Daddy Brae

    Hawaii was the first stop where the following happened. 

    Daddy Brae was Hawaii’s best known Kahuna. His spiritual powers were extraordinary. He would sit on the beach and oncoming ocean waves would not touch him. There was even claim that Daddy Brae could make a car move uphill with a chant. “All of this is not important” he said. “The greatest miracle is to realise the Absolute from within”.

     One day Daddy Brae had a vision, showing him that he has to go to the “mainland” (America) to connect with the Native American. This he did and he connected with the Hopi. Then in a Kiva (below-ground shrine) Daddy Brae had a ceremony with the Hopis…. where he shared a Hawaii chant. It was a Hopi chant too! All the Hopis present smiled and nodded, saying “They made it”. Then the Hopis explained to Daddy Brae what they meant.

     A long time ago the Hawaii islands were invaded by the islanders of the South. Unlike the peaceful Hawaiians these islanders were warlike and threatened extermination. Thus a prayer was sent over the horizon for help. The Hopi responded by sending their warriors by canoe, but it was never known if they ever made it. Finally Daddy Brae brought the ‘good news’ by the sharing of the ‘chant’.

     Again, years went by. Daddy Brae passed on and his temple was then cared for by his student Jeff. Then one day Jeff, together with Daddy Brae’s niece Kekula, who had a vision that a new connection had to be made, decided to go to Hopiland. They searched and spoke with the Hopi to find the ‘right one’ to connect with. Shortly before leaving they visited the Farm where Titus and I were living. We had a lengthy exchange of teachings and at the end Kekula said to me “You are the one we were looking for!” An overnight oneheart-ceremony followed to confirm the connection.

    Maybe this connection was needed in preparation for the Sun-Gate to be opened for Titus to join the Rainbow. Daddy Brae’s spiritual identity was the ‘All Seeing Eye of the Sun’. The sign given to Kekula was a most unusual great number of Ewas in the sky (a storm bird able to stay in flight in high winds) on the day of Titus’ passing on. “I have never seen so many of them at one time. They are rare and usually we see them flying in pairs, but this time the whole sky was covered.”

     Later, on my 108-day global journey I was entrusted a Hawaii Phoenix Medicine that had to be delivered to the Hopi. This responsibility went along with confirmations from the sky. The Kahuna who gave me the Medicine Bundle was criticised. “He is not a Hopi, how can you do this?”. Then a rainbow appeared at the right moment, along with the quite unusual find of an Ewa (Storm Bird) on the beach. The Medicine reached Oraibi.

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