Entering the Triangle

     On the 1987 Harmonic Convergence I decided to be at a place of my choice where I could contemplate and pray… in regard to the essence of this historic event. The place was the gravesite of the great Chief Powhatan (father of Pocahontas). He was the first North American Chief who went to Europe to meet with the Queen of England.


     Chief Powhatan’s gravesite, in Virginia, was shaped in a triangle covering about 100 square meters. It so happened that my partner wanted to join me at the site… which was against my wish to be alone (that I didn’t expressed).

I made a head start to the site. Afterwards I found out that my partner could not find me at the site although a ranger and a relative of the Chief were witness to my presence. Thus she left, thinking that I was playing tricks on her. Did I become invisible? This day at the Triangle shaped sacred site literally put a mark on my course until August 22nd 2002 at the Cradle of Humanity South Africa.


     Then, the next year I was guided to be in Washington D.C. Here for one year an intensive “scouting mission” took place. With a daily stroll through the capital, along with contemplation, prayer and ceremony at special places. Soon the “Picture” became clear. The heart of D.C. was designed within the context of a triangle! That, within this three pointed (Capitol/Pentagon/Oak hill Cemetery) shape the pattern made by five major structures (Capitol building, Lincoln Monument, White House, Jefferson Monument, Washington Monument) conveyed the code of how the universal order had been changed into the artificial/reactionary order.


     This shift could only happen with the relocation of the Elements and reversal of the Heaven-Earth relationship. This pattern was also connected with the “magic square” by reference to which the flag of the USA had been designed. During this episode a Flame was kept alive, that I later transported to Hopiland, where it was kept in a kerosene lantern for a month. The flame ended at “Prophecy Rock”. The maximum burning time for a lantern is around 2-3 days. The flame had lasted for 5 days with only one filling of fuel …


     Then the time arrived for me to go West again and to meet with the Hopi in Arizona (1989). Here I met with the greatest Hopi farmer/priest Titus Qomayumptewa. Titus upon seeing the Washington D.C. pattern assured me that this document would have an important part at the “Conclusion”.


     The Five years following at Hopiland was a preparatory stage towards the deeper penetration of the triangle! The set-up of the Stage needed the actors and conditions to bring forth the Extreme Options whereby Humanity can be tested through the last choice making…the Test of Will.


     Thus, the Drama began with the great show of power by the “New World Order”. Its “Gulf War” along with the flowering of a special yellow flower in December, were the prophetic signs for the Hopi that it was time for them to show the World that they had been given the Title of the Earth in the form of the sacred Fire Clan Stone Tablets. I was commissioned with the task of making this revelation come true at the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe. Hereby a warning was given to the “superpowers” that they had gone way beyond the Turning Point and must go back to the Order of the Universe.


     The request was also made for the U.S. to come up with the document they had signed, transferring the South West (under the dominion of Spain) to the USA. In this document it was stated that the Hopi were not a part of it and were a Sovereign Nation. Like all the treaties signed by the U.S., this one was also conveniently broken before the ink could dry. Today the Hopi find themselves in a 150 sq. mile “reservation” governed by a puppet “Hopi Tribal Counsel” that was illegally installed by the Peabody Mining Company. The whole corrupt intrusive action that was fully supported by the U.S. Government has upset the Hopi’s sacred task of helping the Earth to stay in balance.


     Titus Farm, the last stronghold in Hopiland, made itself known with a sign saying:






(Underlined with a TRIANGLE holding a CIRCLE and a CROSS)


     Shortly before Titus joined the Rainbow he let me sit next to him and pointed to a Paho (a grouping of prayer feathers) hanging in the farm’s cabin and said…”Roy. After I pass away the people of the dark side want to get you out. Point to the Paho and let them know that you have my blessings to live here and take care of the farm. If they agree they must blow the smoke of the sacred pipe on the feathers… but if they do not and forcefully remove you, they will lose in the end and meet with misfortune”. Afterwards the Counsel came with a twelve-man strong swat team to illegally confiscate the farm.


