The Oneheart Portal Activates the LIGHT, by Connecting the Power-SOURCE with the LIGHT-aggregate. Only then can the REFLECTION come forth for the Observer to SEE, of what the TOTALITY Contains. Only then can the TRUTH set us FREE. The Human has all Three, the POWER-Source, Light-Aggregate and Switch, WITHIN. The following explains HOW the Individual (“indivisible-two”) can make the First Step in the attainment.


     Truth is Total and Unconditional, and can become misconstrued when it is Divided by what is “right” and by what is “wrong”. These two “devises” are basically needed to set the basis for the Observation and to become AWARE. They are instrumental for the Observer to SEE to make the CHOICE of Choices, to BE, which is TOTAL and thus cannot be DIVIDED by what is “right or wrong, good or bad, like or dislike” Truth is UNCONDITIONAL and thus goes along with the WILL of GOD, which correlates with FREE WILL. Hence the saying “the Truth will set us Free”. In other words, by truly be ABLE to make the Choice to BE, is the FREEDOM to be ONE with the ETERNAL. Humanity has come to the stage to Actually make that CHOICE of choices.


     Then the UNIFYING-factor, to KNOW and USE TRUTH, the CENTER of centers from where we can Observe FULL-spectrum. This Center is also that of CONTROL and the Absolute Constancy of the Totality, which is the LAW of laws or Creation´s Constant.


     The BIOLOGICAL Basis of the Observer, which is the BODY to be used as the SENSOR that is centered in the BRAIN, by which we can THINK and make CHOICES. And this can Only be by the FOOD that upon the digestive process becomes the BLOOD that goes via the Heart to the Head to Activate the BRAIN, to be able to THINK and cultivate CONSCIOUSNESS.


     As such, we can be INSTRUMENTAL as the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY, according to its Power-point and Common-denominator, which is the LAW of laws or Only Constant, which is CHANGE. And as long as we Apply this Control-factor over ALL other laws, we will LIVE TRUTH. Mishap can only be Experienced when we allow a secondary law to Overrule the ONELAW. True Justice can NEVER come about in the “Court of Justice”, only the Justification to use the law as a Weapon making WEAPONS the law. Wars and its Arms-race are the result of the BLINDNESS that obscures the Truth that ALL IS ONE.


     Today´s World is the Extreme Result of having the Secondary law be used to Control Humanity and the World, and goes along with the Evolutionary Regression of the Complex Human CELL into the most primitive form of Life, the VIRUS (has no brain) that is PROMOTED under the “Covid-19 CODE”. (“scientific witchcraft”).


     Now we need the Basic Universal EDUCATION whereby the INDIVIDUAL can Know HOW to Apply the ONELAW in normal daily life, so that the True Government Of, By and For the People can have the Very BASIS from where we can RISE, from the Bottom UP. The Contrary is true today.


     Make the HOME again the Basis of the Government Of, By and For the People, where the KITCHEN is its HEART. This Natural Control Center has been Systematically Demolished under the Dictates of ROMA´s INQUESITION where Woman has been (still is, politically and commercially refined) its primary Target, to REPLACE the “Government Under One Roof” with a Political/Administrative/economic Order that is Divided by its de-PART-ments, where the “right-hand does not know what the left-hand is doing”. Why Woman? Because her Kitchen, where the Family´s Blood-quality has its basic Control, was the first Temple. Laboratory of Alchemy (true cooking), Hospital, School of Life and Bank (granary).

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