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The Sacred Art of Eating is the “ladder”, that we can use to reach the highest stage of Being. It is not a “diet”, yet it includes all “diets”. This is the Universal Way by which we can make a most realistic basis for World Peace. The first concern is Health, which means Whole. So, how Whole do we want to be?

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Total Health

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Food for Total Health


     Sixty plus years ago the doctor would paddle his bike to the patient and considered a diet first before giving any medicine. Today the physician merely “practices medicine” and can lose his license when he prescribes food as the first medicine. This left the people with the only option, to design their own “diet” when ill. Thus many “diets” came into being as the result of the medical system’s focus on the “medicine” (drugs) by which we can “live” with disease. So, how can a “diet” that works well for one, be normal for every one? What is the true purpose of food and the consumption of it? Food is the link and catalyst that we basically need to harmonize the inner with the outer … for food is the condensation of the environment and thus holds the memory that we must integrate in the body cells … so that we can remember, in order to make full cycle within Creation. The more memory and the greater the context in which the memory is contained, the more we can become conscious of who we Are. So, by the Choosing, Preparing and Eating our daily Food according to the very principles of Creation, the greater the potential to have great health. Health means whole. The laboratory created concepts of health mostly came from the observation through microscopes and the study of dead bodies. The Total relationship with Creation requires us to know how to independently design our nutritional profile according to our constitution, condition, age, gender, way of life and environmental conditions. Today’s “diets” are mostly in the experimental stage and must shift within the universal context of understanding and practice, in order to overcome the great gap that we now have between the natural and artificial. All the “diets” or ways of eating can be categorized according to the nine stages of evolution, from the most primitive to the most advanced:


  1. Eating by Quantity (gourmand, ‘all you can eat’). From the micro-organism to the reptilian, they eat until their stomach is full and then sleep because not much blood goes to the brain, due to the occupation of blood in the digestive process in the lower region of the body. The bacteria has no problem with this interruption, because the food they internalize goes straight to the head! The head (beginning of the species) is not extended to become a body, since it has not long enough evolved, that it needs a “storage”, that can contain the Memory of the evolutionary process it went through. Many Humans maintain themselves on this level (regardless their “healthy food”) and thus accept to be powerless against the most primitive form of live, the virus and consequently must rely on a medical system that cannot function without the computer, which is at least one hundred years behind in the computing capacity of a simple cell.

Level of judgment: MECHANICAL


  1. Eating by taste (gourmet). Accordingly we will stimulate the Brain/Mind. This way of eating correlates with the first sage in mother’s womb, where we began with the head. But by using our intelligence we can select the food by the tastes in correlation with the bodily functions and other stimuli for the higher evolution of mind and spirit.

Level of judgment: SENSORIAL



  1. Eating by Looks or sentimental setting this category involves the traditional, “candle light dinner” and “what my mother let me eat” way of eating, protocol and mannerism. Stick to “fork and knife”, even when the food can be must more enjoyed when eating with the fingers. This aspect has been capitalized by the commercial world, with their psychologically presented foods, by labeling and subliminal advertisements.

Level of discernment: SENTIMENTAL.


  1. Eating by Intellect. By truly mastering the former levels of eating, we will be able to release the essence of food to a frequency high enough to excite the brain, so that it can occupy the blood long enough in a higher thinking process. This aspect correlates with the so-called “attention-span”. Here we judge food by way of reasoning and consider the “scientific approach”. As such we begin to analyze food by the microscopic observation, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc. Although quite incomplete in the understanding what food is, it gives us a much greater relationship with Creation and a firmer basis to let the mind evolve.

Level of discernment: INTELLECTUAL


  1. Eating by Social concerns.. With the growing awareness, of our relationship with the environment, from where our food comes from … we begin to eat food in a sharing manner. Individual needs are considered and the food is prepared and eaten in such a way that it can please everyone who belongs to the family or community. Ideally everyone is also involved with the growing of food. This aspect of life has been systematically debilitated through the control of the food-cycle by the exploitative cartel. The disintegration of the family is the result of this onslaught.

Level of discernment: SOCIAL


  1. Eating by Universal order. The relationship with the origin of food has grown into the Universal Context. The brain can now resonate beyond the horizon that we can touch, smell, hear and see. We go beyond the space and time that we can possibly cover within our own biological existence. We enter the future by making ourselves Food for a Greater World! Now we apply the Universal Principles of the Order of the Infinite Universe, for the Choosing, Preparing and Eating of Food. Going beyond (yet including) quantity, taste and analytical evaluation) food is now used to make the complete Link between the Eater and the Absolute Source of Food/Creation. All the Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Consciousness) are used to centre the manifest Within, to find our Limit that we can then use as our Stepping-stone.

Level of discernment: IDEOLOGICAL


  1. Eating by intuitive knowing. Now the body has attained a firm recollection of the evolutionary past and is ready to enter the ascension stage, to find and Know the Self by, of, for and within the Self. Food must now be eaten full spectrum, to realize that food and eater are One. That, “God made Himself”. The practice of Appreciation is essential and includes the complete mastication of food, to know that everything is Food.

Level of discernment: APPRECIATION


  1. Eating to realize the Dream. The union of all opposites is made, Within. Now we can think with the Heart and will not fail in the choice of food, in any form and way. We will be able to Change the worst poison into the highest medicine, because we have mastered the Alchemy of Life, the practical application of the principles of the absolute and eternal Constant of Creation, which is CHANGE.

Level of discernment: FREEDOM


  1. Eat or not Eat. We have Arrived and can truly say “I AM”!

Level of discernment: ALL LEVELS.

The Sacred Art of Eating is the “ladder”, that we can use to reach the highest stage of Being. It is not a “diet”, yet it includes all “diets”. This is the Universal Way by which we can make a most realistic basis for World Peace. The first concern is Health, which means Whole. So, how Whole do we want to be?

This book and more material is included in the Oneheart Membership

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