Mexico and Japan


       The Prophetic Baston correlates with the Union f the Condor (South)-Quetzal (Mexico, Meeting Point) and North (USA/Canada). It goes along with the Conclusion of the Divine PLAN with the Realization to make Earth the PORTAL of Peace and Liberation.


     The True Realization is Biologically based. It has to, because the Realization requires the BRAIN that enables us to Realize. How else? And so, all depending on the FOOD we eat, that upon the Digestive Process becomes the BLOOD to Activate the Brain, enabling us to Sense, Think and become CONSCIOUS.


     The PLANS´s realization is to KNOW that ALL IS ONE. Therefore, the HUMAN, being the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY (Creation in the Human Form) must at the END make the CHOICE to BE (“to BE or Not to BE” is the Question).


     The Love and Heart symbol precisely shows the Process in the creation of the Prophetic Baston, of which the Human is the LIVING one.


     The Human is the LIVING BASTON (B) and the correlation between Earth and Body is:

* South – Small-intestine or inner-MOTHER/Condor, where the Food changes into the Blood that enables us to BE.

* North – Brain or inner-FATHER/Eagle polarizing the inner-Condor, so that both can Pulsate the Heart.

* Earth´s Center – Heart whereby we can make the DIRECT connection with the SOURCE. And when the Blood is PURE, with the Brain we can Know How to USE the POWER coming from the Heart in the form of FREE WILL. With this inner-TRINITY (S-C-N)) we can fully connect Body and Head, to ASCEND beyond Earth´s Ionosphere (I) = FREEDOM.


The Mexico-Pyramid is typical with its Flat-top. WHY? It has to be hereby understood that Mexico´s MISSION has Two parts: 1- Physical Preparation, correlating with the Body below the Diagraph and Heart (C), which went along with the Blood-sacrifices to gods (entities, elementals, functions). 2- Union of Body and Head/Mind, which requires the Restoration of the inner-MOTHER (M), so that the BLOOD can fully Ascend to the Brain with the MEMORY that ALL IS ONE = Total Sacrifice to GOD.

    It must also be noted that these pyramids have 3 stars, where the outer ones have 9 levels. The one on the right correlates with the 9 levels of the Heaven-Earth Descend. The one on the left correlates with the 9 levels of Earth-Heaven Ascend. It is now up to the PEOPLE, to have the ”Mexico-DRAGON” ARISE with the CONSCIOUSNESS to be AWAKENED by the inner-MOTHER, from the “Bottom-UP” (M).

     Then, the Water-Dragon (Japan) and the (Fire-Dragon) can UNITE to have the Liberating PHOENIX Ascend from HAWAII, with the HATCHING of MYSTERY EGG holding the Prophetic Ashes of PEACE.

     MEXICO …. look at its map, from the South´s perspective and we can see the Dragon´s shape. This nation has 32 states. 32, correlates with the 32 teeth. The teeth correlate with the 32 Vertebrae. 32+32=64, correlating with Mexico´s 64 original tribes. 8×8 correlate with the double infinity pattern of the BLOOD´s circulation pattern.

     The map shows Chiapas connecting the Body and Head of the Dragon, with Baha the tail. Then Queretaro the center of Mexico, around which the Dragon can Turn. Too much to go into the details, which include the Pyramids and the Prophetic Condor-Quetzal- Eagle Baston.

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