The Dragon


What does the Dragon Represent?

Is it a “reptilian” that some relate to “evil”?

There are different Dragons with different Natures and Functions.

Some are Dedicated to the Basic Elements: Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.

There are a total of 25 Dragons to Maintain the Earthly Life-CYCLE.

Then there is the “Total Dragon”, the ONE Who Transforms the Temporary into the Eternal.

Krishna describes it as the Most FEARSOME.

Its Mouth devours all who are able to fully SURRENDER.

Many cannot Enter this “Portal of Salvation”, because it shows the most fearsome mouth with sharp flaming teeth.

What is the Meaning of it?

This Complete Dragon correlates with the TOTAL HUMAN, who can Master the FIRE whereby we can Transform the Binding Water-cycle into the Liberating Ascension part of the Total-cycle.

Getting STUCK in this Process, creates Uncertainty and FEAR.

It is by FEAR that the TOTAL SURRENDER cannot lead to the LIBERATION.

Ironically, today many Fear the VIRUS that we cannot even see with the naked eyes, to then Cover the MOUTH with a MASK!

For these the Virus is “Dragon”:

Ever thought that we could be the “Total Dragon”, too?

And that we can have the Complete Control over the Mouth, which is the PORTAL towards Total REFINEMENT and TRANSFORMATION?

As Jesus stated: “when the Spirit creates the Body, it is a Miracle, but when the Body creates the Spirit, it is the Miracle of miracles.

The is accomplished with FOOD, with the Sacred Art of Eating = changing the outer into the inner and the Inner into the outer.

It is accomplished with the inner-Changing of the Food into the BLOOD whereby we can become CONSCIOUS of who we ARE, the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY.

FEAR begins with the Incomplete outer-inner Relationship, which can create all sorts of Conflicts, both of the inner and of the outer.

We can BE the Total Dragon by CHEWING the TOTAL FOOD, changing it into the TOTAL BLOOD, to do the TOTAL THINKING in the Cultivation of the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE.

So, TAKE OFF the Total-Mask, to Totally Breathe, to BE!

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