The “Common Cold”

   The Body Maintains itself with the Synchronicity of the Inner with the Outer. This happens in Three Ways: 1- From the Outer into the Inner, with FOOD. From the Inner into the Outer by way of Expression (Physically, Emotionally and Mentally). 3- From the Inner into the Outer, by way of DETOXIFICATION (Breath, Sweating, Urination and Defecation).

     But then, when there are more toxins which overburden the normal bodily elimination, this we can NOTICE with Coughing, Vomiting and Diarrhoea. And when there is an “overload”, the toxins will block at places where the blood-circulation is less, such as the joints. Then we feel “joint-stiffness”. Also “Fever” can be noticed, which is due to the Blood Forcing the toxins not to hinder the Bodily Circulation. Ans since the detoxification requires the EXTRA BLOOD to do the Cleaning, we also experience “Sluggishness”. All of this we label as “sick”.

     So, why naming it “Common Cold”? Usually the “Cold” happens at the Cold-season. Then the Body will be “Pressured”, which result the internal to be Helped with the Removal of the “Extras” going along with discomforts. But in IGNORANCE one resorts to a “remedy to feel better”, such as an aspirin. What happen then, is that the Body is WEAKENED, whereby the Toxins REMAIN in the Body. And when this goes on, year after year … what Happens with the Toxins?

     The doctor, merely educated to deal with SYMPTOMS cannot give the True Advice and just prescribes the “extra aspirin”. Even that fails after a while. Then, the “discovery of another disease” (name). So, the “Common Cold” becomes the “Flue” and from thereon “Gripe”, “Swine Flu”, “Asian Flu”, etcetera. The latest is “Lupus”, ALL of them show the SAME Symptoms in different degrees.

     Yet, the Body will NEVER give up with the Detoxification. Ultimately, the Body “SWELLS” to Harbor the Excess and this is named “Obesity”. Also, the Tumor can be formed to internally Separate the Deeper Toxins. And when there is enough Bodily strength left, the tumor can Appear at the skin´s surface.

     But the “medical system” has ignorance galore and continues with treating the Symptom. It invents the Chemo and Radiation therapy, the Vaccine, to extremely weaken the Body. It invents all sorts of “remedies” without any regard of GOD´s Creation. It is happening as what Scriptures stated: “at the END there will be the WAR between GOD and science/devils”. EVIL (opposite of LIVE) has been patented with the “Covid-19” CODE (correlates with 911). Don´t be Naïve. Get yourself EDUCATED (visit www.oneheartportal.com), to Know what a HUMAN is and HOW to Maintain it according to Creation´s LAW and ORDER.

Creation of Disease and the "AIDS-Cell"

This essay was written in the 80’s and see how it is today.

     The body comprises the internal environment, just as the Earth absorbs the greater world. Let’s take a look at how these two systems parallel each other and allow us to see our connection with the universe around us.

     Water comprises the greater part of our body as well as the largest part of Earth’s surface. As long as water is in circulation, it can maintain its optimum quality by sustaining the higher forms of life.

     When it becomes stagnant and swampy, it becomes a breeding environment for detrimental bacteria, viruses, and other forms of primitive life. This can also occur with certain foods.

     A prime example of this would be meat. If you were to take a piece of meat and dump it into a trash bin, you would see the poisonous condition that takes form as the stagnation of “anti-change” (change continues but in a regressive way) sets in. This evolutionary regression is greatly reduced when we apply the same to a piece of dried meat (jerky).

     Our body’s circulatory system maintains change and makes the heart pulsate. Pulsation occurs because of the flow between the internal and external environment. This connection is maintained by food. Food maintains the Oneness between “creation within” and “creation without.” When food is grown, prepared and eaten according to the same law and order that has created the Infinite Universe and all life within it, our health will be self-evident. Disease will have no breeding ground, unless our food initiates stagnation or disharmony within us by being out of accordance with Creator’s Law. Disease will be noticed when the acquired condition is not suitable for the quality of body cells that we need to substantiate our universal growth. Consequently, our abilities and capacities will be limited as seen by one’s lack of energy, inflexibility, pain, or whatever else may surface.

     Eating and drinking is an avenue for Creation to flow through us. We have been given the digestive system to assimilate food and the nervous system to carry the essence of the food to the brain and beyond.

