ONELAW of Creation

Law and Territory

     A long Evolutionary period of sequences was needed to finally come to the Human Form, which can Contain Creation. Yes, we are Creation in the Human Form! But does this mean we have become HUMAN? Much needs to be REFINED, internally, before we can truly say “I AM that I AM”, to be fully Conscious that Outer and inner-Creation are ONE. And that the Creator is also Within. TODAY this Evolutionary Process is coming to its Conclusion. Some have become Qualified to take on them the Divine Responsibility (to Respond to Creation) and can take on a Leadership Task, which implies the Teaching of Virtue by being an Example.     

     The rest still have to Transcend the Animal-qualities. They are Territorial like the animal who competes for Survival. Today’s “world order” is based on this type of “human”. With the intellect driven with the animal instinct they create laws to secure their Own Boundaries, which are then imposed on the rest of the world.

     Survival is of the Animal who has not learned yet, of how to fully Synchronize the inner with the outer, by being Unconscious that each of its Body-cells corresponds with a Star. It is therefore in some way Territorial. Territory is like the Circle that needs to be controlled from its Center. This Center is also the Constant, which we know as Law. So, the greater the Context to be claimed the more Potent the Law has to be. Not until we have reached the Consciousness within the Context of Creation….we will remain to a certain degree Animal and accordingly territorially Fixed. But we, in essence Creation in the Human Form, can Transcend Territorial-ism. Tribes, Nations and Identities by which in some way Territory is claimed, show that we have Not yet become Fully Human. Today’s Extreme conquest for Territory goes along with the Extreme Enforcement of laws which can be used as Weapons, which will ultimately make Weapons the law. As such it is today into the Extreme. We came to Earth to make Her the Portal of Peace. Therefore Creator’s Onelaw has to become the Governing Law of laws. There cannot be a greater Law or Constant than CHANGE. The true Human is the one who can Change From Within, because we are the Microcosm of the Largest Territory, Creation. The attainment of World Peace has a much greater meaning than what many believe is to be “nice to one another”. It is the Divine Plan that concerns the entire Universe that has so far suffered from Territorial-ism among the different Galactic Orders, which have been microscopically played out on Earth. It is now the Turn of the Human to Realize the PLAN, by making Creator’s Onelaw the Law of laws. By this absolute and eternal Constant there is no need to resort to militant enforcement or any form of intimidation, because it is Self-enforcing. Change doesn’t need anyone’s interference. It Happens by itself. Hence by Living it we will Naturally be a Part of the POWER that Maintains Creation. It is only by he lack of this Power, that has to come From Within, that we resort to the secondary and inferior powers, which will lead to the Self-destruction. Hence the Last Hopi (the Peaceful One) Message: “Tell the World the Truth about Creator’s Law”. The Global Reconstruction Alliance (GRA) is about making the Onelaw the Governing Law of laws, so that we can have the Natural Alliance or Synchronicity between the Inner and he Outer, and this can make Earth the Portal of Peace, because it has Transcended Territorial-ism. It will also affect the entire Animal kingdom. Then the Lion and the Lamb can also Peacefully Live side by side.

What is Change?

According to the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said:

‘When the body has become of the spirit it is a marvel, but when the spirit has become of the body it is a marvel of marvels’.

     This truth correlates with the absolute and eternal constant of the infinite universe, Change, which secures Life. As such the “seed is in the tree and the tree is in the seed”, whereby the seed succeeds itself within itself, through the tree that facilitates Change. This Supreme Power is the Creative Force whereby the One and the Two constantly alternate and it is the “only ONE” who is the observer, knower and experiencer of the drama whereby the Body functions as the “Sensor”.

