Boleto para la Finalización del Baston Profético



BE part of this GREAT EVENT at the pyramids of Teotihuacan from 23rd to 25th September 2022.


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Completion of the Prophetic Condor-Quetzal-Eagle Baston


On September 23-25, at the top of Mexico´s SUN-Pyramid (Teotihuacan) the Prophetic Baston will be Completed with the 9 Eagle Feathers of the North. It will be attended by Representatives of Indigenous Tribes from throughout the America´s (North and South) who have agreed upon the Universal Proclamation of Humanity.

The Mothers of Mexico will tie the 9 Eagle Feathers on the Baston. This Historic Event will add to Mexico´s Universal Mission, showing the World that it is possible to set the True Basis of World Peace.

The Union of the Condor and the Eagle, where the Quetzal is the Link, its symbol is the Feathered Baston. There are many of them. Then, one Baston came about that has now the 9 Condor and 9 Quetzal Feathers hanging on it.

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