     In mother’s womb we experience our first form of food, her protein rich blood. From the simple cell to a full-grown baby we eat mother’s blood, via the umbilical cord, which eventually makes its way to the small intestinal region.

     After birth, we “switch mouths” so to speak, from the belly to the head. At this point in the process, a food that is rich in carbohydrates is required. Initially, it was the protein that was needed to form the body. Now the body needs energy; the food portion of mother’s blood becomes sweet milk that we are able to drink via her mammary glands. Eventually, we wean ourselves from our mother and become more and more capable of changing food into blood ourselves. This occurs with the increasing appearance of teeth. Once we are able to fully masticate whole cereal grains, due to a full set of molars (the wisdom teeth come later), the basis is set from which we can blossom into an adult and independently maintain the complex human cell.

     Unfortunately, in this process, humanity became “educated” into consuming refined cereal grains (flour products) and simple sugars (white sugar) to acquire the necessary bodily energy. Consequently, the digestive system is not fully used. These “fast energy” foods correlate with “fast protein” foods, such as dairy products and animal meat, which require a shorter digestive system. This will eventually lead to a condition whereby food cannot be fully digested. As a result, the undigested food begins to accumulate in the form of excess mucous, fat, cysts, tumours and stones, creating all sorts of stagnations. These blockages have now created an environment that brings discomfort to the complex human body cell. In order to survive this new detrimental condition, it begins to change into a cell more primitive in nature. At this point, many people look for superficial advice, which in turn might inform them of a degenerative disease known as “such and such”. The breakdown of bodily functions usually continues with the use of operations, chemicals and exposure to microwaves (radiation). This process can go so far as to cause the complex human cell to change into a most primitive cell (bacteria or virus) in order to survive the onslaught. We can learn much from the virus about its adaptability!

     Today, many people have entered the process of becoming a virus. The principles of modern science allow extreme disharmony to govern within the Individual. This disorder obscures the Sacred Way of Eating, used to prevent and cure disease. If the individual were to know the truth and stand in it, this would empower oneself into becoming truly Sovereign, and thus the need for the costly experimental “medical care” could be avoided.

     As it is today, Humanity has learned how to “live” with disease. We can see this in our medical establishment by way of temporary relieves: operations, transplants, genetic manipulations, vaccinations and cloning. It is with the “medical care”, which will lead the masses to receive the “final vaccine”. It allows one to live with “AIDS” and become AIDS. Imagine how simple it would be to control a virus in human form . . .voila, the perfect human robot!

     The bodily condition is now ready for the “AIDS virus” to grow. It is the reversal and breakdown of Creation within, through a weakened immune system, which acts as a breeding condition for this “virus”. The dark side sees another opportunity to control the masses and steps in with their “miracle vaccine.” The separation between the artificial world and the natural world is essential to keep the illusion alive. Therefore, any natural affinity or sexual process must be replaced by a clinical or sterile way of life.

     Abstinence, condoms, separation of the sexes, laboratory insemination, and cloning are ways in which the human robot can be realized. The human robot cannot come to completion until its cells have been trained to fully survive in a most primitive condition, as it was in the early stage of evolution. Modern technology has already found a way of replacing diseased cells with chemically (inorganic) manufactured cells in the form of a vaccine.

     This vaccine was contrived through nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the technology of the order of one billionth of a unit of measurement, like one billionth of a centimeter. Scientists are able to build computers the size of an atom, which will have the same computing power of today’s mainframes or even supercomputers.

     These new bio-computers will be able to program what are called cell assemblers and cell dissemblers to recognize unhealthy cells and in turn, replace them with “healthy cells” according to the program’s information.

     The whole package can be injected into the bloodstream allowing for the production of many of these newly synthesized cells. When these new cells meet with diseased tissue, they will replace the tissue with cells from synthetic chemicals; creating an “inorganic human being.” The future of medicine will lie in being able to inject this medical nanotechnology in such a way that it replaces the decaying body with a new synthetic one. This in turn will affect the human spirit and free will as well. The Human Being will then be replaced by this new “bio-robot” creation.

     AIDS, and people’s desire for someone to find a solution, can fall prey to the dark side. This plausible solution would allow a control of this world that has never been experienced before. It would be the ultimate division between the natural and artificial realms allowing the finite dark force to conquer the Human race and planet Earth.