     It requires Wisdom and Integrity to be the true Observer and not to get confused with what the Mirror reflects of our Bodily exterior. Body is merely the “bridging-tree” to lead the seed from stage to stage (= experience). The seed contains the Observer, but there is not a moment during the movement (changing moment) where the Observer can be externally fixed, only by the illusion, by which we can find ourselves externalized as a ‘not to BE’. The Observer is eternal and can thus See the consequence of the non-changing change. Being captured by the external we can See the Result of change. But Change itself we cannot see, only having the EXPERIENCE of it. For example, the movement of the wheel’s circumference to begin with. As we get closer to the wheel’s center the perception of that what changes is gradually reduced to nil. It is at the very center or Point-zero, that we can Experience Nothing. By totally letting go of the illusory outer we can have the Ultimate Experience, we can SEE ONENESS! This is so, because it is from the Center of centers that we can simultaneously SEE in All Directions, Full-spectrum.

     This Ultimate Center is of our Heart, and it is by the Blood that from this Ultimate Inner-  Center ALL of Creation is communicated with. This is so, because we are Creation in the Human Form. The rest of this Book explains How we can Biologically, Directly and Consciously Connect with this Center of centers. It all depends on the Quality of the FOOD we eat that upon the digestive process becomes the BLOOD that goes to the Brain via the Heart. From the Heart the POWER emerges to make the “wheel” move. And with the Brain we can Think to then Decide How to Use the Power.

     There is Change and That what changes or the result of change. Therefore the one who knows HOW to change can be the Master of the Self/Seed, by applying change to what constitutes the body or “wheel/tree”. So, the Self being the Observer can See to it that the Self succeeds the Self by how the Self uses change or the Creative Force. Change is the KEY for unlocking the Portal of Great Mystery that contains the infinite possibilities. This makes the true Self the Magician!

     When whirling, do we get dizzy because we identify ourselves with the body or, stay focused because we are one with the Observer who perceives full-spectrum. Do we become angry because we identify the body by objects or, be peaceful because we identify ourselves to be a part of Creator’s Body? Do we identify ourselves by the experience or the experiencer? What is real, the screen or the projection on the screen? What is projected on the screen? Who is the one who created that what is projected on the screen? Who is the Creator and where is He/She?

     While in the ‘”tree stage”, trying to find out the difference between the experience and experiencer there is the possibility to become overly “body conscious”, because the concept of “difference” is created by the deductive mindset. This mindset is the result of the polarized brain, and the brain being a part of the body entices us with the body-consciousness, how it feels and what it looks like in the mirror. We look into the mirror and, what do we actually See? From thereon more and more temporary things and ways come about to entertain the body-consciousness. Today the body has become quite a “Christmas tree” (with all the tattoos)!

God/god = Law/law

Who does one worship God or god? What is worship and what is God? Worship is adoration – having an affinity to that which supports us in one way or another, or as a whole. The comfort that we enjoy most we worship most; this is to us is our God.

      Law is the Constant by which our needs and existence are perpetuated. The guarantee for the support we need to exist is Law. Consider the two existences of Being: one is temporary – measured between birth and death; the other is eternal and has neither beginning nor end. When we primarily or only, consider our existence as temporal, we primarily or only subject ourselves to temporal laws. As such we become a ‘subject’ of who control the law. Such laws are governed under a secondary or inferior god. However, when our Eternal Existence is our primary concern, we will follow the Eternal and Unbreakable One Law of the Creator of All. This God we worship is the true and only God. God (Creator of All) = Law (eternal constant).

     The Law/law is the God/god. We can know which God/god we follow by the Law/law we use to sustain or protect ourselves by. The Law of God is made by Him and can only be enforced by Him. Since God is in everything and everyone, this Law is self-enforcing. When we Live His Law, we live a Just Life. On the contrary, man-made laws have to be enforced by man; artificial forces are required to make these laws work. It requires a deductive mindset and external/artificial means of ‘law-enforcement’.

