In this library you will be able to preview and  download the books written by Tawa Roy Littlesun.

The ONEHEART library contains nine profound books, each focusing on the Practical Biological aspect and the sacred Law of Creation. Delve into the transformative teachings of Roy Littlesun’s Diary in “Kalaitaka – Excerpts from Roy Littlesun’s Diary” or explore the realms of consciousness in “Universal Perception”. Discover the truth about the Inquisition in “ROMAMOR – End of the Inquisition” or unravel the mysteries of today’s world government in “The True Government – The World Today.” These books, along with five others, delve into diverse topics such as total economics, total health, conquering the womb and the consciousness revolution. And the best part? We’re constantly adding more to expand your cosmic horizons.

All the books are based on the Practical Biological aspect, centered around the Onelaw of Creation.

  • Book 1, Kalaitaka – Excerpts of Roy Littlesun´s Journal. 
  • Book 2, Universal Perception.
  • Book 3, ROMAMOR – End the Inquisition.
  • Book 4, The True Government – Today´s World.
  • Book 5, Total Economy – Tool to Cultivate Constructive Social Order.
  • Book 6, Total Health – Biological Basis of the Solution.
  • Book 7, Womb Conquest – Biological Basis of Control.
  • Book 8, “Covid -/+19 Document. –  Final Battle.
  • Book 9, The Revolution of Consciousness.

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The ONEHEART library contains nine profound books, each focusing on the Practical Biological aspect and the sacred Law of Creation.


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 Humanity has come to the Final TEST, and Chance to Redeem for past IGNORANCE, by giving the BEST ANSWER to the Last Q…


You can preview and purchase each of these books individually here, but we definitely recommend to BEcome a ONEHEART STUDENT.

This BOOK is for those who want to Know what it takes to LIVE by the LAW of laws and BE FREE.

$8 US dlls

This BOOK REVEALS the Process of the PLAN, showing the TOTAL PICTURE, as HOW Both Sides of the Portal have provided …

$8 US dlls

Collectively, the related Identity is processed by way of a Government or System. This book brings it into Perspective on …

$8 US dlls

This Divine Opportunity, to Realize that we can indeed USE the POWER of powers, FROM WITHIN, is upon us all.

$8 US dlls

The Sacred Art of Eating is the “ladder”, that we can use to reach the highest stage of Being. It is not a “diet”…

$8 US dlls

This manuscript describes the conquest for controlling the WOMB and how we can be released from the oppressive control with the last and total revolution, UNIDO…

$8 US dlls

The Human is Creation in the Human Form. Therefore, we also have access to the POWER in the form of FREE WIIL, to ultimately make the CHOICE to BE. So…

$8 US dlls

The Revolution of Consciousness is needed to End the Grand Experiment that has Not one Solution for a single Problem. Not even for the “common cold”.

$8 US dlls

Books recommended by Roy Littlesun


In the hope of facilitating comprehension and of preventing confusion on the part of every mortal who may peruse these papers, we deem it wise to present in this …


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