The Home

     The Earth was to be turned to the former Kingdom of Heaven by the great wars of the world, but it is impossible that war could cleanse every nook and corner. For that purpose Houses must be examined thoroughly and sins and pollutants of souls must be purified. And lo! I all parts of the world people’s Hearts have deteriorated, and their Homes need complete cleansing. Without these events , a crystal-clear world cannot and will not be realized.

Exerpt of the Holy Oomoto scriptures.

Creation is our greatest Garment.

It becomes tailor-made when it takes the Human Form.

The “tailoring”, however, requires the environment by which Creation can be biologically reduced.

Therefore the land and the plants which grow on it need to be Cared for, according to the same Law and Order by which Creation is maintained.

One step further, the environment is reduced in the form of a Home where the eater of Food (reduced environment) can deepen the consumed “condensed environment” into the Blood whereby we can give Meaning to many aspects of Creation and Creation as a whole.

It is here, the Home, where the outer and the inner closely interact as the “front and back of the same hand”.

The Home is also the Diagnostic Mirror of the one who lives in it.

Is it of a disorderly or impersonal sterile condition in its daily use, so it is in some way of the inhabitant’s interior, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and any relationship thereof, which are basically controlled by our blood’s quality.

The Home should be the first center of Government, where we can fully Control our total-inner.

The true “government of, by and for the people” is of those whose Home is also the Temple, in which the Spirit of Creation can zero in.

Maintain the Home as the Sacred Space along with that of the Body, and we will have many “unseen visitors” who will help with the upkeep of our well-being.

As we allow Creation to zero-in with its harmonious precision, so can we expand the internalized Order into that of the outer.

In other words, we can Change the world from Within, along with enjoying the controlled-flow of universal Order.

Special note: The KITCHEN is the center of the Home.

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