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Get here the Oneheart Membership and get access to all new “Cosmic Downloads” (books, documents and videos). New book-translations and new information will be uploaded in Spanish, Japanese, German and other languages.

You can begin with the following books. All based on the Practical Biological aspect, centered around the Onelaw of Creation.

      • Book 1, Kalaitaka – Excerpts of Roy Littlesun´s Journal. 
      • Book 2, Universal Perception.
      • Book 3, ROMAMOR – End the Inquisition.
      • Book 4, The True Government – Today´s World.
      • Book 5, Total Economy – Tool to Cultivate Constructive Social Order.
      • Book 6, Total Health – Biological Basis of the Solution.
      • Book 7, Womb Conquest – Biological Basis of Control.
      • Book 8, “Covid -/+19 Document. –  Final Battle.

And more is in the making

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