     Thus, I had to decide how to go about justice. The choice was between Federal Court and Creator’s Court. I chose the last one and reasoned that the whole World is the Court of Justice and that The Judge is Within. Also that all of Humanity is the Jury. This left me with the decision to travel around the World. Thus I began with a journey around the World on August 31st 1996 from Phoenix/Arizona going West.


     The evening before departure Phoenix was bathed in the light of an electric storm. This I thought was significant, because the journey would go along with the sharing of the Phoenix Ceremony. Great Spirit showed this ritual to me. It consists of the weaving of eight flat sticks and it looks like the “union jack”. This pattern, after “depositing” into it the things we don’t need any longer, and which limit us, we burn in order to rise above it. In other words, let the Phoenix rise from its own ashes. The ashes can then be used to remove stagnation by sprinkling it at places that need the liberation.


     Four days later an evening indoor ceremony took place in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. At the time that eight Phoenix boundaries were set in flames there was thunder and lightning all around us, followed by torrential rain. I was told later that there had been a two-month drought on all the islands. Moreover, it hardly ever thunders in Hawaii.


     Then, two men came over, father and son, who wanted to speak to me. The father said: “this morning I took off all my rings… something that I had never done before. When I finished my bathing I wanted to put my rings back on…but they were gone, had disappeared into thin air. This mystery kept me preoccupied even during the ceremony. But then, when the fire was lit along with the sudden storm…the rings manifested on my fingers! My son was a witness and something happened to him too. The metal bracelet of turquoise stones that he was wearing on his wrist suddenly broke in half and fell to the floor”.


     I reasoned that with the uplifting energy of the Phoenix ceremony the limitation of the man’s mindset was transcended by his psychic power and thus space and time could be overcome too. After all, we were created in the Image of the CREATOR of ALL. That makes us a Co-Creator and a Miracle Worker. What Jesus once said is true: “What I can do you can do too and even more”. With this experience my commitment to the Greatest Miracle, WORLD PEACE, was once more empowered. Since then the ashes of the ongoing Phoenix ceremonies have been scattered around the World.


     Later on the Big Island of Hawaii I met with Fatima, an Amazon woman who had come to the USA at the age of eighteen. Here she was welcomed by an Apache elder, Wild Horse, who spoke her language. He explained that he had visited the Amazon jungle where Fatima’s people had saved his life. Now it was his turn to safeguard an Amazon’s life. Since then Fatima had been able to travel safely throughout Washington D.C. where she had stayed for a few years.


     Fatima noticed the staff I travelled with, the base of which was an Elk hoof, and remarked that Wild Horse had given her a similar hoof…this shocked me because, at the same moment that I had found that hoof, in an Arizona forest, the Image of “Tom Brown’s” grandfather (from the book) had come to mind. This story about a grandfather, also an Apache, and who had also gone to the Amazon, was similar. Could Wild Horse and this grandfather have been the same person?


     Fatima is also known as a Dreamer. So I gave her Homa (Sacred Hopi cornmeal used in ceremonies) with the request for her to ask Wild Horse (who had already joined the Rainbow) to give her a dream regarding a possible relationship between the two hooves. The following evening Fatima received the Vision. Wild Horse showed Fatima a large Amethyst crystal through which she could see. At the other end a strange pattern could be seen. Then the Apache said “I gave Roy something when he was in Washington D.C.”


     In D.C. I had indeed a large Amethyst crystal that I often used in ceremonies and when I showed Fatima the Washington pattern she said, “that’s it! “

South Africa was part of the global journey and a series of visits have followed since then. Here the “Two Feather Medicine ” was created (read the Heart to Heart Connection). Then the Magaliesberg triangle!