     The success of nanotechnology’s reversal of the progression of Creation can only come to an end when the exploitation of the organic world has been exhausted. The inorganic or materialistic system will have to make constant efforts to find new ways of surviving by probing ever deeper into the energies of the inorganic realm. It parallels the law of polarity; going into the center of the center where, ultimately, the energy has to be reversed and expanded. By this explosion or power of decomposition, the creative force is released and can be used by an exclusive demonic entity.

     The “spirit quality” of the bio-robot ultimately becomes the food that fuels the “final finite”. When this happens, it can create a chain reaction and lead to the explosion of the planet and possibly even the sun. This phenomenon is observed on a regular basis as seen in the cosmos by scientists and continues to puzzle them.

      At the rate technology is capturing the individual with its electronic paraphernalia, Humanity is already well on its way to being a controlled society. This is also demonstrated by our spending more and more on “medicine.”

     The “Medicare program” is an example of how our system teaches “original sin”, in that disease is unavoidable, and incurable. Therefore, one learns how to “live” with disease. The fact that most people die unnaturally (heart failure, cancer, suicide, etc) is evidence enough that the ideology of self-destruction works.

     The reversal of the suicidal pattern has to be made by the Individual. One must decide for him/herself whether to continue following the artificial order or to reconnect with the Order of Creation. This latter option requires much personal courage. Walking through one’s fear and becoming subject to ridicule is essential. If we choose to look externally for the answers, we will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the “AIDS-void”.

     When one becomes “AIDS,” a walking computer-controlled virus, he/she can then be linked to a central master computer. This, in turn, allows the possibility to monitor, control and direct one’s behavior. Each of the “AIDS-victims” will have a “social security number” (DNA-code) which is electronically implanted and can be called up at any time by the Centralized Intellect Access (CIA). This is the idea of the final stage of the “new world order” or “globalization”, which is also revealed in the prophecies of the Hopi.

     This unbelievable plan for world enslavement moves ever closer to reality with every individual’s bite of the genetically engineered foods and the chemicals that are added to it.


     Three things we must know and understand before we can CURE a Disease: 1- Symptoms 2- Causes 3- Origin (Only One) Today at best one mentions Causes. So, there are many Causes to delete the Symptom. But what is the Origin of it all? NO one talks about it. 

     First of all, the Symptom is basically registered via the MICROSCOPE. Then, when “it” disappears, the “case is resolved”? Really? Do we get a headache (symptom) because we didn’t take our daily aspirin (cause)? Do we get cancer, because we did not consume enough marijuana? 

Think again. Cancer or any form of conflict can ONLY be within a context of DUALITY where the UNIFYING Center is Missing = Reaction. In other words, in the ONENESS that is maintained by the Trinity (Opposites Harmonized by the Unifying Center) Reaction (disease) is NOT possible. The Oneness of our Body is basically Maintained with the BLOOD that is centered around the Heart’s CONTROL-center (“Point-zero”) that can Harmonize all body-cells. And since we are Creation in the Human Form, we must know HOW to Synchronize outer and inner-Creation with this Center of centers, of Creation.

     That means, the MAIN-food of the Human must contain the Unifying-center (SEED), which upon the digestive process (food becoming the Blood) connects with the inner-Point-zero, enabling the Body-cell to REMEMBER that ALL IS ONE. Without enough of this Essence of Food, MEMORY, the cell will DIS-integrate (= complex cells explode and become simple cells = cancer or just infection). This disintegration also indicates that one is experiencing an Evolutionary Regression (Involution).

     The ORIGIN is like the Center of a Circle. Within the context of Creation there is Only the “ONE-Center or “Point-zero”. This Absolute Constant is CHANGE. In other words, “Point-zero” is the Unchanging from where Change becomes possible. Hence “Change does not Change, because the Origin of origins does not change (= Infinity, of which the NOW is the Connection with IT).

     It makes absolute sense that as long as our Body is Maintained by Change, by having outer and inner Creation in Constant Flux/Cycle, we are also in Constant Connection with the Center of centers that Directly Connects us with the Only ONE (= GOD). So, it should not be of a surprise that the Demonic Order wants us to focus as much as possible on Symptoms and Causes in order to distract from Creator’s Onelaw, CHANGE. Consequently, the Fixation within the Microscopic Order = TRAP. Obviously, today’s world has been Fixed by the Enforcement of laws which can be Changed. Hence the “order” can only be maintained by way of Dis-order (disease, war, corruption, lies, etc), because here the Center and the circle cannot be in harmony. How can the True center be ever changed? In the attempt to do so the circle will instantly dissipate, because it has to be maintained by its Essence, the Center. 

