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This BOOK is for those who want to Know what it takes to LIVE by the LAW of laws and BE FREE.

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The Origin of ALL of Today´s Problems

which have become the “free radical epidemic” of the world


WHY does no one mention the VERY ORIGIN of ALL the Global Misdeeds, Corruption, Wars, Disease, etcetera? It is not due to the lack of “Scientific research and funding”, but the Absence of the Basic EDUCATION as HOW to LIVE and the Quality of BLOOD that enables us to Universally Perceive and THINK.


Today, ALL the violence, whether it is of the physical, mental, social and even spiritual have just ONE Origin. Any idea of WHAT it is? Should be easy to figure out by knowing that whether it is of the “right” or the “wrong” … when we Realize that ALL IS ONE. And that the ESSENCE of the TOTALITY is WITHIN us, because the HUMAN is the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY (created in the Image of GOD). This Essence is the LAW of laws.


Any idea what a LAW is? It is not what the dictionary describes as “RULE”. So, WHO Decides what the Rule should be? Rule is a MEASUREMENT, which is quite different than the Unmeasurable TRUTH.


Yet, one swears on the Bible “the Truth and nothing but the Truth… so help me God”. And then the “Judge” who cannot help but also listening to his Personal Dimensional Perception, Feelings and Interests, to make the Decision about what is Right and what is Wrong.


If Right and Wrong are PRECISE in the Measurement, then why is the JUDGMENT DIFFERENT in different regions of the Earth? So, WHO or WHAT is to say which Rule is JUST? As it is Globally, there is a “hotchpotch of rules”, going along with all sorts of opiniated demonstration, petitions and issues of dismay. “Take your pick”.


So, what is the ORIGIN mentioned? It all depends on the CONTEXT in which Order needs to be Maintained. The illustrations of it are the Circle, Center and what Connects these extreme Two by which the Dimensional can come about.


The Circle correlates with the Outline of the Order to be Maintained, and its Center is the CONSTANT or LAW whereby Order can be STRUCTURED. So, since the HUMAN is the Microcosm of Creation (Created in the Image of GOD) it makes sense that the Constant of Creation must be the Primary LAW to Maintain Order within the Human Realm, too.


The Contrary has been the case, where Rules have become the Dominant factors, whereby the LAW of Creation has been declared ILLEGAL. As such, ALL of today´s Problems have been ORIGINATED, to then be perceived and preserved within the Context of the Microscope (“scientific proof”). This NARROW MINDEDNESS is of those who today wield the “scepter of law and order”.

SOLUTION… the Individual needs to be EDUCATED about HOW Creation´s LAW can be Used in Normal Daily Life, so that ORDER can Begin from Within the INDIVIDUAL and from there on the HOME. As such the Creation of the true Government Of, By and For the People.


To maintain Order in a Context other than that of the Totality (Creation), laws need to be created which are “out of center”. Then, there is No Power to have the Order be generated from the Center. As such, we need the “law-enforcement”. As such, laws can be used as a Weapon making Weapons the law, even to the point that we can be Killed when we want to BE Under GOD´s LAW (FACT).


What has been stated here also reasons that the “Court of Justice” cannot serve within the Totality, because it Serves Exclusive Interests by way of DIVISION. Therefore, the Judgment is Divided by “right and wrong”. As such, to be “right” we only have a Part, because the “wrong” is missing. By this form of “justice” INJUSTICE will exponentially increase. That´s why Corruption and Crime have become the NORM.   Moreover, the System cannot exist without it. Weaponry and Drugs (including the vaccine) have become the Control factors to have the Secondary law be Enforced to Maintain the System of Exploitation. Exploitation it is, because the Part in order to Survive must LEACH on the Whole. Therefore, the Human has been used as the “Total Sacrificial Lamb”, because it is the Totality within the Totality. It has come that far that most of Humanity VOLUNTEER to it.


This book and more material is included in the Oneheart Membership

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