The Lucifer Rebellion


The Urantia Book, Part 2, Paper 53


* LUCIFER was a brilliant primary Lanonandek Son of Nebadon. He had experienced service in many systems, had been a high counselor of his group, and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity, and efficiency. Lucifer was number 37 of his order, and when commissioned by the Melchizedeks, he was designated as one of the one hundred most able and brilliant personalities in more than seven hundred thousand of his kind. From such a magnificent beginning, through evil and error, he embraced sin and now is numbered as one of three System Sovereigns in Nebadon who have succumbed to the urge of self and surrendered to the sophistry of spurious personal liberty — rejection of universe allegiance and disregard of fraternal obligations, blindness to cosmic relationships.

* In the universe of Nebadon, the domain of Christ Michael, there are ten thousand systems of inhabited worlds. In all the history of Lanonandek Sons, in all their work throughout these thousands of systems and at the universe headquarters, only three System Sovereigns have ever been found in contempt of the government of the Creator Son.

* Throughout this period Lucifer became increasingly critical of the entire plan of universe administration but always professed wholehearted loyalty to the Supreme Rulers. His first outspoken disloyalty was manifested on the occasion of a visit of Gabriel to Jerusem just a few days before the open proclamation of the Lucifer Declaration of Liberty. Gabriel was so profoundly impressed with the certainty of the impending outbreak that he went direct to Edentia to confer with the Constellation Fathers regarding the measures to be employed in case of open rebellion.

* We are certain of only one thing, and that is: Whatever these first beginnings were, they had their origin in Lucifer’s mind. There must have been a pride of self that nourished itself to the point of self-deception, so that Lucifer for a time really persuaded himself that his contemplation of rebellion was actually for the good of the system, if not of the universe.

* Lucifer´s Constitution Principles:

  1. Lucifer charged that the Universal Father did not really exist, that physical gravity and space-energy were inherent in the universe, and that the Father was a myth invented by the Paradise Sons to enable them to maintain the rule of the universes in the Father’s name.
  2. Michael. Lucifer contended that the local systems should be autonomous.
  3. Lucifer maintained that far too much time and energy were expended upon the scheme of so thoroughly training ascending mortals in the principles of universe administration, principles which he alleged were unethical and unsound. He advocated that ascender should enjoy the liberty of individual self-determination. He challenged and condemned the entire plan of mortal ascension as sponsored by the Paradise Sons of God and supported by the Infinite Spirit.

* He advocated that ascender should enjoy the liberty of individual self-determination.

* Self-assertion was the battle cry of the Lucifer rebellion. One of his chief arguments was that, if self-government was good and right for the Melchizedeks and other groups, it was equally good for all orders of intelligence. He was bold and persistent in the advocacy of the “equality of mind” and “the brotherhood of intelligence.” He maintained that all government should be limited to the local planets and their voluntary confederation into the local systems. All other supervision he disallowed. He promised the Planetary Princes that they should rule the worlds as supreme executives. He denounced the location of legislative activities on the constellation headquarters and the conduct of judicial affairs on the universe capital. He contended that all these functions of government should be concentrated on the system capitals and proceeded to set up his own legislative assembly and organized his own tribunals under the jurisdiction of Satan. And he directed that the princes on the apostate worlds do the same.

* The Lucifer emblem was a banner of white with one red circle, in the center of which a black solid circle appeared.

* But this war in heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal.

* Early in the days of the Lucifer rebellion, salvation was offered to all rebels by Michael. To all who would show proof of sincere repentance, he offered, upon his attainment of complete universe sovereignty, forgiveness and reinstatement in some form of universe service. None of the leaders accepted this merciful proffer. But thousands of the angels and the lower orders of celestial beings, including hundreds of the Material Sons and Daughters, accepted the mercy proclaimed by the Panoptians and were given rehabilitation at the time of Jesus’ resurrection nineteen hundred years ago. These beings have since been transferred to the Father’s world of Jerusem, where they must be held, technically, until the Universal courts hand down a decision in the matter of Gabriel vs. Lucifer. But no one doubts that, when the annihilation verdict is issued, these repentant and salvaged personalities will be exempted from the decree of extinction. These probationary souls now labor with the Panoptians in the work of caring for the Father’s world.

We do not look for a removal of the present Satania restrictions until the Ancients of Days make final disposition of the arch-rebels. The system circuits will not be reinstated so long as Lucifer lives. Meantime, he is wholly inactive.

* The rebellion has ended on Jerusem.

* But for ages the seven prison worlds of spiritual darkness in Satania have constituted a solemn warning to all Nebadon, eloquently and effectively proclaiming the great truth “that the way of the transgressor is hard”; “that within every sin is concealed the seed of its own destruction”; that “the wages of sin is death.”

* It is very difficult to point out the exact cause or causes which finally culminated in the Lucifer rebellion. We are certain of only one thing, and that is: whatever these first beginnings were, they had their origin in Lucifer’s mind.

On this last part a Comment must be made that can REVEAL

the ORIGIN of Today´s “Democracy”,

and WHY it will NEVER bring Justice and Peace

UNLESS the ONELAW becomes the Primary Constant,

to be Daily Practiced by the HUMAN.

Then… what was the Origin of that

what made Lucifer´s Mind “slip”?


Essence of Lucifer´s System

and his way of Thinking

Demonocracy, as it is Today


1- Lucifer could not accept that the Human has been created in the image of GOD, and that we are the Totality within the Totality. And thus, that the Essence or Center of the Totality (GOD or “IT”) is also in us (“Point-zero” of the Heart) – which is the absolute and eternal CONSTANT or LAW of laws, CHANGE that is Self-enforcing (Change does not Change).


2- With the BELIEF that the MIND is the Dominant Center… one has to create one’s Own Laws (more than one), that can only be Applied in a LIMITED Context. Then the Territory that can be Claimed according to how much the Secondary law can be ENFORCED. As such the law can be used as a WEAPON making WEAPONS the law. Any form of war or conflict, including disease, is the Result of Overwriting the ONELAW with a Secondary law.


3- With the BELIEF of Self-assertion and the Right to be INDEPENDENT Under the Secondary law, the SYSTEMATIC DIVISION comes about. As such the Borders of Territories become the friction-point between Self-asserted People, who then must “defend” the FENCE that they have in COMMON! And as long as both sides don´t know HOW to make PEACE with the Application of the COMMON LAW or Unifying Denominator… it will be “War after War after War”. All of it becomes then a SYSTEM that can ONLY be MAINTAINED by making “War for Peace” and the “Solutions whereby we can live WITH the problem”. As the System´s concern, it does not matter who “wins”, as long as the REACTIONARY Energy is Provided to keep the System going.


4- “Equal Rights” sounds good as long as the Individual can be “right” over another “wrong”, and so it goes by way of Competition, always making another Less = War/Revenge. Today, Humanity is trapped within the mental-SWAMP that uses Money to keep everyone gasping for the psychological-BAIT. Moreover, according to the ONELAW, equals REPELL one another, and this has set the basis for the Family Disintegration, which has become normal. The Truth is that the Only Equal Right is the RIGHT to BE, but under the Secondary law this is ILLEGAL. A passport or microchip is required to be a “NOT to BE” = Property of a “chosen few”. Therefore, the Parents need to Sign a “birth-certificate, which is the Agreement that the Child BELONGS to the System. Also, the “marriage license” have the same purpose of claim.


The FALL is NEEDED to REALIZE that we have the POWER to RISE from it.

Humanity ARISE!

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