     Two women (Marianne and Leigh Cloete) at the Cradle of Humanity, Magaliesberg, saw me on a TV program doing a ceremony at a Medicine Wheel and were impressed by it. So they decided to send a ” cosmic email” (prayer) for someone to come to help with building the Wheel on their land. Less than three weeks later the connection was “somehow” made between us! The Cloete family are the stewards of a 36-hectare property at the Cradle, where they manage an Eco/Peace Village/School.


     The site was observed upon invitation and the presence of a strange bird helped with the finding of the centre of the Medicine Wheel. A few days later a grass fire raged through the land and left a perfect circle unburned around the centre! An out of season rainstorm followed.


     Then, an aerial picture was shown…confirming that the shape of the land is that of a triangle! Now the symbol of Titus Farm has become a physical reality!. Also, the land has been declared Common Ground Earth. WORLD PEACE will emerge on the physical level when becoming One Common Ground liberates the Earth. Also this is inevitable. All “super powers” of the past that have resisted this have collapsed. Today we have another Nation, born out of all Nations, which tries to repeat the futile, but this time it will be the last chance given to all of us to let the King Within Reign over the World. It will not be staged with today’s political version of Democracy, but by the Order centred around Creator’s Law, the only Absolute Constant of the Infinite Universe.


     With the Rising Sun of August 22nd 2002, the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel was initiated. Twelve Women lit the Eternal Flame from the Twelve Directions (relating to the Twelve Tribes of Man who originated at this location) towards the Centre of the Wheel. This wood fed Fire will be kept alive until there is World Peace!


     So far, the Triangle phenomena described here were of isolated locations. Now the Triangle within the global context: Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the USA and is directly opposite South Africa. Iceland, where the Tectonic plates of Europe and America meet, is as far from Hawaii as from South Africa. It so happened that in this triangle, on each highlight of a ceremony held at a Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel (Big Island of Hawaii, Robben Island in South Africa and Iceland) two Whales jumped out of the ocean!


     Moreover, the cosmic correlation between Africa and the USA was confirmed in the Kalahari with the creation of a Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel. Two special flat stones became part of the Circle. They were at one time connected with a third (middle) part. An old Bushman engraved symbols on the unbroken flat stone. Then the mistake was made of using the stone in an attempt to free a bus that was stuck in sand. The stone had broken into three parts. Afterwards the middle part could not be found. Like the rings in Hawaii it had simply disappeared into thin air.


     So, I asked for the two remaining flat stones to be part of the Medicine Wheel. The request was gladly granted. Upon studying the stones I noticed that one had the shape of Africa and the other that of the USA… The fiftieth state of the USA, Hawaii is exactly opposite the Kalahari… Africa has fifty Nations… Iceland where the two Tectonic plates meet… The cosmic confirmation of all these aspects was most surprisingly shown at the very end of a two weeklong consecration:


     The overnight central fire of the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel was still alive. The sacred pipe was smoked with the rising sun and we were ready to prepare ourselves for departure. Then… a Scarab (Dung Beetle) was moving its egg bundle up the red sand hill towards the Medicine Wheel. Every one was holding their breath. It entered the circle, crossed the East gate and slowly approached the inner circle of the fire pit… went into the fire pit…deposited the bundle into the hot coals and then went back to where it had come from, unharmed!


     The Magaliesberg Triangle has opened a Portal for tapping into a Memory we must now regain, so that we can find our way back Home. It also serves as a “Cosmic Computer”, for anyone to send a “Cosmic Email” of Peace to the World… simply by putting into the Flame a written message or any other organic object that has been “programmed”. Let the People come with the burning desire to keep the Flame of Peace Alive. It is the first Fire of its kind in the World. Come with firewood and possibly bring back the Flame’s essence, to start the Fire at your location or Home. It is a most powerful way to inspire Humanity to surrender to the ONEHEART.


     Much later a picture (taken after the first part of my 108 day journey around the world) of the Full Moon with a tight Rainbow around it never seen before… showing upon enlargement an armada of TRIANGLE shaped objects, many positioned in V-formation! It was on this day that friends from around the world and I had a Ceremony for my adoptive Hopi father Titus who “joined the Rainbow”. As above so below?


