Planetary PYRAMID of UNION

The “Moment of Truth” is upon us all.

Truth is Total, which correlates with the TEST that has come to its Final Stage.

At the same time the contrary is upon us, the DIVISION that has been Systematically implemented with the Borders of nations, private properties, militarized zones, archeological sites, tribes and economics.

The Conquest for Exclusivity went on for many ages.

We may justify the Divisions to be a part of the Self-examination Process.

By now the Conclusive Examination, that of the TOTAL BEING, to set the basis for becoming the Genuine Human.

Know that we have come to Planet Earth with the Divine PLAN to do just that, but we FORGOT.

For over 30.000 years a SECRET was kept, which will be Revealed when the Division has come to its Extreme.

The global “Social Distancing”, along with the facial-Mask, economic/political splits and “mandatories” to make GOD´s ONELAW Illegal…have made it Clear that the Extreme Dividing “lockdown-stage” has been reached.

The Revelation of the SECRET began Constructively with the Oneheart Teaching, to Know what it takes to give it the Practical daily life Application, on all levels (health, relationship, economy, mental and spiritual), to initiate the UNION.

Therefore, the Pueblo Viva Mexico (Queretaro) was built to set a Universal Inspiring Basis for the Planetary UNION.

Here national events (congresses in ceremony) were held and the Heavens responded with Thunder and Rain (it also ended the 3-year drought of Queretaro and most parts of Mexico.

Now the Spirit Message, to create the Planetary PYRAMID of UNION, build BY Humanity.

This is done by People from around the World bringing a “fist-size stone” from their location, and deposit it at the Designated place.

As such, the creation of the PYRAMID of UNION will Grow with the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE!

The Initiation will be on June 20-22, 2022, along with the Blessing Ceremony of the San (Bushman, 200.000-year-old Tribe), Mexico´s Tribes and possibly the Kogi.

The Preparation to it requires the initial Financial HELP.

So far, only with 2 People, dedicating their meager pension, the Basis has been set for the June Event Initiative (at least 20.000$ more is needed – not much, compared with the trillions used on the massive global Weapon-race to DESTROY the World).

Anyone whose Heart Resonates to the Pyramid´s Realization, by becoming a Lifetime Oneheart Member for 50$ (extra contribution welcome), can do so via

Please make this Message Viral, along with becoming a part of this Historic Initiative!



Only 4000 True friends (out of 7+ billion) are needed to Show with their Membership … to KNOW THAT WE CAN DO IT!


Thanks, and Love from the Heart!

Pueblo Viva Mexico Team

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