Correlation between Love/Heart Symbol, Human´s BLOOD-circulation Pattern and Use of the Brain for WAR/PEACE

heart symbol

Heart/Love Symbol:


ONE (1) Source) Differentiates into the TWO (2 lines (2) ascending from one point), creating the Dual Context in which we can EXPERIENCE and EXPERIMENT (3) , to find out HOW to Locate the UNIFUING Center (5), WITHIN. By it the Horizontal Use of the Mind (right-left brain (3), creating the Perception of “right-wrong, good-bad, like-dislike, mine-yours) becomes possible, to Know HOW the CONDITIONAL can be CHANGED into the UNCONDITIONAL = Lasting PEACE and LIBERATION (6).


The TWO (2) uniting into the ONE (5- 2 lines curve into one point). As such, the Vertical Polarity comes about (1 polarizing 5). As such, the Body whereby the Total Experience (including Evolution) is Biologically integrated, can create the BLOOD that is transmuted from FOOD, ascend via the Heart (4b) to the BRAIN (3b). With the purity of the Blood, the POWER (GOD´s WILL) that is of Heart´s Center, can rise to Brain´s Center (Pineal Gland) from where the POWER can be used in the form of FREE WILL, to make the CHOICE to BE (6- Self-realization).

Pattern of BLOOD´s Circulation:


Horizontal Infinity-pattern (1a) correlating with the Horizontal or Dual use of the Brain.


From this pattern´s Center the Vertical infinity pattern (2a), correlating with the polarity of Small-intestine (3b) inner-Earth/Mother, where the FOOD (2b) is Transmuted into the BLOOD) and the Brain (5b- inner-Heaven). In other words, the Mind-CONTROL (and Free Will) depends on how well we can Control our daily FOOD influencing the BLOOD-quality and use of the MIND. And this Explains that the Grand-experiment that is coming to its Last-stage went along with the Food-MANIPULATION and Experimental use of “medicine” (now with the VACCINE). It also explains that with the Scientific-manipulation the last attempt is made to Retard the Mind-use unto the Evolutionary-past, to make Humanity SURRENDER to the VIRUS that has NO Brain. Then, further down the Mind to be Electronically Controlled with the MICROCHIP.

     Example of today´s absence of Independent THINKING:

Anyone can know that at the Anus there are a billion times and more virus than in the Mouth (1b). So, why not using the Mask at the Anus? By putting the mask at the Mouth is the statement: “my anus is next to the brain” The entire “covid-19” is all about the psychological Anti-Self-realization.

Also, what is happening in the Ukraine (and all around the world), where the BORDER is used as the Common-denominator, where on both sides the Same Claim is made: “this is my border, god is on my side”! So, it makes Perfect Sense to make the CENTER or ONELAW of Creation, the COMMON-denominator. It is by having this Law of laws be OVERRULED with laws and mandatories, which can be used as a Weapon making WEAPONS the law (“law-enforcement”), by which WAR becomes possible.

Anyone who can still think …. Know what it takes to THINK! Therefore, the SECRET that has been kept hidden for 33.000 years is being REVEALED in the form of the Oneheart Teaching, via  (not just a “student”, but a Human who cares to have the Divine PLAN, to make Planet Earth the Portal of Peace and Liberation, be REALIZED). ACT NOW, the Experiment is OVER!


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