The “group”, mostly from the USA, came to Novasebirsk (Siberia) for an exchange of healing teachings. Part of it was a visit to the “Ice Woman”, a perfectly preserved mummy that was found at an area held sacred by the native people of Siberia. There was a dispute about having the woman, who was in her thirties when she died, to be held at the museum.


     The body was most beautifully tattooed with stylish images of the deer. The deer symbolising Love. Her blond hair was braided and pigmented black. It was believed that “Ice woman” was a priestess of Celtic origin and the finding two thousand years later had something to do with the delivering of a message to the World.


     With respect for the Woman I sprinkled some “gate dust” near her, with the vision that her soul be fully freed. Then it was up to the Altai where the much talked about “Shambala” (Earth Portal) is. We stayed close to Katun river, running the milky coloured glacier water off the Galuba Mountain glaciers. It has been said that this river has the memory at the battle between the light and dark forces and that the dark forces won. The story also mentions that later there will be again a battle between the contrasting forces.


     The time for leaving the Altai was approaching and still no “Shambala” found. So the “group” decided to have a bus tour. There was no specific plan but to follow the road along the river, going upwards. Then soon we saw the clear outline of the Circle around the Sun. In my mind it was the “Shambala” we were looking for, but the “group” ignored it and wanted to move on. The bus came to a halt when the bridge in front of us showed a warning of the maximum weight it can hold. The bus was just too heavy. The Sundog was still in the sky, so I urged to go back and have a ceremony next to the river. Everyone agreed.


     We formed a circle and prayed. Then it was decided to use the sacred Hopi pipe as the “weapon” for winning the prophetic battle. This is how it was planned for. The pipe bowl that was meanwhile filled with the sacred tobacco (while we were in  a circle) had to be carried by the women coming from the East. The men had to come from the West and both groups would meet in the middle of the hanging bridge over the wildly boiling Katun river. The bridge although looking strong was slightly swaying. The Sundog slowly faded after the consensus was reached to DO IT.


     The mindset applied by the “combatants” was that we would be fully committed to let the light forces win over the dark forces. But… if we fail, the bridge would collapse as the pipe stem finds its connection with the bowl. The sign of victory would be the smoking of the pipe! All of this would take place the next day with the rising Sun.


     There was no traffic coming over the bridge. Slowly we walked to meet each other at the centre. The centre was also the Centre Within. The Heart where all opposites meet. Connecting East and West with the walk over the bridge while the river was flowing from South to North. The meeting of the four directions relating to the union of the four races. When this is realised, WORLD PEACE, it would herald the physical realisation of the Fourth Dimension. Then the entire Earth will become one Shambala. A Portal of Peace and Freedom that will shine forth the Light from Within. Planet Earth would become a SUN!


     We made it! After the pipe was smoked a prayer bowl was dropped into the river. Although the water was very turbulent the splash created nine distinct rings in the river. Then a Black Eagle circled over and “Ice Woman” was seen in spirit, smiling!

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