     The truth is, the circle is the expanded center and center is the contracted circle. Similarly, the seed is in the tree and the tree is in the seed. How can this Universal Truth ever be contrasted with another Principle of Oneness? The “National Unity” is just a setup for the Extreme Division and ultimately the self-destruction. Today’s US is a glaring Example of it. It has become the “Cancer of the World”. The CURE is by making the Onelaw the Governing Law. Obama got popular with his “change slogan”. It turned out to be the contrary. What he actually meant was Replacement, which is quite different than Change.

Breast-cancer +

     Sixty years ago we hardly heard about Breast-cancer. Then, it became noticeable After the Dairy industry got boosted. The promotion included the “free milk” given to children at school. Milk became readily accessible in the store too (before it was delivered by the “milkman delivery at the door”). In addition, the medical system advised Mothers to give their Babies cow’s milk instead of her own (so that she can “go to work”).

     Woman can create from Within, because she can produce Extra Blood, to Create From Within. But then, when she is not pregnant, she Menstruates in order to have the body be maintained without the “extra”. So, what happens when she replaces the “extra” in the form of the consumed Milk which is a transmutation of Cow’s Blood? Worst, the condensed cow’s blood in the form of Butter and Cheese. Pizza became increasingly popular too. Then, at first the body tries to store this “extra blood” in the form of “bodily weight”, especially around the hips. Menstrual problems usually arise, because how can she menstruate that “delicious pizza”?

     The body then tries to Protect itself from the “contained/stagnant menstruation”, by isolating it in the form of a Tumor or Cyst, which is an “Embryo not to be born into the outer”. This “cheese-embryo” manifests either as “weight around the waste”, a tumor or both, which at a certain point needs to be “Born”, and this happens Internally. So, this “internal birth” is followed by the mother to Feed it with the Stagnant cow’s milk (cheeze). This “internal feeding” becomes Breast-cancer, because the cheese cannot flow through the mammal-glands.

     Also, Meat is a transmutation of Blood, which can also contribute to Woman’s cancer. And how about the Chicken-egg, which is the “hen’s menstruation”?

     The medical-system’s “solution”? Lop-off the breasts before it become problematic! And to heap on this dairy-onslaught, FASHION has been used to speed up Woman’s dilemma. Gradually her pants got lowered (“red-district wear”), and later on the exposure of the belly. Also, the underwear became no more. As such the Womb-area Cools, which contributes to the Stagnation of the Blood that already has become sluggish by the “extras”. Know that the Dark wants us to be Re-designed in the image of a False god – ultimately becoming the micro-chipped clone. Hence Woman has been the system’s main-target (began with Roma’s Inquisition), because She creates From Within, contrasting Roma’s who wants to create from without.

     Also the “tippy-toeing on high-heels” has been added to show Woman’s subjectivity to the Systematic Corruption of the Human Race. This “shoe-trick” is another form of the abolished “Chinese foot-binding” to ‘keep Woman in check. In case of Men, all of it can manifest as Prostate-cancer and impotence. Know that the Sperm also originates from Blood.

     Wake Up Women and Men and know your Divine Responsibility towards the Human who has been created in the Image of GOD!

Note: The baby-cow will die in a matter of days when it is fed the milk that is sold to Humans.


     Today´s alarming Obesity is not due to the lack of exercise or too much food consumption. Understood within the context of EVOLUTION… a quite different view emerges. So, let´s understand the Human within the Universal context:

     The Transforming Elements of the Universal Cycle are WATER and FIRE. The Water-element maintains the Heavenly (Expanded Realm) towards the Earthly (Contracting Realm). The Fire-element maintains the Earthly towards the Heavenly.

     By this sequence, the Water-aspect towards the Fire-aspect, is laid out on Earth´s surface in the form of Evolution. Therefore, the Biological aspect of Evolution begins in the Ocean. Here the Descending Heaven towards Earth energy is extended towards the Inner-Earth (small-intestine) of the Eater of FOOD, via the Mouth. And similar as the Plant that deepens its root by Water, the SALIVA of the Eater is needed to guide the Food further down, via the stomach to the small-intestine (inner-root), where it is Biologically Transmuted into the BLOOD.

