The Peace Crystal

Hopi Prophecy stated that at the END there will be 3 “world-shaking events”. The first 2 manifested with First and Second world-war. The 3rd one is still pending on HOW Humanity wants to Birth Lasting WORLD PEACE. It CANNOT be attained with the Conditional, such as “negotiation”. ONLY by the UNCONDITIONAL. It must happen from the Bottom UP, which means that it is up to the FEW of Humanity who can INSPIRE the rest in the Realization of the Divine PLAN.


Last Word of GREAT SPIRIT:

From now on, ONLY by those (at least 2% of Humanity) who can be in their own capacity UNCONDITIONAL, can the Divine PLAN to make Earth the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation, be REALIZED.

All who cannot continue with Reading this Universal Message (planetarily historic) to the very End … will NEVER “get it”, due to their quality of BLOOD that makes it impossible to fully use the Pineal Gland, to THINK in Unconditional terms.

They will merely Vanish along with the Conditional.


Mystery Egg and its Pineal Gland

The CALL for Humanity to Respond to the Initiative to place at the Center of the Ukraine the Prophetic Mystery Egg that goes along with the Last Hopi Message, to Know WHAT to DO to Commence the long-awaited World Peace, in the Realization of the Divine PLAN.

Peace Crystal

The Obsidian

* Given its sharpness, the stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth itself.

* The Mayan prophets used polished Obsidian as “mirrors” for scrying purposes; their way of prophesizing the future. 

* In ancient Mexican culture, Obsidian was called Itzli, which literally means the God of Stone.  

The Prophetic “Hopi Mystery Egg” has come to the Planetary Attention. It was stated that after the two world-shaking events” (first and second world wars), the Third one will come to stage with the Two Extreme OPTIONS: World Peace or World Destruction.

     All of it can come to stage at the Ukraine and the ONLY Solution has been Overshadowed with the “no solution solution – negotiation or more smart-weapons”. At this critical stage in Human History, a Hopi Messenger has been given the SIGN what to DO, and the following explains it.

Play Video about Peace Crystal for Ukraine

House on Fire!

HOW to Douse it with the POWER of TRUTH

Possibly the Last Human ACT in Human´s Earth History,

In the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the

Portal of Peace and Liberation!

Just wait and spend time to find out who to blame, while people are in the Furnace, who CAN be rescued by those who CARE?

And so, it is today, globally.

At best, governments are trying to negotiate, to possibly provide a few drops of water to douse the fire.

What is HAPPENING in the Ukraine can lead to the Whole World to be set on FIRE.

20.000 Atom bombs and tons of “smart weapons” (all financed by Humanity´s money and ignorance) were made to be the Fuel.


Hereby the URGENT APPEAL is made for ALL of HUMANITY to DO whatever is Required, to have the PEACE CRYSTAL Initiative be REALIZED.

The “Peace-banners, Peace-polers, Hundred´s of Peace Organizations and millions of Peace-loving Humans”, and even the multi-million/billionaires and Presidents of Nations …. All of them CAN IMMIDIATELY HELP with initiating the Lasing Peace Process.

DO IT FROM the HEART and Not of “tax exempts” manipulations.

So far … the Initiation of this Conclusive Process in Human History … has been Financed by a “homeless Hopi”, who without hesitation has been using his monthly income of 800 us$ over a period of over 30 years.

How much MORE can be DONE with the HELP of More Hopis!

Hopi means the “Peaceful One.

Everyone can BE a HOPI!!!

When Agreed, SHARE this Urgent Message, NOW!

Seriously read/watch the following Planetary Announcement!


Commenced on January 2023, with the Initiative to place the Peace Crystal at the Center of the Ukraine! – along with the Oneheart Education for Humanity to Know  WHAT to DO NEXT!

Pipe Ceremony with Roy Littlesun

Tawa Smoking the Ceremonial Hopi Pipe, to bring forth the Truth that ALL IS ONE
(….. ”just watching”?……)

What is a Human Life worth when it does not SERVE its Divine Purpose in Life?

