The Fixation

The Fixation of East and West

to set the Basis of the
Prophetic Baston


     In order to have a temporary or illusory EXPERIENCE it is essential to EXTERNALISE the Centre, by which the Observer can use the DEDUCTIVE mindset. Thus, the self-evident can be examined from the outer into the inner. Hence the use of microscopes and telescopes to understand phenomena. This Dualistic approach has set the basis for today’s world-order.


     Since Earth was chosen to facilitate the creation of a most dynamic Consciousness of Freedom, the Human has to be fully Synchronised with Earth (read The Tawa Message). This explains why Earth and Human have the same Iron Nucleus. Thus, both Earth and Human needed to be “externalised” on the HORIZONTAL plane.


     For the Human the horizontal plane has been established by the Left and Right hemispheres of the BRAIN. The right-brain correlating with the East and the left-brain correlating with the West. By these inner-polarities the MID-BRAIN has to be stabilised by the Inner-Earth (small-intestine) whereby the biological transmutation FOOD becomes BLOOD, that then rises to the Brain. So, by Earth producing food and the Human eating it, a DIRECT connection is made between Earth’s Core and the Brain’s Centre. It is by the blood having the Iron’s nucleus, that the synchronicity is maintained between the two, Earth and Human.


     Thus, Earth must follow a DESIGN (“magic square”), by which her MAGNETISM (created by her Iron’s nucleus) can be CONTROLLED by the Human, according to the Divine PLAN that brought the Human to Earth. The Plan aimed Earth to become the Oneheart-PORTAL.


     In order for Earth to be Synchronised with the brain, her Magnetism had to be FIXED, to Manage the Illusory aspect of the Plan. The Plan has two stages:


  1. Creation of the Illusion (“blueprint”) by which the opposites can be brought to the very extremes.
  2. Changing the illusion into REALITY.


     The realisation can come about by the DIS-illusion!. Thus, letting go of the things and ways which were merely needed to locate the Turning Point or PORTAL. Everything that has been “price-tagged” must be shifted into the PRICELESS or UNCONDITIONAL: = shift slavery (illusion, finite) into Freedom (reality, eternal).


     The synchronicity of Earth and Human has to be based on a BIOLOGICAL reality in order to let FEELING be the basis for the New CONSCIOUSNESS of Freedom. Thus Food, centred around the WHOLE CEREAL GRAIN (the food that holds the greatest Cosmic Memory), was used to specifically “anchor” East and West, with the Middle-East as the BRIDGE between the two.


Fixing of the East (Orient)


     Here the Humans were instructed to eat the Whole Cereal Grain, wholly.


Fixing the Middle-East (including India)


     Here the Humans were instructed to eat the Whole Cereal Grain partially whole and partially in the form of flour products (chapatti). Consequently the digestive process becomes more stomach based, which causes the central nervous system be less stimulated from the bottom up. Religion remedied the lack, so that daily order can be maintained. All religions originated in the Middle-East!


Fixing the West (Occident)


     Here the Humans were instructed to eat the Whole Cereal Grain mostly in the form of flour products (bread). Consequently, in addition to religion the way of TECHNOLOGY is needed to maintain daily order. The milling of the Grains was the prelude of the “industrial revolution”. Today the factories are still called the “mills”.


     With the upwards focussed blood quality, the way of thinking became increasingly superficial. This intensified the need to discover the POWER that’s WITHIN. However, being superficial the Centre or Origin is looked for at the outer. This led to the creation of the atom-bomb (from thereon the nano-technology) and today’s extreme strive to control Humanity and the World from an external Centre (world-government, world-bank, “CIA”, global surveillance). Ultimately cloning the Human in the image of an illusory god. All of it due to the lack of the Cellular Memory of One. It is now of utmost cosmic importance that the Memory of the East (foremost Japan) rescues the West (with “macrobiotics”). Therefore, the need for the East-West Union. The “middle-east crisis” is basically the result of the East-West fixation.

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