     Organized spirituality and education have been employed to instill co-operation with temporal or man-made laws. The concepts of obligation, guilt, insecurity, shame and fear become then the tools to enforce these laws. Addiction tops them all, making one obey “the law” without a second thought. The god of addiction today is ruling through money, drugs, “medicine,” “social security,” junk foods, sex, etc. The laws of this god are enforced by police and armies at first, but then, when one’s acceptance of the “law” is imprinted in one’s brain, one will no longer care to question the difference between God and god. This is the imminent danger the world is facing today.

What is a Constant?

     A Constant can never be perceived as being Absolute unless the one who is the Observer of The Constant is Absolute too.  Hence the Absolute Observation must come from within the Context that Contains The Constant, which also Maintains The Constant. The Ultimate Context is the ONENESS that is Immeasurable, because it has no beginning nor end – has no Dimension that can be Fixed. Illusion-implosion will be the result in the futile attempt to do so. To Locate The Constant within the Oneness we must become ONE with ALL THERE IS. This leads to the Contrast between the ALL THERE IS and the Observer. Consequently the creation of the Relationship or Synchronicity between the Basic TWO, of what IS WITHOUT and of what IS WITHIN. As such The Constant, which is Ultimately the ONENESS, containing the Without and Within, is CHANGE, which in turn creates the Sense of REALITY.

     Realistically, in order to become CONSCIOUS of What IS, the Constant has to be Change, which Ultimately makes the Point of Observation the Unchanging or CONSTANT. And since the Point of Observation is Contained by the Beginningless and Endless Oneness, the Observer’s Ultimate Identity is that of being Eternal, too. In other words, Change is simply the Vehicle for the Journey in Infinity, while the Unchanging is the “Touch” with Infinity, which is the NOW. NOW endlessly Proceeds by the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE.

     So, HOW we want to Change is the Creativity or ART of Being. The Art of ENJOYING the Eternal Travel. Thus the GOAL of Life is Self-realization, Realizing that we are the Creator of our Own Reality and Happiness. Happiness spells “it Happens”. What Happens all the time is Change. To BE one with Change is BLISS. The more we can Change the greater of a Creator we become. Today’s World with all of its Extreme Fixations is giving us the Greatest Opportunity to become a Great Creator and Artist.

     Therefore, we must make Creator’s ONELAW our Primary Constant, Firstly Applying to Ourselves, by Changing the Outer into the Inner (Eating of Food) and the Inner into the Outer (Consciousness). This inner/outer and outer/inner Flow correlates with the Breath of GOD, which integrates the Ultimate Precision of Body, Mind and Spirit. This is Total Health. This is Truly MACROBIOTICS, to Master the Food that becomes the BLOOD (inner-flowing Constant) whereby we can become Conscious of who we ARE – I AM. So, Know more about the Sacred Art of Eating, to fully Realize that we are Creation in the Human Form!

     But then….. Change is due to the POWER that keeps the Oneness TOGETHER. And since the Oneness is UNCONDITIONAL….the Observer who needs to be as close as possible with The Constant, can Use The Power “as it sees fit”. Fit in what? Fit within a Context of its own Design (such as a Nation) and at the same time attain the Consciousness that the Control we can have is TRUE? Is this Control the notion of FREE WILL? So, let’s find out…. and create a control of own design. This is what the creation of the Secondary constant or law is all about. Laws which Contrast the ONELAW. Laws which DIVIDE instead. Laws which need to be Enforced with powers which are contrary to the POWER that Secures Infinity. Laws which Forbid to Freely tap into the Freedom that is FREE. Laws which even make it illegal to use the Rain Freely. Laws which forbid to be a FREE-thinker. Laws which forbid to Freely Create and therefore the Clone-technology, which changes CHANGE with REPLACEMENT. The replacement of organs to create the inner-organization, which contradicts the Order of the Infinite Universe. All of this WE created with the POWER of Free Will, to come to the Conclusive TEST, to KNOW that we can Change the Unchanging into the Changing and vice versa. Liberation at last by Unfixing Humanity from the extreme 3-dimensional density along with the Mental-TRAP. We can Change the World FROM WITHIN, when we can Truly give the Best Answer to the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE”?

