The Prophetic Ashes of Peace

By Tawa Roy Littlesun
The Prophetic Ashes of Peace

The FIRE Element is needed to Complete the Cosmic Cycle of Consciousness.

With the WATER Element the Cycle is initiated, to connect Heaven with Earth.

It is the HUMAN who can Initiate Fire to Separate the Temporary or Conditional from the Eternal or unconditional, to fully Connect Earth with Heaven – so that the Cycle can be Completed with the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE = PEACE.

Therefore, the Control of the BLOOD by way of Cooking.

As such, with the Mastery of the Blood-quality the Controlled use of the Mind, because it is with the Blood that the Brain can be used, to at the end Complete the Cycle with the ONENESS.

It is due to the Era of Experimentation that Humanity has temporarily Lost (the “Fall”) this essential Control, FROM WITHIN.

All of it will at some time come to an END (is Happening), and the HOPI foretold the SIGN of the Turning-point (Initiation of the True “RESET”).

There will be a “Gourd full of Ashes that will Explode”, they say.

And this has happened in 1945, which was the release of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima.

“Then, there will be another Gourd full of Ashes, of PEACE”.

This Gourd went around the world for 25 years, to collect the Ashes of Sacred Ceremonies along with the Oneheart Message.

Last year the “Second Gourd” became FULL.

Then the decision was made, according to the Signs given by Spirit, to bring the Gourd to Mt Fuji.

So, on the month of June 20-21, the Hiroshima Flame was given to RE-ignite the FIRST Fire, to then light the SECOND Fire.

With the Second Fire the Gourd of Peace was burned.

The next day at the Mt Fuji region, along with the Ashes of the two initial Fires the THIRD Fire was lit.

From there the Ashes found their way to the Center of Mexico, Pueblo Viva Mexico, Queretaro.

Here the Eternal Trinity Fire Continued with the Prophetic Ashes, and the Intend is to keep it Alive until the Divine PLAN has been Realized, WORLD PEACE attained by making Creator´s Law the Primary Constant on Earth.

From now on the ASHES will be Shared with all who want to be a part of this Last Planetary Process.

The Ashes can be multiplied by mixing it with the Ashes of a Sacred Fire.

And the USE of it is to CLEAR any place from Negativity or Stagnation.

A pinch of it can also be added to Food or substance of building projects.

Know that Fire is the element whereby the Temporary is Separated from the Eternal.

The Ashes can be used for the Planetary Exorsism.

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