The TAWA Message

 (From Hopiland, 1995)

     We are the Miracle! This message explains why. “Tawa” means “Sun” in Hopi and “Moon” in Tibetan. What unites the two different meanings of one word is One Mother Earth. This Oneness can also be found in our Heart! Our heart is pulsated by what interconnects all our body cells, by Blood. Why does blood do that? Blood is the biological transmutation of Food. Food is the result of the concentrated accumulation of environmental energies. This realm stretches out into the infinite universe.

     Outside of our solar system the energies of the Universe center around the stars. All the stars interconnect with one another by their rays of light. Our sun is the closest star to us and by its light planet Earth receives Heaven’s energies. By this union of Heaven and Earth, plants (food) grow. When we eat food, the stars outside become the stars within, the body cells. Thus, similar to the way the sun interconnects with all the other Suns, our heart seeks union with all the inner suns by the circulation of the “liquefied sunlight”, the blood. Then the Eater (of food) becomes food for what originated food, by how we return to the outer by our expressions or behavior. As such the “hologram” is created in which we can create our own reality.
Before the stars’ energies reach the sun, they are influenced and organized by the twelve constellations or heavenly bodies. This heavenly clock regulates the rhythm of the energy flow before we can come to the realization that our heart pulsates. These twelve constellations manifest within us as the twelve organs or organizers. Finally, when the Earth captures the stars’ energies, they become the planet’s ecology and cycles. This also manifests within our body.

     Our blood is synchronized with the ocean water, by having the same mineral composition and salinity. The blood’s pulsation resonates with the ocean waves. The lungs become the inner forests and by breathing we maintain the inter-relationship. The rivers become our blood vessels, lakes become our liver, springs become our salivary glands, rain becomes our sweat, wind becomes our breath, thunder becomes our speech, lightning becomes our vision, atmospheric vibrations become our thinking ability, etc. The moon reflects the sun and internally manifests as feelings. Physically, the moon is represented by the pericardium (the sack in which the heart is contained and is one of the twelve organs). By it we can become conscious of what is within and what is without (Common sense = sensing what we have in common). By the purity of blood, having true health, we can have the great joy of true freedom in the circle of Light.

     The degree of synchronicity or Oneness between the “stars within” and the “stars without” depends basically upon our way of eating. By eating the cosmic food, the cosmic way, we can return to the Heavens with a greater sense of Being. Plants extend Earth’s radiation. This happens after the sun’s rays impregnate the Earth. In order for the Earth’s energies to ascend beyond its environment, they need to be organized within a body that can contain the integrity of the Earth, and by having the ability to biologically transmute food into higher frequencies of energy. This ascension begins with the integration of Earth’s center (iron, Fe) by having it become our blood’s nucleus, around which the complexity of the Earth is centered. Thus, wherever our blood circulates to, we can feel, indicating that we can radiate the Earth through the Human potential beyond the moon into far distant realms of the infinite universe.

     In short, the more we can extract the essence or MEMORY of food into our blood, the more we are “liked” by an ” eater” of a higher order. Ultimately, we become food for the Creator. Self-realization is completely becoming food for the Creator within! For this reason we must fully digest our food, in order to Remember who we truly are.


     Most humans today lack the synchronicity of the Oneness between Creation without and Creation within. This disharmony is the seed-cause of disease, mental instability and disturbing behavior patterns. There can be no peace, justice, freedom or joy in the world when the masses suffer from their inner violence among the stars within = star wars!

     Disease is war within. Addiction is slavery within. Unhappiness is the stagnation of spirit. Instead of a clean and harmonious flow of blood, obstruction manifests as pain, swellings (including obesity), cysts, tumors, stones, suspicion, insecurity, fear, jealousy, hatred, and anger, etc.

    Instead of resolving the world’s problems by restoring one’s true health – cleaning up the inner debris – methods are employed by which one can “live” with the pollution. The “problem syndrome” is preferred because the world has conformed to systems we can be comfortable with. Consequently, the system’s sciences and technologies using the energy from artificial sources deprive our bodies/minds/emotions of the true food, needed to keep the system “healthy and stable”. Weak body/mind/emotions can be more easily controlled and exploited by a centralized system or syndication. This control has been developed through the monopoly over:

* Land – by commercialized agriculture (“cash-crops”).

* Body – by junk food, medicine, drugs.

* Mind – by education, science, media, politics and money vested interests.

* Spirit – by the manipulation of atmospheric conditions, microwaves, fear, enforcement of politically designed laws and “religion”.

     Due to the poor quality of blood, the mind has become unable to distinguish between what is correct and incorrect. Good is not good when the body has to depend on the correct administration of the incorrect way of eating and healing. By surrendering to a false belief, one’s spirit can be forged into a syndicate-controlled world. Under the control of a corrupt centralized government, the good can only be good when one can be found to be bad. Therefore, the syndicate-enforced laws make sure that the bad prevails so that the “goodness” of the state can survive. This is the idea of the cultivation of disease, giving the medicine by which one can “live” with the disease. That’s why prisons are breeding-grounds of crime, because it helps the judicial system in power. Having “rights” and “freedom” based on politically designed laws one can keep the masses within self-imposed limitations. Thus we can perpetually defend the boundaries by making “war for peace”!

The Universal Purpose of Free Will

     Our Will represents the Creative Force by which we were created and can continue to exist. When this inner force is solely used to maintain the Oneness between the inner and outer, we can, like stones and plants, continue to exist. Unless we can use our will for making a choice, we cannot fully contribute to the Human Potential. In other words, in order to cultivate our spirit unto the highest levels, we must be able to consciously use our will or inner creative force to extend the present, which is an accumulation of the past. The Conscious extension of the ever-present, through Discernment, is known as Choice. By the understanding of how we are a part of Creation we can universally grow. Through “public education”, however, our universal growth has become stunted. Consequently, addiction sets in, which is the final dead-end mode, instant gratification or extreme illusion.