Creator’s Law

     All phenomena are the result of The Law. To truly understand all things in essence, the Principles of Law have to be understood. Everything, visible and invisible, is in constant flux. Without change things and even concepts will disappear as soon as they are created. There has to be a constant to make existence continue. The constant that perpetuates Creation is Change, Creator’s Law. Everything changes due to the Un-change, which is change. This paradox is the key to the Great Mystery.

     Oneness is the beginning and end, and is The Source. It is only through contrast or polarity that we can sense Oneness. Front and back, high and low, left and right, inner and outer, past and future, etc., give dimension and the possibility to Realize a possibility. Contrast creates ‘everything out of nothing’. At inception, Oneness ‘explodes’ and separates itself into two, the polarity. One pole has the inner position (Centre) and the other pole has the outer position (circumference). The opposite poles maintain each other, due to their common origin, the Oneness.

     This Oneness is ‘remembered’ by the polarity, which is why opposites attract one another. Upon the union, the polarity remembers the differentiation. Consequently they separate. From here on the pulsation continues. Change is based on this initiation.

     In order to eternally continue the pulsation (life), the opposite poles have to be complementary. This interdependence between the two is Order. The cycles of nature, keeping us alive, maintain order. All particles within these cycles, including atoms and parts of the atom can be seen as order. Constantly the inner and the outer empower and maintain each other.

     Within us all of Creation is represented – also the Creative Force, by which the Oneness could become two. This polarization is represented within us as the Power of Discernment. By this factor, we can re-enter the Oneness and become Enlightened. However, before that happens, the ultimate choice, and the ability to live it, has to be made. By making a choice, we have to discern first. When the choice is made to enter the purity of the Oneness, by living the true law, the Creative Force within us will make us merge with the Origin.

     On the other hand, the ability to make choices enables the human being to experiment, and deviate from the true law. Our curiosity goes that far, that we even try to negate the Law, to see what happens when we do so. We then have to design our own laws. These laws have to be of an opposite nature. Thus, opposites are not supposed to be complementary. They have to be conflicting. Right and wrong, good and bad, like and dislike, mine and yours, are the concepts by which the experimental order can go forth.

     How we relate to opposites determines how we relate to the Oneness. When we seek Oneness within the universal context, health, peace, justice and freedom come naturally. For example, we breathe by inhalation and exhalation. As such, we maintain our Oneness within the realm of air, inter-connecting with all the creatures who breathe air. We drink and urinate to maintain our Oneness within the realm of water (oceans, clouds, rain, lakes, springs, rivers), and all the creatures who drink water. When we eat solid foods, we maintain our Oneness with the Earth and all celestial bodies, which makes our food grow. Thus, when the energies we internalize are wholesome and pure, including teachings, our life can be most dynamically experienced.

     The modern world was designed in conjunction with the distorted way of eating. The industrialization of food created an incomplete relationship with Creation. It caused modern humanity to think in antagonistic terms. As such, Oneness is forged through conquest and various forms of violence.

The Seven Principles of the Onelaw

          • All visible and invisible phenomena are manifestations of One Infinity
          • Everything changes.
          • All antagonisms are complementary.
          • There is nothing identical.
          • What has a front has a back.
          • The bigger the front, the bigger the back.
          • What has a beginning has an end.

