The Revolution of Consciousness

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This Revolution is needed to End the Grand Experiment that has Not one Solution for a single Problem.
Not even for the “common cold”. Now we must Change the Deductive into the Inductive Mindset.

This book gives Practical Narrations, using the Universal Perspective that is Biologically based and centered around the
Onelaw of Creation.

The Oneheart Teaching has been given by the Universe, to Know HOW to RETURN to the WAY.


* Universal Proclamation
* Total Health Declaration
* The New Creator Gods
* The TAWA Message
* Unlock the Global Handcuffs
* The DNA
* Cosmic Refinery
* Sacred Art of Eating
* Diet
* Why Cooked Food
* What to Avoid
* What to Eat
* Chewing
* Change
* Blood
* Change Roma into Amor
* About Money
* The GRIP
* Human Experience on Earth
* East-West Fixation
* Phoenix Rising
* The PLAN (UN-Presentation)
* True Ceremony

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