What to Eat

  1. The whole cereal grain is the most Universal food, and since we are Creation in the Human form, it reasons that this most complete food has to be our Main-food – at least 50% of our daily food consumption
  2. Legumes (beans, lentils, peas) are the secondary grains and can be included in the amount of about 15%, 3-5 times per week.
  3. Vegetables should be eaten according to the seasons of growth, coming from the same climatic zone where the consumer lives. Pumpkins and hard squashes can be eaten beyond the season of its growth, according to their natural lasting. The amount is around 25%. Salads are optional and can be eaten when the season calls for it (not for breakfast and dinner), towards the end of the meal (not at the beginning).
  4. Condiments and relishes are used to enhance taste according to personal needs. Some of them have a therapeutic effect. Salted pickles are important to aid the digestive process.
  5. Fruits can be best eaten at the warmest part of the day, preferably after the siesta.(3pm solar time) They should not be eaten for breakfast or along with a meal. The contradicting practice began with the commercial promotion after the Second World War and has also contributed to today’s wrong health-norms. Today most people die un-naturally in the ‘inquisition created hospital’. The proportion of fruit consumption must not exceed 5%.
  6. Animal flesh can be eaten when the environment requires it, such as areas close to the North-pole, providing that the animal was naturally raised. The proper preparation to reduce toxicity must also be observed.
  7. Small amounts of other secondary foods (nuts, seeds) are optional.
  8. Desserts are purely pleasure foods and it is up to the consumer to know what the limits are, and the possible consequences. If it is preferred, let it be at least half an hour after the meal, so that it will not interfere with the digestive process.

Condiments, relish and salted pickles are important to aid the digestive process. Non-meat eaters do well to finish the meal with a small amount of salted pickles.

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