The Twelve Theorems of the Onelaw

    1. Oneness (infinite expansion) continuously manifests itself, at all points and moments, as divisions of itself that create 2 forces:
    2. Centrifugality (expansion), which is Yin, Centripetally (contraction), which is Yang.
    3. Yin and Yang result continuously from the Infinite Centrifugally.
    4. Yin is centrifugal. Yang is centripetal. Yin and Yang together produce energy and all phenomena.
    5. Yin attracts Yang. Yang attracts Yin. Yin repels Yin. Yang repels Yang.
    6. The force of attraction and repulsion is proportional to the difference of the Yin and Yang components. Yin and Yang combined in varying proportions produce energy and all phenomena.
    7. All phenomena are ephemeral, constantly changing their Yin and Yang balance of components.
    8. Nothing is solely Yin or solely Yang. Everything involves polarity.
    9. There is nothing neutral. Either Yin or Yang is in excess in every occurrence.
    10. Large Yin attracts small Yin. Large Yang attracts small Yang.
    11. At the extremes, Yin produces Yang, and Yang produces Yin.
    12. All physical forms and objects are Yang at the center and Yin at the circumference.

Extra Note:

We can relate to the Duality in two ways:

  1. As antagonistic, due to the lack of a Unifying Center.
  2. As complementary by having the Unifying Center within the Observer (creates the Trinity whereby the Source continues in all phenomena). This Center of centers is the “Fountain-head” of Creation, which is centered in the Heart where all opposites meet as      ONE = the DIRECT Connection with the Creator of ALL or SOURCE. The closer we come to this “Point-zero” the more we Realize that we are the Creator of our Own Reality!

Examples of Yin/Yang identification

    • Category Yin – Yang
    • General centrifugal Force – centripetal Force
    • Tendency expansion – contraction
    • diffusion – fusion
    • dispersion – assimilation
    • separation – gathering
    • division – union
    • decomposition – organization
    • Dimension: space – time
    • Movement:  inactive and slower – active and faster
    • Vibration: shorter wave, high frequency – longer wave, low frequency
    • Direction: ascend, vertical, outwards – descend, horizontal, inwards
    • Body: left – back , right – front
    • Position: superficial, secondary – essential, original
    • Weight: lighter- heavier
    • Temperature colder hotter
    • Color: violet, blue, green, yellow (middle), orange, red
    • Taste: spicy hot, sour, mild sweet (middle), salty, bitter
    • Light: darker – lighter
    • Humidity: wet – dry
    • Density: thinner, softer – thicker, harder
    • Size, Form: longer, bigger – shorter, smaller
    • Shape expansive, fragile contractive, sturdy
    • Texture: softer – harder
    • Atomic particle: electron – proton
    • Elements: N, O, K, P, Ca, – .H, C, Na, As, Mg, , ,
    • Environment- winter, night – summer, day
    • Climate: tropical, forest – colder climate, desert
    • Biological: vegetable – animal
    • Gender: female – male
    • Organ structure: hollow – compacted
    • Nerves: orthosympathetic – parasympathetic
    • Attitude: gentle, negative – active, positive
    • Work: psychological, mental – physical, social

