Vision Quest

     I chose to be part of the great test near a portal that connects the underworld with the upper world, which the Hopi initially went through in order to qualify to be Earth’s stewards.


     It started with my involvement with the sacred Fire Clan stone tablets. There were prophetic signs showing me that it was time for the world to know that the Hopi have not given up this responsibility of stewardship.  The tablets representing the title for this stewardship needed to be shown at a government office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


     It was part of the Hopi’s cosmic instructions to watch out for the “gourd full of ashes”, the atom bomb. When it’s energy is released, this would be a signal hor Humanity that’s time to return to the Natural Order. That, we cannot go beyond using our capacity to penetrate Great Mystery, unless we want to destroy ourselves.


     Hopi scouts were then sent into the Four Directions to find the “house of mica” and give the message for the Return. Four attempts (“four knocks”) have to be made for the delivery. The “house” turned out to be the United Nations building in New York.


     Since then, more than “four knocks” were given, but none of them were answered. Grandfather David Monangue was in charge of the deliveries and decided with “no more”. Then one more attempt has to be made at Santa Fe New Mexico.


     At Santa Fe the treaty was made between the USA and Mexico and concerned the transfer of land, the South-West, to the USA. Part of the treaty stated that the Hopi were not part of it and they have to be honoured as a Sovereign People. But, like all the treaties that the USA made with the Native American, also this one was conveniently dishonoured.


     So, when in 1990 the “new world order” made its open move with its show of power at the Middle East, this was the sign for the Hopi that the very “last knock” has to be made,at Santa Fe. The sign also went along with a certain purifying herb that would produce yellow flowers in winter, which it did.


     Now the Hopi had to show at Santa Fe that they were given by Great Spirit the Title of the Earth in the form of Stone Tablets. Also the request had to be made for the world to see the treaties on paper.


     So, destiny commissioned me with the task to make the Hopi connection with Santa Fe. All went well and upon our return to Hopiland there was snow and thunder. But that’s where it did not stop. After this mission “all hell broke loose” for me too.  The great test had begun!


     Then I knew that it was time for me to examine my soul deeply.  I decided to experience a four-day vision quest at a certain canyon. Upon my entrance to the place of vision a Bull Snake was lying on my path.  The Hopi says that this snake, although not poisonous, is more dangerous than any other snake.  If it bites you it will drain your soul!


     The path was narrow. I either had to pass within inches of the snake or make a long detour.  Strangely the snake was lying straight as a pencil and it didn’t move. Its tail pointed in the direction from which I had just come. 


     I had a pouch with me in which I carry Hopi cornmeal for blessings.  I approached the snake and sprinkled some meal on its tail.  Still the snake didn’t move, but I saw just a slight vibration at the tip of its tail.  Trust took over and I passed the snake only at a foot distance.  It coiled and looked in the other direction away from me.  I continued for four paces and looked back.  The Bull snake, Guardian of the canyon was gone.


     Half way to my destination I found three Red Tail Hawk feathers. One from the tail, one from the wing and one from the chest. Now, two signs were given to me.  They were to be my focus for the following three days.  The snake representing the Earth, the Hawk representing Heaven.  These were tracks leading me to the meeting point, the Heart.  This became very clear on the fourth day of the quest.


     With the Rising Sun of the last day I found myself a spot next to a spring. I had with me a One-Heart Rattle containing fifty white Hopi corn kernels.  On a cloth in front of me serving as an altar, I placed the three Hawk feathers. With a Javanese batik cloth that I wore around my waist I felt comfortable, yet filled with undefined energies.


     A vision came of two paths piercing through a hazy Web, showing me that all is interconnected.  This Oneness became obscured when I looked into the left path. This direction if chosen, would promise me great power and the authority to be a world dictator.  The condition was that I had to obey all orders, regardless of how corrupt they may turn out to be. I then understood the great suffering of humanity. I saw the traumas of the American soldiers in Vietnam who found themselves forced to do horrible things. I could see the trap in which humanity was and Realised that the Key, which could break open the global prison, can only be delivered from the Right Path.


     I then looked into the Right Path and saw how equally difficult that was to walk. Once chosen there is no return, only suicide or a way forward.  However, once finished would mean the liberation of the world.  The self-imposed prison would be abolished and world peace would become a physical reality.


     The Mirror was now given to me, to see my lack of trust in the Greatest Within.  Where was my courage? I became suicidal and cried for help. I intuitively picked up the Oneheart Rattle and took out its contents, as I heard a voice saying: “listen to the silence.” I did just that while shaking the empty Rattle, and looking into the Rising Sun.


     Then… I began to realise the Oneness between the Sun and my Heart, that, when both are in union the Gate of Freedom is open. This would also break the spell of self-oppression and self-denial, as we enter the realm of our greater self. courage came back and I confirmed my commitment to be a servant of Creation, forever.  I decided to walk the Right Path.


     While I was shaking the empty Rattle the Hawk’s chest feather suddenly went up and landed on top of the rattle. I shook the rattle wildly and the feather did not come off, it was stuck. How could that be? I looked closer and saw that at the base of the quill there was flesh and blood.  This made it stick. What kind of magic was this? The feather had come alive!  Long afterwards the bloodstain on the rattle could still be seen, convincing me that I had definitely not been hallucinating.


     Why did the Hawk feather fly up to the Rattle, Gate? The only answer I received was that it wanted to be put in the rattle – that my Heart had to become “feather light” and be lifted up, to make the Heart-connection with All There Is.  So I placed the Heart Feather Medicine in the Oneheart Rattle, ready to be used on the Right Path.  Now I had to prove that I could indeed do it.  The first step was next!


     I left all my belongings behind, including my wallet, ID cards, clothes and shoes.  The only things I kept were the Javanese waistcloth and the Oneheart Rattle. A twenty-mile walk was ahead.  First over burning hot sharp stones, then through an icy cold desert night, sometimes making my feet bloodier than they would have been had I entered a thicket of thorns.  At all times I was thinking about my decision.


     Finally, I came back to camp where I stayed for four days, thinking over whether I can truly live up to my commitment, forever.  I decided to pick up all my belongings I had left behind, which are the tools to be used for going beyond “step one”.  Every single thing was still there.


     Afterwards I went to the San Francisco Peaks, to offer the Oneheart Rattle to Great Spirit. Moments after I placed it at a special spot on top of the mountain a Hawk landed at arm-length on my left side. It stayed for a few moments while we were looking at each other, then flew up and circled three times overhead before it went into the direction of Hopiland.  This moment of truth has been the greatest gift of my life!


     I then went back to Flagstaff, a hundred miles southwest of Hopiland. My future adoptive Hopi father Titus Qomayumptewa was waiting there for me, telling me to return to Hopiland and take care of the cornfield. We embraced and cried with joy.

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