Little time between Birth and Death to become Meaningful.

Then at the last moment the “House is set on Fire”.

What to do?

Just wait, be patient, do nothing and just watch?

Friends or enemies of Creation, pretending to be a Human?

At the last part of our Life … to End it with a Complain?

Who will actually Understand or Care?

Chose the Earth-experience before Birth.

It is now unfolding while the House is on Fire, as Friends just WATCH?


Tawa – Roy Littlesun

House on Fire!

To all Leaders of Nations

     This letter goes along with the  URGENCY to execute a most needed and timely initiative that concerns All of Humanity, while the Universe is watching.

     For ages Humanity has been TESTED on planet Earth, to know what it takes to become Conscious that the Human is the Crystal of Creation (created in the Image of GOD). As such, we can use the POWER whereby Creation could come about, in the form of Free Will, so that we can Experiment. We have done so with the creation of laws which practically made GOD´s Law (only Center of the Total Circle) Illegal. As such, Humanity lacks the Only Common Denominator, to make Peace possible. Instead, the Border that Humanity have today in common, where both sides claim the Same: “this is my border, god is on my side” (“off-Center-reasoning”) ….

    In other words, all Secondary laws can be used as a Weapon making Weapons the law = Law-enforcement. As such, EVERONE can become the LOSER. SOLUTION … make GOD´s ONELAW the Primary Constant, which is the Self-enforcing CHANGE. Only then can we Safely use Free Will and Experiment in the Cultivation of Consciousness.

    We used intelligence to find out what it takes to enter the nucleus of matter (exploration of the “center-approach”, fission), and succeeded with the creation of the Atom-bomb. From there on the nano-technology, “smart-weapons” and many varieties to build up the atom-bomb arsenal. 

     Now that the Cardinal CHOICE needs to be made by Humanity … shall we END the Grand Experiment by finding out How to Self-destruct, or use intelligence to Know what it takes to Enter the Nucleus of the HEART? We are not presenting a “new age idea of Peace”, but the Universal TRUTH that ALL IS ONE, whereby GOD´s LAW or Constant (Change) can be used to make all opposites Complementary = PEACE. If this does not make Sense, then what does?

    Would you be willing to give it a TRY, and order your armies having a TRUCE, so that at the center of the Ukraine the Crystal of Peace (symbolizing the Human, who is the Crystal of Creation) can be deposited? With this symbolic act of Peace, we can PROOF that even for a few days, WAR can be Stopped. From there on the Consciousness can be furthered with the EDUCATIONAL aspect, as HOW the Individual can Independently contribute to Peace FROM WITHIN. And this can be, because who else has the HEART that makes the BLOOD flow to the BRAIN that enables us to THINK, to KNOW that ALL IS ONE?

     PLEASE let the Crystal of Peace be placed at Ukraine´s Center, to serve as a Monument of INSPIRATION. Time is of essence (soldiers do not wait with pulling the trigger to kill as instructed). With the Peace Crystal we can TRIGGER a PROCESS that can lead to Lasting Peace! Please Search your Heart and say “YES”. The Universe is Watching and ready to be of Help.



Messenger of Peace

Note: The Universal Proclamation (at the end) explains the Principle of GOD´s ONELAW application.

Possible Reply:

Dear Tawa,


     We dearly sense your deep from the Heart Concern, but what is the use of Stopping the War when Humanity does NOT CARE as HOW the Money now SPEND on Weapons, which “set the House on Fire”? Realize that ALL that Money came from Humanity´s taxes and economic Proceeds. And they just continue with satisfying their Appetites to replenish the Fire with IGNORANCE.

     Truly, the wars are NOT that of Nations, but that of the DARK against the LIGHT, and it is up to all of HUMANITY to Turn On the Switch, for all to SEE!