Live Creator’s Law

  • Created in the Image of the ALL-Mighty, we have been given the GIFT of Free Will that we can only use with the Power of DISCERNMENT.
  • Ultimately we must make the CHOICE between the Extreme Options whereby we can Know that the only ONE is WITHIN.
  • With The Choice we can let Creation come forth through the microcosm that holds the Soul, which is temporarily enshrouded by the flesh.
  • Our Being was most precisely designed to Live the absolute and eternal Onelaw of Creation.
  • As a Human we are able to CHANGE the outer into the inner and the inner into the outer.
  • We are a Miracle and can create miracles too.
  • The greatest miracle of Creation is WORLD PEACE, to be realized by the ALL-Being who is within each one of us.
  • Change, however, is created by Contrast.
  • Thus by contrast the Observer can Know itself by the Reflection of the Mirror that He made.
  • The mirror is not of who we truly Are.
  • This Illusion has Divided Humanity and is like the shadow that will disappear when the Light is lit from Within.
  • The Dilemma is created when we identify our self by the Mirror, that we then try to own and defend with the laws of “mine and yours”, “right and wrong”.
  • When we cannot own the mirror, we then try to destroy it and as such the real enemy remains hidden, within.
  • And, since these dualistic laws were created by us…we must enforce them also.
  • This is the very origin of all wars.
  • Each one claiming its laws to be superior over another’s.
  • We have to create the fixation or anti- Change within our self, first in order to get fixed into the Mirror.
  • The inner and the outer are not different.
  • Only in concept or by the illusion.
  • The time has arrived to be disillusioned and this goes along with the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE?”
  • Want to have PEACE?
  • Then Practice the Onelaw in Daily Life..
  • Everything else will merely empower the Illusion, of which its constant has a beginning and end.
  • That’s why ultimately there is self-destruction, war to confirm the truth of the dualistic laws we follow, that they are Finite.
  • The One Law, CHANGE, is Self-enforcing and no army can stop it.
  • In contrast, the army we need to make “war for peace” is stopped when it runs out of ammunition and the energy to keep the flesh moving.
  • Sleep-walking has brought us to the edge of the cliff, despite the shouts of “peace”
  • Who do we want to intimidate?
  • There is no need for it, when we Know that The Authority is WITHIN.
  • The ALL-Mighty is WITHIN, so, be silent and listen to the Heart.
  • Stop making inner-war.
  • Stop polluting inner-Creation with “Coca Cola and McDonalds”…and be ABLE to Change War into Peace.
  • WAKE UP!

Creator’s Body

When the hand holds the food, feels it and brings it to the mouth, where we can taste it, then, who is the one who holds, feels and taste? Then, upon the digestion the food becomes blood. The blood enables the hand to move and hold, feel and taste the food. Hand and mouth are merely instrumental to expedite the experience (expiration or temporary) into a lasting awareness. So, who is the ultimate ONE who holds, feels, taste and can eternally BE?

     Food bridges the outer into the inner. Blood interconnects all the parts of the inner. So, being a microcosm of the Creator of ALL, Food must be the ‘Blood of Creation’, with the understanding that the eater in turn becomes food, for the Ultimate Eater. The Individual (‘indivisible-two’) is merely a part of Creator’s Body.

     When we only eat for ‘hungry me’ the holding, feeling and tasting will not last. But, when we eat and live for the Creator of ALL, we can be full-filled. What does it take for us to realize that we are a part of Creator’s Domain and it is not ‘poor me’? The answer is simple, but Giving the answer is difficult. Difficulty is the shortest way to BE with the Creator, for it is giving up the familiar, temporary or illusion. They are the finite, Nothing.

     Everything originates from Nothing. The secret of the realization is the change of the Un-manifest into the Manifest. In other words, by the detachment from the Illusory, that we can temporarily hold, feel and taste, by the senses, we can enter the Self-evident. What keeps us from this TRUTH (that will set us Free) is the identifying of the Self with the temporary, such as a passport, money, status, race or ‘DNA-sample’. Within the illusory realm the sensorial, sensual, emotional and all sorts of ‘pleasures’ one is kept in the cycle/addiction of suffering.

     The surface of the skin, soon to be shed in the form of flakes, dandruff and smell, is very much exposed to the external from where the ‘raw-material’ comes from to be internally refined within the eater, into Consciousness. Although on a primary level of consciousness, the shedding is part of the maintenance of the outer-inner cycle. The Human cannot exist without this primitive superficial function as the Human cannot exist without the inner-workings which are close to the ONE, Within. With this realization we can also become aware that what we hold, feel and taste can last when we do it for the Creator!

     How does the Creator hold, feel and taste? The temporary holding, feeling and tasting is the result of duality. By becoming One with the object the need for holding, feeling and tasting will vanish. However, by the attachment to the Perception of what we hold, feel and taste, the union cannot take place. Hot and cold will together explode into disunion when they come together without Love. Male and Female will soon separate with resentment when their ‘love’ is merely sensually and sentimentally based. The nucleus that holds the memory of One, to a certain degree, can be disintegrated with a technology by which a reactionary energy (microwave) can invade the inner.

