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The Arrival

Continuation of the “3rd Coming and the Sign of the Hand” (UNO) in the Realization of the Divine PLAN (part 3)

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This Sunday 
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With Tawa – Roy Littlesun

Streaming HERE at 12-noon Mexico time. TAWA will explain what is here stated.

And please, be CRITICAL, too!

Einstein´s E= MC2 (second power),
and its Biological Correlation.


Albert Einstein could not Understand the Formula of POWER (different than
Energy) and remained on the second level of the Body´s construct for the
creation of the BLOOD, the Stomach. He died as the consequence of the
Stomach´s bleeding affecting the Heart that Directly connects with the POWER
of ONE. Therefore, he understood the POWER in terms of FISSION (Reaction)
instead of FUSION (Union). The Fission-Fusion relationship is Encoded with the
Numerical ROMA/AMOR Square. Today´s nano-technology is the Result of it. One Stole his brain 7 hours after he died, to study DEATH.

ALL IS ONE is the First Truth and each one of us will Experience it by Body, Mind and Spirit.

I asked for the PROOF… and GOT IT. Now I must SHARE it. The Missing part of the Total Medicine of ONE came to me in the form of an “accident”. Thank you Great Spirit and all who contributed by way of Prayer. This Sunday, I will explain it in detail.

The “Macrobiotic Medicine” involves the TOTAL CYCLE of Food and what Eats.


Tawa – Roy Littlesun

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Tawa Roy Littlesun

Last LIVE transmission

The 3rd coming

To all who have heard about the ONEHEART message, which correlates to the Hopi secret that has remained hidden for 33,000 years. This secret is encoded in your hand.

Last Sunday Roy Littlesun revealed the SIGNAL of the Hand (“Third Coming”), for all who want to know how we can be independent and use this information in the realization of the Divine Plan.

The 2nd coming

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