De-fence the Earth

      Titus and I moved to the farm, where his daughter Rena had a small cabin build for us to live in. Meanwhile I succeeded with the growing of my first Hopi corn crop. Then I became aware that there was a barbed wire fence that divided the land. I asked Titus why the fence was there and who put it up. “one day the Hopi Tribal Council came and put it up without any explanation” he said. So I said “let’s have it taken off and tell the “Hopi Tribal Council to do it”. We sent the HTC a letter and told them that if the fence was not taken off before a certain date we will do it and send them the bill. Four days before the dead-line the HTC removed the mile long fence. We had the Dene elders and runners come on the day of the deadline, to help. Instead, we had a Hopi corn party. Afterwards the farm grew the largest crop at Hopiland.

     The ONELAW of Creation needs to be Primary Law of Humanity. As such, there is NO NEED to Divide Humanity by the Nations which are ruled with Different laws, bylaws and mandatories.


Tree of Life

     The Creator of All gave us the Tree of Life and the Wish of the Almighty is for us to freely enjoy The Gift. This Gift is maintained with the One Law, by which each part must serve the Whole, making it possible to have the seed in the tree and the tree in the seed. In other words, within Creator’s Body or Realm there is no separation or fence, because the One Law, CHANGE, harmonises all parts. Thus the fences or borders which are used to claim ownership under secondary laws (anti-change), make it possible to create conflict out of the separated parts. What a fence tries to secure is a Concept of ownership under laws which require the enforcement by those who created these secondary (“legal”) laws. Then, when the Heart-to-Heart connection is lacking these laws will be used as Weapons, which ultimately make weapons the law. All wars and any form of terrorism are based on the enforcement of conceptional laws. So, in order to set the basis for World Peace the Earth has to be DE-fence … having Creator’s Law the Primary Constant on Earth.

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