     Although being a part of Creator’s Body, Creator’s Love can also be used through the Human. For this reason we were given Free Will. ALL IS ONE. So, until we use this ultimate Power, Love, for the Creator, to realize that it is His Will, death or self-destruction will show us that we not yet Know. Suffering is ‘getting stuck in love’ (‘fall in love’), a Lesson that is meaningless unless the problem that goes along with it is solved. We are ‘problem creators/solvers’! Life within the dimensional or conditional is an ongoing Test. It is by the Last Test of Will that we can once and for all let go of the finite, by changing it into the eternal ‘I AM’.

     ALL we need to BE is Unconditionally given to us by the Creator. So, how much space can we reserve to hold the never ending flow of Gifts? The only way for the receiving to BE Eternal is to return the Gifts in an IMPROVED way or state to the ONE (Who always for-gives). This is what our entire Being is, a ‘Cosmic Refinery’. What we can hold, feel and taste, we can distill into the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE. So, let’s practice Unconditional Love, so that we will not obstruct any part by which Consciousness can be Enriched with the Resolve of the Problem (= probe, attempt).

     The problem is also the Stepping-stone into the World with the endlessly growing horizon. It also implies Happiness. ‘It Happens’ and what happens all the time is Change. To BE one with Change, truly living by the Law of laws is Happiness. Therefore the Dream or aspiration we dedicate our life to must be of an infinite nature. Happiness is the endless realization of an infinite dream!

     Pope Francis recently stated: ‘the church (Vatican) is the Body of God’.  This explains that the Vatican is still in full swing with the inquisition by which we, Creation in the Human Form, must be controlled from the outer by an inferior god whose order is that of demonocracy. The Truth is, our Body is the Church of God and to Change Roma into Amor is our Divine Responsibility to again master the quality of our Blood according to Creator’s Law.


Everything begins with the ONE, which Contains the Infinite Possibilities.
To REALIZE a Possibility the ONE has to become the TWO.
The TWO Cannot Escape the from the ONE-ness.
Therefore the TWO that we know as the Duality, has  to Maintain one another with the Constant Interaction.
And where the Complementary Opposites Meet, the ONE is PRESENT, which is the Moment or NOW.
So, Together we have the TRINITY.
From hereon Manifestation or Reality Begins.
With the ONE becoming the TWO we get EXPANSION.
With the TWO becoming ONE (Opposites attracting one another at One Point)
With these Two Forces, Expansion and Contraction FORM is Created, in which different Manifestation can be Contained.
This Process of Culmination is EVOLUTION.
The Final Form is that of the HUMAN, who is also the Culmination of Different Evolutions.
In short, the Human is Creation in the Human Form.
And the REALIZATION that this is True requires the Human to go through the Process of SELF- examination.
This we can Basically do with the Correlation Process of Body, Mind and Soul.
By Expansion the OUTER is created.
With Contraction the INNER is Created.
The Oneness of these Extreme Two’s is Basically Maintained in 3 ways.

  • Bodily – with FOOD
  • Mentally – with THINKING
  • Spiritually – with Creative ACTION to cultivate Consciousness.

These 3 Activities are internally maintained  with the Digestive, Nervous and Circulatory Systems.
All 3 are in turn kept in Harmony with the BLOOD that has been Biologically transmuted from Food in the Small-intestine.
With the BLOOD we can function, feel, have emotions, think, make  a choice to act.
All of it is connected to the BRAIN whereby each part of the Body (inner-Creation) can be Connected by Thought.
With the Blood Inner-Earth (small-intestine) and inner-Heaven (brain) Meet, is the HEART.
With this INNER-Trinity, Small-intestine, Brain and Heart we can bring the SOURCE forth THROUGH us.
With this Process the Human can Refine everything that’s Internalized, into Frequency.

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