      And thus, as the Animal furthers its Digestive-system´s evolution, it can Enter Land, because it CONTAINS the Ocean in the form of Blood (fish has no or not much Blood, because it swims in it). This explains why ultimately the Ocean and Human´s Blood have the Same mineral composition and Ph. And it is with this Quality of Blood that the Connection is made with Earth-s Nucleus that contains the Total MEMORY. By having Human´s Blood also be Centered with that of Earth´s, the VERTICAL Posture comes about = making the Connection between two centers, which we can outwardly extend towards Earth´s IONOSPHERE and Beyond = ASCENSION. = FREEDOM.

     The Human, the most biologically evolved animal, can make the Shift from the Horizontal towards the Vertical position, because it has created the Complex Body-cell by eating the Whole Cereal Grain as its MAIN-food by way of FIRE (Cooking). With the Whole Cereal Grain (containing the Complex Carbohydrate) the Fire-element can be Centered in the small-intestine, whereby the Blood can have the Power to ASCEND to the BRAIN.

     As such, the Bodily Focus is Upwards, to the Brain, and goes along with the “bodily bulk shift towards Above the Waste” (no protruding belly). And this explains why most of today´s Humans experience instead an Evolutionary-shift, BACKWARDS, because the way of Food-consumption and related aspects, contributes to the INVOLUTION.


Ii has become so OBVIOUS, as how Humanity´s involution can be observed (the Body always tells the Truth):


* Water in contrast to Fire goes DOWN, creating swollen lower-body to begin with.

* Lower-back problem, making it difficult to stand UP.

* Less Blood going UP, and thus Sugar and Coffee is needed to stimulate the Brain.

* By the Excessive Water in the Body, the Blood becomes acidic, which causes the depletion of minerals from the teeth and bones, in order to maintain the alkalinity of the Blood.

* With the excessive Water the Body-cell can easily change into the Simple-cell, to be stimulated from the outer to create “infection”. The truth is that the “infection “begins from Within”, and that there is NO NEED for the “anti-biotic” (anti life) when we know how to take good care of our Evolutionary Process that does not end by getting a “birth-certificate”.

* By the Water becoming Dominant in the Body, the Blood will be cooled to create less circulation-power, which will create in turn all sorts of Stagnations: stiffness, mucous hardening, stones, cysts, tumors, organ malfunctions.

     In addition, with the Manipulated foods, beverages, chemicals and indoctrinated “way of eating” (promoted with “scientific information” and via restaurants), all has been used to Promote the way of life to REVERSE Human´s Evolutionary Process – especially Now, that we are Extending Evolution on the Level of CONSCIOUSNESS. Less than 100 years ago, none of what follows was practiced:


* Fruits and juices for breakfast. By doing it we cannot Synchronize the day with the cellular Memory of Evolution, which begins with the Alkaline Ocean (to have a strong progressive Biological Basis). Instead, the Acidic and no “Inner-Ocean Power” for the rest of the day, especially for the proper digestion of the food eaten afterwards.

* Salad before the main meal. It requires twice the amount of Blood to digest the Raw food, which when eaten first, will OBSTRUCT the food eaten afterwards, to be descended to the small-intestine. And this will create the Confusion of the Blood´s circulation in conjunct with the Brain´s functions… and way of THINKING.

* Drinking before, during and right after eating a meal (small sip of warm tea or soup is OK) will for a great deal obstruct the digestive process, which will also contribute to the “return to the oceanic evolution” where the fish constantly “drinks while it eats¨.

* Sweets and fruits before and after the meal will disturb the Digestive Process.

* Starting the meal with ice-cold water, which greatly harms the digestive system´s steady temperature (shocks the entire body´s Blood´s circulation). Even doing it at any other time is not wise.

* Killing the Beneficial Bacteria (needed for the Digestive Process), with: toothpaste (Colgate), mouthwashes (Listerine). chewing gum (aspartame), sugar, etc.

* Any Chemical, which will contribute to the Reactionary condition, bodily, emotionally and mentally.

* Excessive meat and dairy (cheese) consumption (use to be 1 or 2 times per week), both Meat and Dairy Products (especially molten cheese, pizza) promote Water Retention.

* Watching TV or cell while eating (will promote being out of Center – no inner-Control) .