     Have you asked Friends to help with SUPPORTING to Douse the Fire? How have they RESPONDED? Merely interested in spending lots of money to Celebrate the birth of a Child (“Christmas”) to be Crucified later on? Now we have 20.000 atom bombs (all financed by Humanity), possibly be used (any time) to set the Whole World on FIRE. Who Truly CARES?

     The Russia-Ukraine War is the REFLECTION of Humanity´s RELUCTANCE to ACT from the HEART, to have LASTING PEACE. And some of them call themselves “spiritual”. How SAD. Also know that Evil THRIVES there where “good people” do Nothing.

     You are Right my Friend … the Divine PLAN to be REALIZED requires the PEACE coming from Humanity´s HEARTS from where the Purity of BLOOD must Ascend to the Brain that contains the Pineal Gland from where the CHOICE can be made to ACT in the NOW.

     We as Leaders are as Politically and Economically STUCK, who can at best “negotiate” to bring for a very short time relief, just sprinkling a few drops of water to douse the Fire.  So, what can we Actually DO, as your “Friends” just stand by, doing NOTHING?

     Just tell them about the above, and continue with the Encouraging to become a ONEHEART Supporter, so that the Crystal that you mentioned can be delivered with the Help of the TRUE FRIENDS, along with the Oneheart Teaching that can SERVE as the Heavenly Water to Douse the Fire of Ignorance. Please keep on encouraging Humanity, to become part of the R-evolution of Consciousness.


Thanks for the Try

Thanks Tawa, from a few Humans who are IN the BURNING HOUSE!


house on fire


Peace Crystal

With the placing of the Crystal of Peace at the Center of the Ukraine, the MOMENT of Truth is Commenced, to turn the SWITCH for all to SEE!


By becoming a Lifetime Oneheart Student/Member for as little a 50 US-$ (less than a penny a day when one can continue to live for another 10 years …). That is, “LIVE or be lived”? Please Continue with the Message of the “Imminent-NOW”: Just DO.

Watch the Conclusive Video!

Play Video about Shambala

Universal Proclamation of Humanity

1- Self-realization is the Goal of Life. Therefore, we have been created in the image of the Creator, so that we can refine Creation from Within. In order to be able to do so, CHANGE is the only absolute Constant, which is the ONELAW.
2- Similar as to how Creation is maintained by Creator’s Onelaw, we need to apply this Law of laws above all other laws as the Primary Constant in Daily Life…firstly to ourselves. 
3- Therefore we have the Divine Responsibility to:

