brain, identifying the “I AM that I AM”, the Oneheart. So, with the Heart that begins in the Head the Body is extended, to then contain the Heart. In turn, the Body replaces the “vacant space” in the Head with the Brain that evolves via the Spinal-cord (evolution).

Therefore, the creation of the Oneheart University, to assist the Human in its endeavor to Realize its TOTALITY (Genuine Human), with the creation of the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE = Truth = Peace = Freedom.

Universal Proclamation

Self-realization is the Goal of Life. Therefore we have been created in the image of the Creator, so that we can refine Creation from Within. In order to be able to do so, CHANGE is the only absolute Constant, which is the ONELAW.

Similar as to how Creation is maintained by Creator’s Onelaw, we need to apply this Law of laws above all other laws as the Primary Constant in Daily Life…firstly to ourselves.

Therefore we have the Divine Responsibility to:
a) Change the Outer into the Inner, basically by way of FOOD.
b) Change the Inner into the Outer by way of Consciousness and the Behavior to the benefit of the World at large.

Failure to do so will automatically result in the creation of secondary laws, which have to be artificially enforced to keep us in a Fixed context (“matrix”: a space that has a beginning and end).

As such laws can be used as weapons, which will ultimately make weapons the law. Today’s world has become the glaring Evidence of it.

Duality is in principle needed to come to a Realization, firstly to be applied to the one who must Realize (each one of us)…to ultimately make the CHOICE between who we Are and who we are Not – “to BE or not to BE”.

The two extreme Options (to BE – not to BE) need to be universally clarified and precise at the stage of the transition in the Golden Age, as to how we Identify ourselves within the context of Creation – for we are Creation in the Human Form.

All negative and corrupt use of duality needs to be filtered out from our Being (physically, mentally and spiritually) to set the basis for the New Cycle of Consciousness. This can happen in two ways:
A) By the Purification of the BLOOD, so that we can change the world from Within. And this requires Creator’s Onelaw to become the Control-factor, which needs to be applied firstly to our way of Eating. For FOOD upon the digestive process becomes the BLOOD whereby we can Realize. Consequently the physical manifestation and resulting functions such as feeling, emotion, thinking, discernment, choice making, acts and lastly the realization of our own capacity to BE. With the Sacred Art of Eating we can establish ourselves as a Conscious part of Creation.
B) By Nature’s extreme adjustments (disease, natural calamities – also wars), to be changed from Without. And this requires the Denial of the truth that we are the creator of our own reality. Hence we allow ourselves to be artificially fixed within a system where we can only be “free” under the dictates of laws which make it illegal to freely evolve as a Universal Being. This WILL ultimately End by Nature’s purity that is maintained by the Unbreakable Onelaw. The Dark-forces deny this inevitable purification process and is doing its last “kicking and screaming” with its extreme efforts to scientifically destroy Nature, and will try to drag as many as possible in its grave. This can only happen with the Self-denial or “not to BE” choice. Our Sincerity in the Realization of the Divine Plan to make Earth the Portal of Peace has come to TEST.

The time is upon us to make that cardinal Decision and therefore Humanity needs the firm Cosmic-Reminder that ALL IS ONE.


1- Creator’s Onelaw is the absolute and eternal Constant whereby true justice, peace, freedom and world-order can be attained. 2- Food becoming the Blood whereby we can exist, feel and think, is the control-factor. 3- The time is upon us to give the best answer on the last question: “to BE or not to BE”? 4- The Mother is the first Elder and among all gods she is the greatest, because she can bring Creation forth from Within. Without Her the Fatherly Heaven cannot come to Manifest in the Human Form, by which Creation can gain Meaning. 5- For Practical reasons, to gain the highest possible quality of Blood, the KITCHEN needs to become the Center of Government (as it was before the infamous Inquisition), to be the First: Temple, Hospital, Laboratory, School of Life, and Bank (the whole cereal grain is the universal money that we can grow and eat).