The Living Baston

There is a Direct relationship between the Seed and GOD.

The Seed contains the Eternal Creator.

The Eater is the REFINER, of which the HUMAN is the one who can bring Food unto the CONSIOUSNESS that ALL IS ONE = FREEDOM.

Evolution is therefore needed, to have the Seed be Refined into the Complex Human CELL.

This Seed must have the related DENSITY, to Spirally further Evolution unto its never-ending Process through the Human.

The foremost categories of these seeds are:

  • Cereal Grains (rice, millet wheat, oats, barley, rye, sorghum, Corn).
  • Different grasses (Africa).
  • Quinoa.
  • Amarant (smallest).

Each of the above correlates with an Element, Season, Organ and Emotion.

The Smaller the Seed, the easier it is to Enter the “inner- point-zero” (to connect with GOD), when it becomes our daily staple.

That´s why Roma (Vatican) tried to Systematically Destroy the Amaranth (foremost in Mexico and the South-West of the USA).

Today, this sacred Grain has merely become a “snack” (sweetened with honey or sugar).

Roma also initiated the Refining (polishing) of the Grains, which causes the Seed to be Destroyed.

Today, without a second thought one eats the “white bread”, “cereals” (“Kellogg’s”), pastas and potatoes as the daily staple.

Consequently, the EVOLUTIONARY REGRESSION of the Complex Human Cell.

Cancer and all sorts of Degenerative Disease are in essence the Disintegration Processes of the most advanced Cell into the Primitive Cell (bacteria, virus).

What make the Human Cell so Complex is the MEMORY that the Nucleus contains, which correlates with the Density of the Seed.

The BLOOD that´s derived from the mentioned Staple Foods makes it virtually impossible for us to get cancer or some infectious condition.

The “covid-19” is hereby just a “bad-joke”.

It has been used to HERD “disconnected humanity” into Roma´s “Lockdown”, to be Further Experimented on to find out how the System can scientifically HARVEST the POWER it does not has (= THEFT).

This POWER of GOD, correlates with FREE WILL.

In other words, GOD´s WILL Flowing Through us.

Therefore, the “mandatory” (making GOD´s LAW Illegal), representing the will of a “chosen few”, to Dominate Humanity for ulterior motives.

And this is what the “Scientific witchery” is all about, to be in CONTROL of the Creative Force, by using the Human as its “cosmic USB” into Creation.

In other words, the “Parasitic System” or VAMPIRE, where Ignorant People´s Blood is Drained into a POOL to make the Human-potential be part of the recycling of TRASH (trash is that what is taken out of the Natural-cycle).

Therefore, the Reductive ”5G” to lower the Human´s into the System´s Frequency level.

So, what happens when Humanity RESTORES the True Daily Staple Foods (50% or more)?

It will IN TEN DAYS set off the RETURN to The WAY.

Not only the BLOOD-quality and bodily functions, but also the way of Thinking and Behavior will Drastically Change.

Which of the mentioned foods shall we focus on?

It is stated by the Hopi Instructions that the NEXT LEADER is “the one who grows Corn”.

Also, that “the Teachings are in the Corn”.

Corn specifically correlates with:

      • Fire
      • Blood
      • Small-intestine
      • Metabolism
      • Heart
      • Sun

The Heart is the Inner-Meeting point of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, it is important that the Lungs and Colon be included.

These Two Organs are the internal extremes of the internal Polarity.

With this Trinity we can Synchronize Heaven-Sun-Earth, WITHIN.

It is ideal when RICE be the Complementary Daily Staple with CORN, because the Colon and the Lungs Correlate with RICE!

To know more about the “Prophetic Baston” (Staff)…  with this Inner-Trinity” we can Be the LIVING BASTON!

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