Initiation to Truth

     Began my Life´s Pilgrimage (1984, Los Angeles-Washington DC) to find out HOW to become the “Greatest Criminal in the Universe”. I arrived at DC on the day President Ronald Regan had to be initiated with the usual Parade, which was cancelled due to a heavy snowstorm. And here I came, all alone plowing through the snow.


     Chief Billy Tayak Redwing of the Piscatawe Tribe welcomed me and shared the following story. “The Creator gave Humanity the TREE of LIFE and made it the LAW to ENJOY the Tree the best we can, FREELY. A “few”, however, decided to put a Fence around the Tree and declared it to be theirs’s and made a law that from then on, anyone want to benefit from the Tree need to have their permission. Then, the SYSTEM was created whereby one have to Give Up ones Obedience to Live by GOD´s LAW. And so, the laws of the “chosen few”, since they needed to be Enforced where also used as a Weapon making Weapons the law. From thereon it became law against law along with all sorts of schemes and wars to compete for authority.


     Now the Question … Which law to Obey? Which kind of Criminal do we want to be? Obey GOD´s LAW and the fenced Environment (including the hospital) becomes our Prison, along with all sorts of limitation from “comforts”. Obey the Secondary law and our entire BEING becomes our Prison (including Mind and Spirit).


     Humanity has come to the Final TEST, and can Redeem for past IGNORANCE, by giving the BEST ANSWER to the Last Question: “to BE or Not to BE”? Two hours before Titus Qomayumptewa “joined the Rainbow” … his Last Words were, “Roy have you finished your Book … tell the World the Truth about Creator´s LAW.

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