     Also… the aspect of the FIRE-element influences the Digestive-process. Fire Divides the Temporary (matter) from the Eternal (non-material, Spirit). With the Digestive-system, starting with the Water-element (Saliva), the Temporary aspects of the food goes beyond the Small-intestine and is Secreted from the Anus (feces).

     Right above the anus the central Nervous-system begin, whereby the Eternal aspect of food Ascends to the Brain, and beyond in the form of Consciousness.

     But then, when the small-intestine is by-passed, because the food or beverage can easily enter the Bloodstream between the Mouth and the Stomach, where then goes the incomplete digested food go to? It REMAINS in the Body. And this is named “Obesity”. The Truth is “Obesity” is also the Result of “UNRELEASED Kaka”!

     The Best Food that can bring the Fire-element to the Small-intestine is the Whole Cereal Grain. The Fire-element of Sugar, similar as alcohol, is “fast-burning”, and cannot help with the Final-separation at the anus-area. To a certain degree Fruits´ Fire cannot ascend beyond the brain into Consciousness. It merely satisfy Pleasure.

     Anyone who understands what has been shared here and begins to Practice the Sacred Art of Eating can PROVE to themselves how true it is. Definite positive Results will be noticed within 3-4 months (get a Macrobiotic cookbook for recipes and eating instructions).



Thorough CHEWING (until drinkable, and no talking), we will accelerate the Bodily progression with at least 50%.


Most of Humanity has to a certain degree Diabetes, but are Unaware of it due to stimulants, such as coffee.

Want to Know if you are on the course of having the “clinical diagnosed diabetes” (chronic fatigue, feet infection)?

Just abstain for ten days from sugar, fruits, coffee or other “energy boosters”.

Instead have the daily main-food (50% or more), consisting the Whole Cereal Grain and Vegetables.

And when fatigue or lack of energy sets in within 4 days, Diabetes is already on its way.


The Human is a microcosm of Creation and similar as Creation we must maintain ourselves by the same Law, which is Change.

By this Constant we maintain the Oneness between the outer with the inner.

As such each part of the inner, that we can also find without, we must maintain as Creation does.

The food we daily eat comes from the plant kingdom.

Plants unify Heaven and Earth by their root and branch system.

By this unification plants grow, as Heaven and Earth energies internally unify and nourish each part of the plant.

Within the eater of plants, the same thing happens in principle.

So, as a microcosm of Creation the small-intestine correlates with Earth and the brain correlates with Heaven.

Then, similarly as the plant the energies of Heaven descend via the digestive system to the inner-roots/Earth, the small-intestine.

Here food is refined and becomes the basic makeup of the Blood-plasma, that every day is changed (10%).

Thus, in ten days the blood plasma is changed.

This happens whether we like it or not, because Change is the Absolute and Eternal Constant of Creation.

It is Creator’s Law.

Change does not stop here.

The blood plasma changes into the red blood-cell every three to four months.

The red blood-cell changes into the body-cell every three to four years.

So, it is up to the eater of food HOW to Change.

Therefore, we need the basic understanding of how to Choose, Prepare and Consume the daily food according to the same Law by which Creation is maintained.

Moreover, with the lack of the Whole Cereal Grain to be our daily staple there cannot be a complete and harmonious relationship between the inner-Earth and inner-Heaven.

In addition, when refined foods, such as sugar and white flour, become part of the daily consumption, the blood becomes increasingly unable to maintain the complete inner Heaven-Earth relationship.

The first symptom of this failure is fatigue.


     Then the blood’s circulation to the extremities of the body will be limited, especially to the feet…because the production of blood in the small-intestine has been undermined by the “bypass” via the stomach.

Differently said, due to the lack of fiber and the complementary minerals which were removed by the refining process, the food’s energies enter the bloodstream via the stomach, instead of via the small-intestine.

This incomplete digestive process will also cause the blood to become increasingly acid, which can further affect the eyes and the brain as well.


     So, it is typical for diabetes cases for toes and even legs to be amputated due to the blood’s inability to fully reach that far down…and the possible blindness on top of it, due to the rising of the acidity to the head.

Also, the pancreatic region, since it has become less used due to the bypass, gets confused and does not know how to deal with the abnormal digestive process.

Hence the insulin dilemma that the medical establishment use to remedy in an artificial manner.

