The Showing of the GRIP on the PANHANDLE, Expresses the Declaration that the CONTROL is Centered Within the INDIVIDUAL, who made the CHOICE to BE Under the Terms of GOD´s ONELAW whereby Creation is Maintained. More so by the­­­­ Genuine HUMAN, who is the Totality (Center) within the Totality (Circle).

     Formula: “the Seed is in the Tree and the Tree is in the Seed”. We have Both of them. The Seed is the Eternal I AM that´s Centered in the Heart. The Tree is our Body whereby we can have the Fleeting Experience, to gain a New Consciousness that ALL IS ONE. The Human is best equipped to Cultivate the “All Is One Consciousness”. Therefore, it can create the Family, the Tribe, the Nation and World-Unity and even Influence the Order of the Universe.

     However, this Process became Sabotaged with the System that made GOD´s ONELAW illegal, Consequently, Truth, Justice, Freedom, Free Will and to BE became also illegal. It is all part of the TEST, to Know that we can give the BEST Answer to the Last Question: “to BE or Not to a BE”? The Divine Teaching is needed to Know what it takes to get a Firm GRIP on the PANHANDLE. The Biological Basis of it is to have the Full CONTROL over our FOOD and way of Eating, that upon the Digestive Process becomes the BLOOD that enables us to THINK and make the CHOICE to BE.

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