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Peace Crystal

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Mensaje HOPI


How to get to the CENTER

The HOPI message




The mistery EGG

The importance of FOOD

The Servant

Message of the 3rd of April (Part 1)

Message of the 3rd of April (Part 1)

Message of March 27th (Part 1)

Message of March 27th (Part 2)

The Ukraine – Russia conflict (Part 1)

The Ukraine – Russia conflict (Part 2)

The secret of expansion of consciousness


LISTEN!!! (24 Min)

The Creation of final and ultimate Pyramid

Conversation between Lucifer and God (PART 2)

Conversation between Lucifer and God (PART 1)

The cosmic meaning of left and right

The deepest meaning of rice fasten

The deepest meaning of the 10 days of rice

The 3rd coming

The 2nd coming

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The sacred art of eating

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