The Jerusalem Pipe

     Joseph of Arimarithaea (the uncle of Jesus) came to Glastonbury, then known as the Isle of Avalon, and planted his staff, cut from the thorn tree from which Jesus’ ‘crown’ was made. The staff grew into a tree, the descendant of which can still be seen at Glastonbury. It blooms in winter, unlike the native thorns of Britain.


     Not too far from the Old City of Jerusalem, at the Judaean Mount of Kings, a Circle of Hearts medicine wheel was build by me and Israeli friends, A few feet away from the wheel was a hawthorn tree (of which “Jesus´ Crown” was made. This inspired me to ask the tree for a branch to be made into a pipe step that would fit on my sacred Hopi pipe bowl.


    After the offering, the lowest dry branch was cut off. Then, lo and behold, I found the ants had already made a narrow channel through the branch. Near the cut-off there was a finger-wide hole vertically connected with the channel (the Ant´s Home). After a simple shaving off on the longer part of the intersection, it became more than I bargained for. It became a complete pipe, all made by the ants!

The pipe was initiated in front of Jerusalem’s two-arched Golden Gate (east side). This entrance was sealed after Jesus made his entrance right before his Crucifixion. The message connected with it is that this gate will be opened after the ‘Second Coming’. I believe that this arrival must come from within us, from the Oneheart.


    The pipe was again smoked on April 14th, 2003, on Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury, where the offshoot of the Jerusalem hawthorn tree has grown, that was planted by Jesu´s uncle, Joseph of Arimathea) . Millions of people from all around the world have visited this tree in pilgrimage.


    This day was unusually British. It was all-day blue sky, and quite warm for that part of the year. There were friends from Jerusalem who had been part of the medicine wheel ceremony in Jerusalem. A circle of more than forty friends was formed around the tree.


    The Rising of the Phoenix was the focus of the pipe ceremony, and a huge Golden bright bird rising from the tree was seen in spirit. Then I asked Great Spirit for a confirmation. For the next four days there was blue sky all day. The four days were granted. Then it became past twenty-two days, slowly tapering off to forty days. Will the prophecy come true that Avalon will become the “New Jerusalem”?

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