Rome Revisited….

     Going to Rome with my German friend Peter, as part of my global east-west quest. We went to the Vatican. During the tour through this awesome display of marble-art, my attention was drawn to a niche, symbolising death. A door in the middle intrigued me – I had the idea to deposit some of the ‘gate dust’ (ashes of the global Oneheart ceremonies to open the portal of freedom) behind it.


     We finished the tour and then decided to go to the Coliseum. The gate closed right in front of us, because visiting hours were over. So we decided to stay one more day in Rome. We found a hotel and, that evening, Peter and I did a fire ceremony with the focus to create ashes that were later added to the batch of ‘gate dust’.



    Before sleeping we smoked the sacred pipe that my adoptive Hopi father Titus and I often smoked together. I asked the spirit of Titus to guide us the next day in Rome.

Up we went to the Coliseum, built in 80 AD by the emperor Titus. Its opening was marked by a 100 day celebration, during which Christians were fed to the lions. The beasts didn’t go for the flesh due to their confusion caused by the on going roar of the bloodthirsty Romans.


     Caesar was disappointed and tried to make up for it with a massive display of gladiators trying to kill each other. The celebration was concluded with a duel of the two best fighters, Verses and Priscus, who were good friends. The fight ended with both losing their swords, with only fists to be used for the conclusion. Now Titus had to make a decision. He watched the public’s reaction. They were in favour of the bravery of both. Titus’ thumb went up and both gladiators won…. including their freedom. This fight has the only detailed documentation in all of the history of the gladiators.


     Standing within the stage…. still the roar echoing, and sensing the agony. The ashes we freely sprinkled around. Then the torrential rain came down, with lightning and thunder. A purification had begun!

A second visit to the Vatican was next, with the intent to sprinkle the ‘gate dust’ (including soil gathered at the Coliseum). It was still raining heavily upon our arrival.

A prayer feather I managed to deposit at the centre of the Vatican. Then I discretely dropped small portions of the ashes and soil on the floor. Not discreet enough…. because a secret Vatican police spotted me doing the ‘blessing’. He was not happy with the idea of me blessing the Vatican! So he called in the uniformed Vatican police, who escorted me to the ‘niche of death’, leading me through the door to the police headquarters behind it!


     The police asked me to identify myself and, studying my passport I “discretely” dropped the ‘gate dust’ next to me. The report I had to sign read that I had “blessed” the Vatican with “gate dust”.

They led me out back through the ‘mysterious door’, where Peter was giving hell to the police outside. He calmed down when he saw me smiling. The heavy rain stopped and both of us started laughing until the sun stared smiling upon us. I sensed Titus the Hopi laughing too. Many liberated souls chanted ‘thank you!’.


     Is this a allegory of the past? Titus the Hopi and Titus the Roman…. Roy/Peter and Verses/Priscus…. the gladiator document and the ‘gate dust report’…. the flow of blood and the rain…. the Roman empire then and democracy today? If this is all true then Verses and Priscus have not fought in vain. They are still friends. May we entertain the world with the ONEHEART Ceremony!

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