     The Human being, since it has the greatest integration of Heaven and Earth energies, is most able to evolve from the planet by choice and can direct the Force by which we were created into much higher levels of existence. Due to the great ability to reflect the inner sun, by feeling, the human being has the great ability to discern, and to create its own future and reality in order to validate its being by making a choice. The ultimate reflection upon one’s ability to express will is by having the ultimate contrast to the Order of Creation.

     By the discovery that we can direct our own sensation course (sensation is the result of contrast), we can deviate from the Absolute Constant (Creator’s One-law) and can create our own laws by which we can experiment (temporal world). New and unique things and ways can come into being, which can teach us about ourselves, our limitations and also the endless world of change – Freedom. This is the basis for experimentation. But when the experiment has come to its end, we can then see the limitations of the world we have created under the temporal laws. Then the condition is established by which the ultimate choice can be made. Then our power of will can undergo the final Test. The extreme options then are “to BE and Not to BE”:

“Not to BE”

Continue with the experiment and self-destruct.

“to BE”

     Return to the non-experimental world, Creation, and enjoy Freedom. Presently, the danger exists that the world can be destroyed through the experimental mode of the “new world order”. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the need to discontinue and separate themselves from the syndicate-controlled world by becoming Sovereign Under Creator’s Law. The first step is to consciously restore your Oneness with Creation. This is basically done through the Sacred Way of Eating. Food is much more than nutrition!

In Other Words

     The Human race on planet Earth has to grow out of its immaturity of spirit. The darkness of the world was needed to find the inner light. The pains of body, mind and spirit indicate the seeking for the Sun that must radiate from within. As the contrast of Earth’s darkness and Heaven’s light come to the extreme, the final choice can be made. We either choose to remain blind to the inner light and continue to suffer, or choose to ignite the inner light to brighten the world into PEACE – to BE Hopi (peaceful individual = peaceful indivisible-two).

The first choice requires one to follow the course of addiction to the very end. The second choice requires one to purify the body with Creator’s medicine, Food and Prayer. Only then can we heal our Heart and trust our mind and truly comprehend the Tawa Message. This call is that of joy.


     Separation equals limitation. Oneness equals Freedom. We all breath from the same Heaven, drink and eat from the same Earth. Then what is it that makes us divide and war? Both Heaven and Earth have One Origin. This Source maintains Heaven and Earth by the One-law. It is by the individual’s relationship to this absolute constant that Humanity’s unity is maintained. By not living the Law of laws, the people will create their own laws and ways. By doing so, boundaries are set up, indicating the limits of the secondary laws. Consequently, the people who claim their rights under the secondary law will quarrel about what they have in common: their limitations! This is the irony of today’s quest for ‘freedom’ = “make war for peace”. This blindness is due to the darkness that is carried by one’s Blood. Indeed, separation equals limitation and will lead to the organization of murder. It has led to the creation of nations in which the ways and things that were originally free can be price-tagged and monopolized. Today a nation’s main interest is to economically survive because their laws make it illegal to be SOVEREIGN UNDER CREATOR’S LAW.

     Legality makes sure that one has the right to make a “living” at the Expense of life. Exclusive laws justify the killing of those who trespass our own boundaries. The most profitable commodity, weaponry, supports the costly armies required to do the defending. By this madness one is told why, how, who, where and when to kill. This insanity has come to its climax, by uniting nations under the same laws which have been creating such disunity. Murder is supported under the supervision of a centralized economy. Those who do not agree will be economically boycotted and killed. All of this craziness began with one’s separation from Creation’s Order by the destruction of one’s Oneness with Creation.

     The world is beginning to get used to having extreme weather conditions and traumatic shifts in nature (high winds, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes). Reacting to that by shifting economic interests or re-budgeting and by the design of protective means truly shows the arrogance and suicidal state of today’s world.

     In parallel, the body reacts by internal imbalance: by fever, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, etc., and ultimately by degenerative diseases. Nature maintains itself through the change of cycles. This in turn affects those whose internal imbalance created the environmental instability. This is justice.

     It has to be understood that due to the Oneness between our inner and outer being, the ecology of the world is affected by everything we do with our being, whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually. All is interconnected. To think that we can be excluded from Universal Justice by ignoring the Oneness, indicates the great disease of spirit: arrogance. This pestilence can be cured in two ways:

    By nature’s upheaval which will increase with our persistence in following the experimental way of life over the order of Creation. Consequently lives will be terminated traumatically by disease (inner war) or war (outer disease).


     By becoming humble and fully submitting to the highest law of the Infinite Universe. By purifying our Blood. By restoring our Oneness with Creation. By becoming Sovereign Under Creator’s Law. This requires Strong Courage, to test our Will by making the Choice in the Light of Truth. By making this choice we can be a true member of Creation. The false democracy (demonocracy) requires us to choose between syndicate-controlled options and by having individuals join a majority of weaklings (dropouts) within the universal context. This is the disguised minority. The freedom that this “majority” seeks has to be defended by “making war for peace”, with its tax money and lack of spirit. Thus with each “victory” everyone loses, because the “majority” consists of the ultimate “minority”, which is the Individual (= “indivisible–two”). The chain is as strong as its weakest link, THINK.

     The connection between the inner and the outer freedom should be clear. Now we can choose between the costly and enslaving ‘universal coverage” (live with disease) keeping us separate from Creation, or to be Human again by freely enjoying true Freedom. Vote for the consensus of Oneness!

     As the sounds of self-destruction become louder, the need to listen to the Tawa Message becomes louder too. The solution has to come from within, from the point of Silence and Stillness. The choice is ours and can be independently made.

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