So, it is up to the diabetic person to make the choice between the three basic options:

  1. Suppress the symptom
  2. Use “alternative medicine” to deal with the causes
  3. Go straight to the very root-cause by the way of food and way of life


     The first choice would be of the one who does not know where to begin.

The second choice would be of the one who wants to rely on the healing power of Nature.

The third choice would of the one who wants to let the healing power come forth from Within, knowing that the only ONE is Within.


     So, 2 and 3 can be used in combination, but as far as dealing with the root-cause and use of food as the fundamental medicine, the following approach would be most effective.

Since the diabetic person lost the ability to fully digest in the small-intestine and as such to fully break down the complex carbohydrate, certain foods must be daily eaten to gradually Train the digestive tract to let go of the “bypass”.


     As such the pancreas can gradually function normally, along with the food’s Memory that then can ascend from the inner-Earth via the central nervous system to the inner-Heaven or Brain.


     With the proper understanding of the Choosing, Preparing and Eating of the daily food, it is possible to cure even the worst cases of diabetes in about six months.

Within these six months a “healing crisis” can be expected.

The worst of it would be the cravings of the foods which have caused the problem.

This happens due to the body’s discharges of those foods, while the nervous system’s cells have not yet fully changed in order to respond to the newly adopted way of eating.

The healing period (heal means whole) would be an opportunity for testing our mental and spiritual qualities as well.

So, how Whole do we want to be?

Considering that Heaven and Earth are Within and by their interaction our Soul is kept aligned, it would truly be the Opportunity to know who we truly Are according to Creator’s Law, CHANGE.

The Nucleus

Humanity has been put under the SPELL of the Self-Devaluation. Therefore, the SYSTEM that PROMOTES the TOTAL CORRUPTION of Body, Mind and Soul. And this is accomplished with the Manipulation of the FOOD that upon the Digestive Process becomes the BLOOD that enables us to THINK and BE.

     As such, the Nucleus of the Blood whereby the Cell is Unified, is Systematically Weakened and results the Cell to disintegrate to become the Simple-cell = Cancer (not just of the body) = Reversed Evolution = De-humanizing:

1- Complex Cell (Human)

2- Bacteria

3- Virus

4- Radiation

5- “IN-bang” (chain-reaction destroying the Nucleus)



     Humanity has been Systematically Programmed to have FEAR be BIOLOGICALLY INTEGRATED, to BECOME FEAR itself. Fear is the Contrary of Love. Love is Unifying. Fear is Dispersing.

     HOW can FOOD be used to Change Love into Fear? The Unifying aspect correlates with the Unconditional. The Dispersing or Dividing leads to the Conditional. So, in order to make Humanity DEPENDENT on a System other than that of Creation, it is important to have the BLOOD´s Nucleus be Weakened with the Manipulated foods and beverages (+ specific chemicals – read ingredients of food and beverage labels), so that the Complex cell can be easily Influenced from the Outer, such as the Satellite directed Frequencies along with the chemical saturated air (Chem-trails).

     The creation of the “Bacteria, Antibiotics, and Virus Consciousness” have made many be Stupid enough to blindly accept the Vaccine and lastly the Microchip implant,  to then become a Component of the Robotic Order. Don´t be naïve, the Order of Demons has Licensed itself to be Corrupt in every way possible. THINK.

     The Nucleus also correlates with the Original SEED or GOD. Without the MEMORY that the Nucleus contains, we will Worship the Demonic god, to find ourselves Gasping for the “survival of the fittest” = Self-destruction by way of different forms of Terrorism, all Financed by those who want to “survive” – the “Not to BE”, the Traitor of Self.



the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells: immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously. • protection or exemption from something, especially an obligation or penalty: the rebels were given immunity from prosecution. Law officially granted exemption from legal proceedings. • (immunity to) lack of susceptibility, especially to something unwelcome or harmful: products must have an adequate level of immunity to interference | exercises designed to build an immunity to fatigue. 

None of the above explain it, but merely how it applies to the superficial state of Mind.

     In order to fully comprehend “immunity” we must come to the Very Origin of Existence, which is the Only absolute and eternal CONSTANT, CHANGE. And anything or anyone that makes the FUTILE attempt to Resist Change… will be Retarded to what it Resists.

     Change is Creation´s Aggregate to Maintain the Totality. Change we can become Aware of by the consequential CYCLE. Change and the Unchanging Change can be illustrated by the Circle and its Center. The Center of centers is that of Creation, which is The LAW, whereby everything that the Circle contains is CONTROLED by.

