Total Mask OFF

A Mask is put on to SEPARATE that what we Like and do Not Like.

So, what made us make the Division?

Obviously, that what we Like is of the INNER.

And here is where UNTRUTH seeps IN.


Wearing a Mask of any kind indicates that we are not ONE with the TOTALITY.

Does it mean that when we wear a Mask due to not wanting to inhale toxic substance, that we are not Truthful?

Of course, wear the mask when we must safe-guard the inner.

It is done Consciously, but when FEAR is the motivation to MAINTAIN the CONSTANT DIVISION … it can become the Basis in the creation of the “TOTAL MASK” (mostly the hidden one).

As such, anything we Fear becomes our Oppressive Master.

Then, there is NO way to ever KNOW that we are One with GOD, the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY.

Thus, Lacking the POWER to make the CHOICE to BE.

Then, slowly and surely, we set ourselves up for the “Total Lockdown” (back to the VOID).

There is one “historic case”, Howard Hughes … an American business magnate, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, and philanthropist, known during his lifetime as one of the most influential and financially successful individuals in the world.

He ended up with the most Obsessive FEAR of “germs”.

He would burn his entire wardrobe when there is any chance of “germ-infestation”.

No one could enter his room without a thorough “de-contamination procedure”.

Would not touch a door-knob knowing that someone touched it before him.


What was the clue?

It was not just a “mental illness”.

Today, most are a “Howard Hughes”.

It is not just a matter of cleanliness.


Let´s do the Self-examination …

When there is an issue about “dirt or filth” to be removed.

We can get it “out of sight” in different ways, but WHAT goes ALONG with the Removal, that is Deep WITHIN?

We can witness in Toilet-places that people use lots of toilet-paper to “secure” the territory.

Only less than 10% is used, the rest is the REFLECTION of a Deep-rooted “Dirt-related MINDSET.

The “Mask” is merely Superficially removed.

The one of the inner lingers.

Such individuals are usually Obsessed with “Cleaning without making their hands dirty”.

Not Realizing that the one who is “Mentally and Spiritually Dirty”, is worst off.

As such, one becomes increasingly less able to be in CONTROL of one’s Life.

This is so, due to the TRUTH that anything we Fear can become our Master.

And once we Fear a germ that has No Brain … how Brainless can we be?

The entire “covid-19” set up is to make Humanity Brainless, thus easy to Systematically and Scientifically Control.

Even the Dalai Lama took the Mask and Vaccine … showing that even him has become a part of the TRAP.

Anyone who is truly TRUTHFUL cannot be cut up by the Dividing Mask.

Truth is WHOLE.

It cannot be Divided by the Like and Dislike, that´s why the Bacteria and Virus are a Part of the Total Being.

Just BE and everything within fall in the right Place.

That´s why we have an ANUS, to polarize it with the MOUTH.


This natural design gets ridiculously upset, when we believe the opposite is true, to then wear the Mask on the face instead of the Anus.

Don´t be a “Howard Hughes”, THINK!

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