a- Change the Outer into the Inner, basically by way of FOOD.
b- Change the Inner into the Outer by way of Consciousness and the Behavior to the benefit of the World at large.
4- Failure to do so will automatically result in the creation of secondary laws, which have to be artificially enforced to keep us in a Fixed context (“matrix”: a space that has a beginning and end).
5- As such laws can be used as weapons, which will ultimately make weapons the law. Today’s world has become the glaring Evidence of it.
6- Duality is in principle needed to come to a Realization, firstly to be applied to the one who must Realize (each one of us)…to ultimately make the CHOICE between who we Are and who we are Not – “to BE or not to BE”.
7- The two extreme Options (to BE – not to BE) need to be universally clarified and precise at the stage of the transition in the Golden Age, as to how we Identify ourselves within the context of Creation – for we are Creation in the Human Form.
8- All negative and corrupt use of duality needs to be filtered out from our Being (physically, mentally and spiritually) to set the basis for the New Cycle of Consciousness. This can happen in two ways: 
A- By the Purification of the BLOOD, so that we can change the world from Within. And this requires Creator’s Onelaw to become the Control-factor, which needs to be applied firstly to our way of Eating. For FOOD upon the digestive process becomes the BLOOD whereby we can Realize. Consequently, the physical manifestation and resulting functions such as feeling, emotion, thinking, discernment, choice making, acts and lastly the realization of our own capacity to BE. With the Sacred Art of Eating, we can establish ourselves as a Conscious part of Creation.
B- By Nature’s extreme adjustments (disease, natural calamities – also wars), to be changed from Without. And this requires the Denial of the truth that we are the creator of our own reality. Hence, we allow ourselves to be artificially fixed within a system where we can only be “free” under the dictates of laws which make it illegal to freely evolve as a Universal Being. This WILL ultimately End by Nature’s purity that is maintained by the Unbreakable Onelaw. The Dark-forces deny this inevitable purification process and is doing its last “kicking and screaming” with its extreme efforts to scientifically destroy Nature, and will try to drag as many as possible in its grave.  This can only happen with the Self-denial or “not to BE” choice. Our Sincerity in the Realization of the Divine Plan to make Earth the Portal of Peace has come to TEST.
9- The time is upon us to make that cardinal Decision and therefore Humanity needs the firm Cosmic-Reminder that ALL IS ONE.
1- Creator’s Onelaw is the absolute and eternal Constant whereby true justice, peace, freedom and world-order can be attained.
2- Food becoming the Blood whereby we can exist, feel and think, is the control-
3- The time is upon us to give the best answer on the last question: “to BE or not to BE”?
4- The Mother is the first Elder and among all gods she is the greatest, because she can bring Creation forth from Within. Without Her the Fatherly Heaven cannot come to Manifest in the Human Form, by which Creation can gain Meaning.
5- For Practical reasons, to gain the highest possible quality of Blood, the KITCHEN needs to become the Center of Government (as it was before the infamous Inquisition), to be the First: Temple, Hospital, Laboratory, School of Life and Bank (the whole cereal grain is the universal money that we can grow and eat).
Spiral-Pattern of Lasting PEACE
in correlation with Body and Spirit

Everything, visible or invisible follows the Pattern of the Spiral.
It all Begins with the Polarization (“big bang”).
One pole is of Expansion and the Complementary part is of Contraction.
At the onset the Poles REACT to one another, because the Unifying Center needs to be developed.
The Reaction will then End when the Contracting Pole has come to its Turning-point (Center).
In other words, in the very extreme Contraction Changes into Expansion.
Then the same happens with the Pole of Expansion (extreme “out of center”).
Thus, Expansion in the extreme Changes into Contraction.
By both poles following this Principle (Change), the CYCLE is formed.
In between the inner and outer extremes, we can have the EXPERIENCE, to LEARN.
War or some form of conflict will be experienced when the outer and the inner extremes are not in Harmony (out of cycle), because the ONELAW of Creation has been Overruled with Secondary laws.

Also, the Evolution of Consciousness cannot escape this Process.
Humanity has yet to become Conscious that ALL IS ONE.
This can only be when we have the UNIFYING Center or Onelaw of Creation be LIVED in normal daily life.
Until then, Reaction or War in some form, including that of the inner (disease) will Remind us that we have not fully Located the Center of centers, WITHIN, to be in CONTROL.
As such, the attempt is made to control with weapons, money or some sort of manipulation, to claim that who we are NOT.
Hence, the Self-destruction, indicating that the Spirit has not find a Way of Refinement.
Jesus stated: “when the Spirit creates the Body, it is a Miracle, but when the Body creates the Spirit, it is a Miracle of miracles”.
Thus, by Living the Onelaw (Change) we constantly REFINE: spirit/expansion … body/contraction … spirit/expansion … infinitely = Freedom = Peace.
Therefore, the Oneheart Teaching is Cardinal, to Know HOW to FLOW along the Spiral, which is the pattern of SPIRIT or WILL of GOD (= Free Will when we intelligently use it).
When this WILL or POWER is intelligently used to Serve the Refinement of Spirit, then there will be Lasting PEACE.