What is the significance of the TRIANGLE?


     The Trinity holds the Key for “getting In and Out” between the Temporary and Eternal Worlds. The Temporary realm is contained by duality, the illusion, and has thus a Beginning and an End. The Eternal realm is Beginningless and Endless. Within this “context” (cannot be measured) the Two are perceived as complementaries, as ONE. Within this “Container” we will know who we are and from within our True Self we will Know that “God Made Himself” and that “God helps those who help themselves! In contrary, the Dualistic Oppressive world constantly tries to get us to depend on the external, with an addictive way of life. It creates pain-killers and anti-biotics to cut us off from our awakening process (“Sleeping God”). Pain and delusion are our Inner Attributes to help us, to awaken! The demonic instigates fear and insecurity to make us hold on to the external and dualistic, hence the creation of disease (inner war) and war (outer disease). It offers us “freedom” with “making war for peace”.


     All phenomena can be basically and fully understood, by Seeing it in terms of Trinity. Example… observer/mirror /image… fuel/oxygen/heat… time/space/ dimension… Within the world of illusion there is no solution or conclusion. It maintains the cycle of birth/death and the costly research programs to find out how to “live with (the outer) the problem. In other words, there is no unifying Centre, Catalyst or Principle for the Two to Unite/Perceive as One/Complementaries. Our Temporary World is coming to its End. Now we must remember the plan that Inspired us to be on Planet Earth, giving us a chance to know FREEDOM!


Trinity of Awakening:






     The Sun is our Mirror and our Heart Contains the Observer.

The Clear connection between Observer and Mirror results in the awakening or consciousness that we are FREE.




  1. The Polarisation, the One becoming two, gives rise to the creation of consciousness. Without contrast the One doesn’t make sense and cannot create either. It is the void or Great Mystery that we can only enter with duality, by inner/outer, front/back, light/dark, hot/cold, etc. Consciousness is the principle of Creation and Reality, but before it can become tangible or solid, the two must create the three or Centre/Nucleus whereby the origin of the two can be remembered-to realise the ONENESS in the here and now. With the memory of One the two attract one another and thus form a body or phenomena. The greater the Memory that’s held by the nucleus the more complex the Body can be.


The Human Body has the most dense and stable Nucleus (Iron) and is thus the most complex, in that it can be the most complete microcosm of Creation…hence the saying that we were created in the Image of God. All degenerative disease is the result of an insufficiency in the immune system… an insufficiency in the Cellular Memory… and a lack of the food that we need to maintain the Body according to the Order of the Infinite Universe. Body, Mind and Soul are the Trinity of our Being. This Unit will fall apart without us honouring the King of kings within. Thus we need to be more conscious of who we truly are. Don’t blindly trust those “experts” who are never able to teach by example!


  1. Within the Relative World the ONENESS is maintained by Creator’s Law: Change, the only thing that doesn’t change! With the two and the three (Third) the Trinity is formed and consequently the basis is set for Change. With the Centre (Three) the Opposites (Two) can be Complementaries and endlessly change into one another. The Infinity symbol shows this pattern most accurately.


  1. The opposing forces promote Anti Creation and thus try to destroy the unifying catalyst or Nucleus. This Centre holds the memory of ONE and our Natural Immune System is based on this recall of origin or “Built-in Genesis”. This explains why the “AIDS doctrine” is set up with the help of the chemical /genetic manipulation/Junk foods/drugs to create reactionary conditions in the Body first… so that the subliminal can get a hold on the Mind and Soul for the final control by an exclusive “chosen Few”. Their symbols are of the Broken Infinity (Finite) Pattern: Dollar/McDonalds/AIDS. As we will see soon, the weak of Body, Mind and Soul (Trinity) will be the first ones to surrender to the complete control with money (the tool for manipulating the Illusion within an exclusive context)… by accepting the implant (“Number of the Beast”).
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