March 21 at the SUN-pyramid

TRUE Friends must Speak and Act the TRUTH, even when it can hurt, otherwise we can become the Greatest Enemies of Humanity and the Universe (Uni = One Truth and Verse = Speak).

By just being “friendly”, Humanity has become a part of “EVIL thrives there where good people DO NOTHING”.

WE created 87 million millionaires and 2688 billionaires, with commercial proceeds to be comfortable (“do nothing”), later on turning into the insecure… to then depend on the pharmacy and die in the hospital at great expense (= evil).

As it is, at the Ukraine, “smart weapons” are used to daily kill more than 1000 Humans, all made possible with OUR money (the Vatican is the largest share-holder of the weapon-industry).

So, what do we want to accomplish with the March 21 Ceremonial event at Mexico´s SUN-pyramid (Sun and Heart are correlated)?

At the last Sun-pyramid event 200 attendants PROMOSED in Ceremony to Support the Oneheart in the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Planet Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation, by becoming a Supportive Oneheheart Student to Know what to DO.

Less than 10 kept their Word (“peace-banners, peace-polers and peace-organizations” have not responded either)

This time we do not want to repeat this kind of Hypocrisy.

So, the request is made to ONLY COME with the Promise to be a part of the Ceremony, to be INITIATED as the Oneheart SUPPORTER that includes becoming a lifetime Oneheart Student for 50 $ (less than a penny a day when you can live for another10 years), and when you want DO MORE, visit the following link:

For 30 years the entire Oneheart Process has been supported with Tawa´s small pension.

The Request to be INVOLVED counts for all around the World who want to ACT from the HEART.

As such, we can ACTUALLY Initiate the long-awaited Lasting Peace.

Realize that since Roma´s INQUISITION, Humanity has been constantly INDOCTRINATED to bring forth a System of DIVISION, LIES, DISEASE, and WAR (“divide and conquer”).

Now we need the “DE-education” with the Oneheart Teaching via


Tawa – Roy Littlesun and Oneheart Team

     On this Day we invite all the Spirits of those who have Died at the Battlefields and all who were Scarified in the battle between the Dark and the Light, to also be a part of the DECISIVE Battle in the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Planet Earth the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation. On this Day, it is the initiation of UNION, to bring forth the POWER or WILL of GOD, that we all have WITHIN, that it will RISE to Brain´s Center (Pineal Gland) from where the CHOICE of choices can be made, to BE. On this day we INITIATE the Planetary Anthem to be Sung from the HEART:

“Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!

Rise with the Rising Sun!

Listen to the Heart!

We are One, We are One, We are One!

(Conceived at Hopiland, 1994)

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