How many are capable to ACCEPT TRUTH, to be Used to make WHOLE?
Well, “let´s see”.
The Plan is presented to HUMANITY, to make what has been stated, with the following.
Mexico has offered a one-ton size CRYSTAL to be placed at the center of the Ukraine.
This Earth created density symbolizes the Human being Creation´s Divine Crystal.
This Earthly-jewel goes along with the Oneheart Teaching, for us to KNOW:
* What is the Divine Plan that brought us to Earth.
* What is a Human and How to to Maintain it, to BE.
* Universal Proclamation of Humanity.
Both Russia and Ukraine must then Agree to have a 4-day truce during the Ceremonial placing of the Crystal.
All will be attended by Representatives of Peace-organizations fro around the world.
Afterwards … the CHOICE must be made … to either go back with the Self-destruction … or use INTELIGENCE to find out HOW to Implement the ONELAW in normal daily LIFE.
We cannot expect an “immediate peace result”, but the FIRST Step into the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation.
It is up to all who claim to be a Human.

All of it is Financed by Individuals´ contributions:

Financial Contributions of the Oneheart Portal Funds

Planetary Education by way of:

  • Courses to make the Individual independent in its daily application to attain overall Health by way of Food and Way of Life.
  • Distribution of texts and Videos concerning Health and Way of Life via: Restaurants, Hotels, Stores, Public Meeting Places, Organizations, Schools, Hospitals.
  • Food for Health and Behavior Control Education for Prisons.
  • Educating the Homeless to become a Teacher of Life.
  • Financing the creation of Educational Health Centers.
  • Finance small Restaurants who agreed to Promote Health with: Showing the Educational Videos, Texts and possible replacement of pots and pans (no aluminum and Teflon), and a suggested Health for Wealth Menu. These Restaurants can become a Planetary inspiration and School to have Humanity be REPAIRED from the Experimental Era that today has NOT one Solution for a single problem. FACT.

From the BOTTOM UP!

     The Use of the Pharmacy, Hospital, Prison and all sorts of Manipulated foods and beverages do NOT Benefit the TRUE state of Economy – because by the DIBILITATING of the BLOOD-quality with the wrong foods, beverages and experimental “medicine”, the Economic Potential that is based on the Health of the INDIVIDUAL:, it will also Reduce the Brain-function whereby Money and everything else, are merely VALUED by the fluctuating administrative/political regulation of numbers (Brain-control). How can the costly “medicine and hospital” ever benefit the TRUE Economy? Why not Educating the People to become PRODUCTIVE of      Body, Mind and Spirit? And this is what the Oneheart Education is all about.

      Obesity, diabetes, cancer and all sorts of mental disorders. How can it ever benefit the “Government Of, By and For the People” (true Democracy)? As it is, most of the Economy is in principle used to “make war for peace”, of flaw-enforcements – is Obviously happening today, leading to the opposing sides Claiming the SAME “itis is my Border. God id on my side – truly the pathetic use of Intelligence! The Primary Leaders are those who Support the “Pyramid from the BOTTOM UP!  And this would be the R-evolution of Consciousness! Governments will do Well to Support the above.

Altar of Universal UNION and PEACE

After reading the Universal Proclamation of Humanity as its Principle:

⦁ With the understanding that I came to Planet Earth with the Divine Plan to make Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation – do I make the Sacred Vow to Dedicate my Life in the Realization of the PLAN.
⦁ From this moment, in order to bring forth my Universal Being first over the personal, will I do my utmost to be UNCONDITIONAL in the Dedication to Humanity and the World – by Serving UNION over division.
⦁ Witnessed by Creation and all my Spirit-guides, I hereby add my Crystal to the Altar of Universal UNION, to seal my VOW.

The Altar of Union can be globally initiated by organizations and individuals (homes), with the notification using the next FORM , to promote participation at various locations. Also, to stay informed about the Planetary Progressions.

Don´t Forget:

By becoming a Lifetime Oneheart Member, all the needed Teachings
are provided (text, books, videos and soon daily TV)
For further Educational Progression
(practical aspects of the LAW of laws in normal daily life).

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