Construct of Perception and Experience

The Origin of Construct is HERE and NOW, where we ARE.

This INSTANT correlates with SLEEP, the Unconscious or Nothing (Great Mystery).

To WAKE UP, in order to become Conscious, we must Activate the BRAIN with the BLOOD that originates from FOOD.

Food Originates from the SEED, which correlates with the Instant.

So, what happens when we plant the Seed?

At first the Root emerges, then the Branch.

Why the Root first?

Because it Seeks the Center or Nucleus of the context in which the Seed is Planted.

That´s why one Tendency of the Polarity is CONTRACTION.

By the initial connection, the planted Seed can EXTEND the MEMORY that it Contains.

The Branch makes the Memory VISIBLE by way of EXPANSION, to complete the Polarity whereby we can REALIZE (of what is within).

It is like a Book, reading it to KNOW what it Contains, condensing the Distance between Front and Back Cover to Cultivate CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Book or Seed are the HERE and NOW, and by the Polarization (“big bang”), Here and Now can be Perceived as SPACE and TIME.

In other words, Space and Time are the DELAYED Perceptions of Here and Now.

In the Dynamic sense, Space correlates with Expansion and Time correlates with Contraction.

With these Two we have the Basic tools for the Construct of PERCEPTION and EXPLORATION, in the Cultivation of Consciousness.

The illustration of it is the Circle (space) and Center (time).

And what connects the Circle with the Center is the EXPERIENCE.

By the Polarization the Experience can be Dual too.

One Experience is of the OUTER (space, circle).

The other Experience is of the INNER (time, center).

Both Experiences enable us to do the TOTAL Self-examination.

The Outer experience is preceded by FOOD and what makes it Grow.

The Inner-experience is by how Food is REFINED into the Blood whereby we can become AWARE of the Difference between the Outer and the Inner.

These Refinements of Food are, bodily function, feeling, emotion, tasting, smelling, speaking, hearing, seeing and thinking.

By the TOTAL Outer-Inner Experience we can REALIZE that the Genuine HUMAN is the TOTALITY within the TOTALITY.

As such, we can Totally KNOW what the BOOK or SEED Contains.

The Whole Cereal Grain is the MAIN-food that correlates with the Total Book.

The needed “Reading-skill” can be gained with the SACRED ART of EATING!

So, let´s expand on the above´s explanation of the Construct.

From the External (Circle) point of view, we can ONLY have a PART of the Experience.

Because, it is Perceived on a part of the Circle, which we identify as the HORIZONTAL.

By this Superficial Perception, the MIND can be TEMPORARILY in Control (= Deductive Mindset).

As such, we can at the Surface use Space and Time in an EXCLUSIVE way.

TERRITORY can then be Claimed, which is Centered around laws which need to be Artificially Enforced (“law-enforcement”).

When there are more than one of such applications, then there will be a “collision” between territories, along with the law-enforcements = WAR.

As it is on Planet Earth, there is the Conquest for Uniting (UN) the different territories Under laws which have been making GOD´s LAW ILLEGAL to LIVE by.

All of it WILL FAIL, because anything that is Divided has a Beginning and End.

And this Ladies and Gentlemen … is today unfolding the Prophecy that “at the END there will be the WAR between GOD and Devils”, including science presented with the Covid-19 CODE.

The SOLUTION would be the REALIZTION of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the PORTAL of PEACE and LIBERATION.

Thus, the Deductive Mindset needs to be Changed into the Inductive.

In other words, Changing the Horizontal-perception into that of the Vertical.

Therefore, the INDIVIDUAL must use FREE WILL (= GOD´s WILL flowing THROUGH us) along with making GOD´s ONELAW, the Primary Constant in normal daily life.

We are at the Last Page of the “Total Book” and can close it with giving the Best Answer to the Last Question: “to BE or Not to BE”?

With the “Not to BE” answer we will get TRAPPED in the BOOK, with possibly another chance to read it with a Clear Mind?

The “FALL of Man” correlates with the initial “Horizontal Experience”.

With it we can Discern by way of Antagonism: right-wrong, good-bad. Like-dislike, mine-yours.

Out of it we created the Governmental System that DIS-connects the Center with the Circle.

That´s why its Leadership Depends on “Parties”, and Parties in turn Depending on an Administrative Economy to keep Humanity in the Competitive mode (“ping-pong government”), division creating division in a vicious cycle of conflict of Interest.

But that´s not where it ends.

CHANGE is the LAW of laws.

With the “Fall” (horizontal) we can RISE from the Bottom, UP (vertical).

This Process´ Principle is Biologically integrated and enables us to Use the Mind by way of Intelligence, to make the inner shift, of the Horizontal into the Vertical (right-left brain into small-intestine-heart-brain alignment).

This Divine Opportunity, to Realize that we can indeed USE the POWER of powers, FROM WITHIN, is upon us all.

Humanity ARISE!


  1. Creator, Original Seed, Nucleus, Onelaw, from where Creation proceeds (2).
  2. Context/Creation in which we can have the Experience and Perception to become Conscious.
  3. In order to Realize that we have the Center Within, the Deductive Mindset needs to be Developed from the Outer into the Inner. Therefore, we create our Own laws (4), to Control a Claimed Territory (5) on the Horizontal (part of the circle). As such, the danger comes about to get in Conflict (6) with another who does the same.
  4. Secondary laws, which need to be Artificially Enforced.
  5. Claimed Territory,
  6. Dualism (right-wrong, good-bad, like-dislike, mine-yours) to create Reactionary Conditions.
  7. OneHeart Pattern of Human´s BLOOD-circulation, whereby ALL the details of Creation are Interconnected, WITHIN.

Conclusion …

There are TWO ways to come to the CENTER of CONTROL

From WITHIN (1) and From WITHOUT (2).

The first one requires the Complete DETACHMENT from the outer (2).

Our entire Being, while having the Experience within the territorial realm (4, 5), has to be Dedicated in the Realization of the Divine PLAN.

The PLAN is about reaching the GOAL of Life, which is the Self-realization.

Self-realization requires the Cultivation of the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE.

That, the Inner and the Outer are ONE, so that by the CYCLE that maintains the TOTALITY, we can TOTALLY BREATHE, physically, Mentally and Spiritually (no Mask of any kind).

The second Option for reaching the Center, is to LOCK the Control with the EGO.

Ego is created by Not letting go of the Mentally created things and experiences.

It includes the Unforgiving.

Any form of Resentment that leads to DIVISION, will BLOCK the RELEASE from the Center that can give us the Inner-Control.

Instead, the holding on to the “law-enforcement” to secure the claimed Territory.

Yes, we will eventually come to the Center of centers or GOD´s “Power.point”, but then NOT be able to RELEASE ourselves from it into the Infinite.

This would be the “Ultimate LOCKDOWN”!

By it, we believe that we have the “Control behind the Mask” and thus have become a SLAVE of the DEMON that we created Ourself.

In other words, although “inevitably returned to the SOURCE” (1), but with holding on to the Horizontal (2) Experience by way of Mind, we CANNOT Transcend the LIMIT (2) with the POWER to be used with the Vertical Expansion (1-2) into the Infinite, FROM WITHIN.

The TOTALITY (Freedom) has Both, Horizontal and Vertical, and the Human has it both in a Unified Pattern, BIOLOGICALLY.

That’s why the Pattern of the Blood-circulation (7) internally interconnect the Center (1) and the Circle (2), is neither Horizontal or Vertical, but Spirally and harmoniously projecting the Horizonal and Vertical in ALL Directions, with the “inner OneHeart Dance”.

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