Educational Center

Pueblo Viva Mexico has been created to serve as an Educational Center in the Realization of the Divine Plan. That´s why you have come here? If so, then we can possibly be of Help to you. But then… we want to See your True Face (no mask), so that we can communicate Heart to Heart. WELCOME!

This Place was created to be a Total Health Center, which has now a Space with 3 parts:

  • Ceremonial Fire Center.
  • Sacred Kitchen reserved for cooking instructions and appointed Cooks (not for “socializing”).
  • Meeting area, which is at times used for Sleeping (afterwards clear the space to make it available to meet with visitors).

We do not encourage people to just “hang out” and preoccupy the Pueblo-team with issues and behavior which are not relevant to this Center’s function.

Rather inquire about the available Oneheart Teachings, which you can in turn Share with others.


  • Basic 3-day Orientation
  • Universal Perspectives of Human, World and Mexico
  • Teacher of Life
  • Family and Home
  • Parenthood
  • Cooking for Health
  • Health Counselling
  • Arts and Crafts (weaving and jewelry)
  • Food Growing

Students will be admitted after having followed the Basic 3-day LIFE-course and an interview.

Make your presence evident with the caring and sharing of the heart, to activate the source of infinite wealth that each of us has WITHIN. As such, the Divine PLAN to make Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation can be REALISED, when we ACT upon this TRUTH stated here. Then TRUTH will set us FREE. Engage constructively with the renewal of Mexico and the world, based on the ONELAW of creation.

We all “like to be liked”

For what reason?

For looks, money, favors or some sort of personal reason?

On the Birthday, friends come to Celebrate, and when we die friends come to Mourn.

Why be Sad when it is the Birthday to be Born in Spirit?

One mourns, because what is left behind Is merely a Burden that no one wants to continue with.

I am now 89 years of age, and have passed the “average lifespan”.

Planning to become 104, so that my Legacy can be Endlessly USED, in the form of the Oneheart Teaching, from generation to generation.

It makes me SAD that “friends” do NOT CARE to make Use of what is Deep WITHIN me, that I Share via ONEHEART UNIVERSITY

Are you my TRUE FRIEND, and of Humanity?


With your GENEROSITY the Pueblo Viva Mexico can be fully realized. The funding provided will be used for:

  • Building materials and tools
  • Items for the daily maintenance of the Pueblo
  • Water and fuel supply
  • Labor
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Communication
  • Basic personal needs of workers