     When we fully go along with Change or the Cycle that is centered around the LAW of laws, we will be IMMUNE. It is Only by the RESISTING of Change, that we can experience a Problem or harmful condition. In other words, going Against Creation´s Flow, Change, will make us STUCK with Ignorance (ignoring GOD´s LAW).

      The condition of our Immune system is proportional to how we are SYNCHRONIZED with the TOTALITY. The Totality CANNOT harm itself, which reasons that by being ONE with the TOTALITY, because we are Centered around Creation´s Law, we are also in CONTROL of our True Being, the Totality within the Totality. In other words, we can only harm ourselves, by the Claim of “rights, privileges and security” which make us LESS than WHOLE.

     Bacteria and Virus are a PART of Creation´s CYCLE. And by trying to Eliminate the Virus and Bacteria with the “antibiotic” or vaccine, we WILL in some way REDUCE Ourselves. Some call it “karma”, which is nothing else but “making up” for the PART that is NEEDED to Maintain the TOTALITY, which we have in ignorance Sabotaged. What then happens is that we become a Part of a Lesser Cycle or TRAP, such as hospital – home – school – work – cash-machine – supermarket – home – hospital – cemetery. Ultimately just a Zombie, to be USED by the System, by us to be a Plug within the Universe, to Draw the needed energy, which is the Scientific Sacrifice of the Human on ROMA´s Altar.

     This TRUTH has been USED to Systematically REDUCE the Human to a Level of Frequency whereby an Exploitative System can Thrive. And this explains why a “chosen few” have been Scheming with the Virus Plot. They state that we can be “Immune” with “their vaccine”, which means that we must OBEY the law of the “chosen few”, so that we can be “immune” by “the fox protecting the chickens” law. It is only by IGNORANCE and FEAR that this PLOT to Control Humanity. WAKE UP and THINK. And THINK some more.


It is Real and they are there!

* Practically Everyone who has been consuming the Daily Junk can be sure that more or less the Demons (parasites of all kinds and gunk) have been vested in their bodies. And not only within the guts, but in the liver, lungs, mouth, eyes and brain as well. These creatures have an intelligence and can influence our thinking, decision making, way of life and far-reaching consequences.

* A condition as such is also the very basis in the creation of all sorts of degenerative diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, blood-diseases, addictions, mental disorders and even war (inner-war creates outer-war) and crime.

* Obesity is a for sure sign that the demons have found a inexpensive and comfortable restaurant!

* This massive global WITCHCRAFT has been instrumental to CONTROL Humanity, by way of the manipulated foods and beverages (Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, etc).

* These inner-Demons can bring us on a low frequency that can be easily controlled from the earthly plane. Scientific witchcraft has become the order of the day.

* FOOD upon consumption becomes the BLOOD whereby we can function, feel and THINK. So, whoever controls our food can also control our mind and all the consequences thereof.

* If the GROSS pictures still leave you cold and you still do not do anything to PURIFY yourself, then that shows to what degree you have become a DEMON-lover.

* But if the CHOICE is made to get these ENEMIES out of your system. This YOU CAN DO, because we are Creation in the Human Form! This reasons that the Creator who is the Healer and Controller is also WITHIN, because ALL IS ONE.

* One’s creation of the Conflicting Division within society is a strong sign that the inner-Demons are in charge.

* Prove to yourself that the true alliance with the ONE, can make you the Master of your universal destiny. The time is upon us to face the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE”.

How to Create the Demon’s Habitat

Within the Body


     The Demonic creatures thrive best in an environment that resembles that of the primitive ancient past, where the Earth was covered by a thick layer of chemicals, radiation and acidity. Most of today’s manipulated commercial foods and beverages contribute to such a condition, within. And the establishment goes along with the consequences. Cancer is the result of the reversal of the inner-evolution, that’s why it supports the cancer-cell (is a primitive simple cell) with chemo and radiation therapy, with the purpose to make the primitive cell “happy” and consequently the symptom may disappear, but the general status of the victim has also declined in cosmic time and is thus easier to control on a low frequency (today used with the global nano-technology). Hopi prophecy mentioned that “there will be a time that one can see our thoughts on a screen”. This technology is already in place and the “not to BE” being is quite happy with it. Complacency has become the order of the day.

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