Cosmic Refinery

What is most REFINED, Subtle or “Finer than Fine”?

NOTHING is the Most Refined.

Nothing is the Ultimate Vacuum-container.

And since Nothing is the SOURCE or Totality… it can Infinitely Internalize anything that SURRENDERS to the Totality.

Therefore, GOD created the HUMAN who can PLEASE GOD as the SERVANT, who can give MEANING to the Totality by way of CONSCIOUSNESS (Consciousness is GOD´s favored Food!).

The Totality is the “Ultimate vacuum-cleaner¨ that can never be Full, because the Totality has No Limit.

This “Ultimate EATER” has the “Cosmic Appetite without End”.

IT Creates the TOTAL FOOD to be ENJOYED with the Total Digestive Process, from “Nothing-unmanifest to Nothing-manifest”.

Therefore, GOD created the HUMAN in HIS Image, so that the Human can “Eat to be Eaten”!

We come from Nothing and go back to Nothing.

Therefore, the Human has been given the Ability to fully Refine the Whole Cereal Grain that contains the Total MEMORY, to be integrated by the BLOOD whereby Ultimately the Consciousness can be gained that ALL IS ONE.

Hence the PLAN, to Infinitely Create with the POWER of the Original SEED.

GOD created the Total Food with the “Exhale/EXPANSION” (“Big Bang”), which correlates with the Release of “GOD´s EGO”, which then becomes the CONTRACTION that Maintains EXPANSION.

With these Two Tendencies the BREATH is created, so that the Human can by CYCLE Maintain the Constant Relationship with the Totality.

Our Breath also correlates with the “expansion-contraction of Ego”.

And this not only correlates with the air, but everything we can put our Mind to while we breathe.

Human´s Divine Duty is to Internally Refine Creation, which then becomes GOD´s FOOD.


 IN Human´s HEART!

Therefore, we have a DIGESTIVE and NERVOUS System to “take care of GOD´s Total Food”.

With the Digestive System, beginning with the Mouth, the Food is in steps Refined into GOD´s Food.

Upon the Chewing the Food reaches the Inner-Mother, the Small-intestine where the Food begins to Change into the BLOOD.

The Essence of the Food, MEMORY, is then carried by the Blood to the BRAIN (Inner-Father) via the HEART.

And when the Food is Totally Biologically Refined, Memory is Refined into THINKING.

Then Thinking is Refined into CONSCIOUSNESS.

And when we Fully Remember, all the way back to the SOURCE…we can also KNOW that ALL IS ONE…that we are the Totality within the Totality.

With this REVELATION, as the result of the INNER-refinement Process, we can Consciously ENTER the Totality FROM WITHIN.

Then, with the Heart Containing “Totality´s MOUTH”, we can “Eat Ourselves to be Eaten” = HAPPINESS.

Heart´s Pulsation is Actually “GOD´s CHEWING”!

The Cycle, created by the Polarity, whereby the Totality can gain Consciousness, correlates with our Circulatory System.

With the Blood´s Circulation, due to the Inner-Mother (Small-intestine) and Inner-Father (Brain) Polarity, the Original SEED can Infinitely Multiply.

With the Total Surrender to the PLAN, we can Resonate to the TRUTH that Happiness is the Endless Realization of an Infinite Dream.

Lastly… we go through GOD´s Refinement Process, by which we can Fully Realize that we are a Co-Creator, to then be Delegated a Management of a Part of Creation (could be a Planet or a Universe).

This can only be, after having Proven to have the Quality to be RESPONSIBLE for the GIFT we ARE.

This Process as has been shared, is the Basic Education Principle for becoming the true Leader/Parent/Teacher of Life.

To come this far, we must Practice a WAY of LIFE that can SERVE the TOTALITY.


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